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  1. everything is said, basically its the mind over heart thing fuelled by affordabality else who would buy a second hand car and who would be talking about Hyundai I20s here.....
  2. Dear SADesigns and other friends..based on your feedback above, i am pasting a few links below, all are blaupunkt products as I can see a uniform appreciation for it.....Kindly select the 3 best from each category, so that I can zero in on them, I may not buy from the same shop but i will buy from the ones you suggest.....I am sorry if I am bugging you too much, but it is a big help to me and I shall really appreciate it if you can do this one last favour My Requirements (minimum) It should play MP3/CD and should have FM. Writable/Re-Writable Playback is OPTIONAL for me. USB Front AUX in Please Note that the system is to be used in Chevrolet Spark, so please suggest keeping that in mind. Speakers HU : Sub woofers :
  3. So what...its hard earned money at the end of the day and I have been told this by an expert in the field so he better have some idea about all this techinal you can see, i aint that technical
  4. bhai mere itta technical apne bheje mein nai jaata...i will take printouts of whatever you have written in this post and will show it to the outlet guy who fixes this for me
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    Welcome aboard Symonds, sure you will have a rocking time here
  6. Agreed Honda Civic is any day far more sophisticated and damn good looking as compared to a City, but fuel economy is a big let down for Civic as compared to City.
  7. I agree with mndvishnu, the previous CRV according to me had a far better road presence, for a machine in that range, i wouldnt go for cuteness than road presence and elegence if its a sedan......<performance is implied>.......regarding Civic E I totally agree, it left a lot to be desired especially for its pricing.
  8. Now thats one Machine I am totally in love with for its sheer road presence...and GPS is a great add on for this SUV.....I had a great time with GPS in USA and was wondering as to why it hasnt been launched in India yet as an inbuilt facility in cars...its such a wonderful invention you will realise once you have to go through a big city like delhi, or chennai with all this rising fuel cost.
  9. I really feel for these beautiful cars, The same Chevrolet Spark if belonged to a Maruti would have sold multi times more.....even U-VA for that matter is a very capable car..but for the parent its not essentially the car itself but a lot of other things that changes our decision to go for a particular car.....However this one looks a real stunner, just saw honda pics on the other thread, must say this is far far superior looks wise.
  10. Thats a great front looking beast from Honda doubt it will rock the segment.....wonder if the fuel efficiency will be upto the pedegree standards.
  11. I second that 3 Lac is way too much for a car like REVA, Secondly its so tiny, and I got serious reservation against it on the safety part, once it gets into any major accident...that would be a days cities are not so safe for driving with drunk drivers, speeding city buses of delhi, esp blueline....and perrenial rush and overspeeding....Personally, I wouldnt suggest that at all!!!
  12. My Service Person suggested me not to go for these extra fuels as they tend to heat up the machine a bit more which reduces their life and efficiency in the long run....he asked to go for the normal petrol far as diesel is concerned, i've got no idea at all..
  13. I own a pulsar 150 and I am totally in love with for me it is the perfect choice for a 150 cc......good mileage, good looks, well built, lots of space even for more than two people, good balance as compared to earlier versions, great pickup, elegant and above all has stood the test of time. though i would be lying if i dont give credit to the smooth machine of Unicorn.....Pure HONDA in essence!!
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    LPG & CNG?

    Very true....the credit goes to FRG for providing the link to this thread....again would like to appreciate the quality and informative content of this thread.
  15. for HU Blaupunkt Seattle MP57 or Pioneer 6050UB , both are neat, clean and crisp... reliable too... For Amp .. Blaupunkt GTA4 Special MK II has a very good Price/Performance ratio.... If i am not wrong, there are only spaces for front 4" speakers on the dash... so you will have 4" speakers in front + 6x9's in the rear if you fit a parcel tray JBL makes good speakers for a decent price too.. the GT5-402 + GT5-963 will do good.... So i guess I l go for the above as recommended by SADesigns...thanks again to all of you friends out there