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  1. Hyundai is offering discounts like free insurance and exchange bonus on eon for the month of december.
  2. Let's give VW some time to sort out the production issues.May be by next year the polo and vento might be available with out weighting periods.Let's also hope that as localisation levels rise, so does the features in polo.By the way i20 sportz lacks some basic features like ABS and passenger airbag.I can accept everything save for the mediocre ride and handling of i20.I telling this because i own a hyundai Getz GLX for the last 5years and the only thing i despise about it is the ride.
  3. The feature i really want in polo is Electrically adjustable mirrors.They should have atleast included it in the highline spec list.
  4. figo looks like a last gen european ford fiesta hatchback.So being a old model it can be priced lower and i think it will compete with i10,ritz etc and cars even below it.Cars like punto,i20,fabia,and the to be launched ones polo,micra needn't worry.Also figo might at max come with a 1.2 L petrol,nothing bigger. I don't expect features like climate control....in figo.
  5. Now that,vw UK too have replaced 1.9 tdi with 1.6 tdi engine in jetta.Seeing that in India,presently, vw is aggressively marketing the -free insurance+3 year maintenance scheme,i believe the same change is imminent in India too.
  6. Chevy aveo uva has undergone a facelift everywhere in the world except india and its only a matter of time before that happens in india.They are also developing a new generation aveo uva which looks promising.The lacetti premeire elsewhere is called chevy Cruze,it's a very good car and it will be launched in india this september.And i am waiting for it .
  7. May be the clutch has started to give up.ensure that while you shift gears press the clutch completely.And in doing so if the accelaration is improving you can approch the service centre and ask them to leak the clutch.That way you don't have to press the clutch completely for it to bite.I have done this on my 2004 Getz.
  8. Offcourse it's the new beat.Spy photos of the same doing testing in india have been snapped many times now.It will come with a new 1.2L petrol engine and this car will be positioned in the i10 -Ritz category. CYRUS432009-07-25 17:05:48
  9. This time merc has done a lot of work on the reliability front.Eventhough the interiors are less exciting than a jaguar XF ,you can expect a lot more kit including massaging front seats.About the ride and handling thing-mags worldwide like car uk,motortrend us and many more have rated better than others.A light but communicative steering,communicative chasis,powerfull engines all adds to a car that's very involving to drive not like benzes of the yore.Another impotant point to note is,in both us and uk-they have actually reduced the prices or have added more kit at the same price making it a better value for money.
  10. IN Germany all the new Jettas comes with only commanrail diesels(1.6L-105ps,2L with 140ps/170ps).New dials,new Climate control buttons(found on the new golf and new laura)and a new steering wheel also have been added.But no perceivable changes have been done to the exteriors.May be we can expect these changes to takeplace in the indian jettas soon.
  11. If they decide on assembling captiva in india ,the prices would come down.May be instead of reducing prices they may add new features like 4WD.Also an automatic variant with a below 20L price may become a reality.But instead if they decide to take the CBU route the prices will be high.
  12. only the facelifted cedia and a new commercial vehicle will be launched soon ie with in a a few weeks.the new lancer may take more time,may be a couple of months.
  13. Mitsubishis seems to be following premium strategy ie charge more premium on each car being sold ,but sell only less number of them.Unlike honda and chevrolet ,who seems to be selling 250 to350 suvs per month ,mitsubishis target is only 100 outlander per month.As of now indians don't see mitsubishi as a premium brand so i am doubtfull wheather this strategy will work or not.seeing the outlander pricing ,i hope that the new lancer will be priced higher than civic.It is priced so in markets like singapore.
  14. There were earlier reports in magazines about mitsubishi's plans for bringing a small car to india.But nothing concrete about it has n't come out until now.Well if they are bringing a small car to india,then that would mean a new plant to meet the capacity.Building such a plant would take atleast 2 year.Which means even if mitsubishi has any small car plans in mind , it won't become reality atleast for another 2 or 3 years. Other manufactures like Toyota,renault,nissan..seems to be moving ahead of mitsu.
  15. Thank you. H s Leem the current head of hyundai india once mentioned in businessline ,that ,they will certainly bring i30 to india but not in its present form(hatch back).So may be they are working on a sedan version of i30 ,which i hope they will launch in India towards the end of 2009 or later.