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  1. Yes, Autocop is definitely an ok brand. However, i have some interesting news and a query. I recently got an Autocop gear lock fitted on my Swift VDI Diesel. The local car accessory shop i bought it from gave it for just Rs.1150, while the same model costs Rs.1950 at the Maruti Showroom, and at another local shop i enquired. Now i am really inquisitive to know how there can be this big a differnce in the prices. This same shop offers Autocop XS Central lock for Rs.2800, whereas this model costs Rs.4300 at Delhi based Maruti Showrooms. Is this truly the kind of difference one should expect?...or this guy selling duplicates?...Is there any way to know? Thanks!
  2. Hello Need a bit of help regarding Autocop Gear Locks. Can you please let me know the models from Autocop and approximate prices in Delhi (please mention if you are giving the price available at Maruti showrooms or local dealers, as there is a cost difference). Does fitting a gear lock involve any wire cutting that can affect warranty? Thanks
  3. Hello! I need to buy an Autocop security system and a gear lock on my new Swift VDI. When i tried to find out the rates, it seems that the rates at the Maruti Authorized dealer showroom are greater than that being offered by a local Car Decor shop by atleast Rs.1000. The local Car Decor shop also promised that Autocop themselves would send the mechanic for the installation. Now i am very finicky about ensuring that the parts on accessories in my car are authentic. Want your opinion on whether the local Car Decor guy's assurance can be relied upon. Should i pay the extra bucks and get it done from Maruti showroom? Also, there seem to be more than 1 models available from autocop for both the security system and the gear lock. Please advise on which models to go for. Thanks, Dokdindel.
  4. Got my i-10 last last!...its a dream car, really, as far as smoothness of driving is concerned. i have 2 queries...from experienced users of i-10: 1. what is the mileage they are drawing, driving on busy Delhi city roads. 2. i need to buy a music system for the car. Which music system would you suggest? Which brand, and model number and what is the cost for the same. Please help out with details. I hear the speakers need to be 6" speakers for this car. would be putting speakers only on the front doors. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers..Dokdindel!
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    am myself in the same boat...deciding whether to buy swift diesel or ritz diesel. took a test drive of both, but am not too gud at judging cars based on a short drive...the engine is anyways d same, though the positioning of the gear is different in the ritz (a bit higher and obliquely placed). swift has a cramped rear mainly bacause the rear seat has a raised hump in the middle , making a 3rd occupant pretty uncomfortable in the rear. Ritz rear seat didnt seem much wider, but is flattened, which makes it more comfy for a 3rd occupant. However, the legroom seemed to be even less than in swift, which is a major concern. I tried to look for this spec in the Ritz brochure but couldnt find it. Ritz rear seat is also unique in that half (60%) can be folded seperate from the rest (40%) and vise-versa. My daily travel is 90 km, whjich is why diesel is my only option. I often have a driver driving, due to which rear seat legspace is of great importance during the long ride. At the same time, there are times when 5 people will ride the car, which makes the swift rearseat a problem. Hmmm...tough choice, really!
  6. Recently I read a news article on a CNG car that caught fire and caused death for three inhabitants after an accident. Now till now, I was aware of LPG vehicles catching fire on occasions. This is the first I have heard this for a CNG vehicle. One may argue that while the LPG ones caught fire spontaneously, the CNG one caught fire only after an accident took place. Nonetheless, it does raise a question mark over safety concerns with CNG too. Another factor that may be considered is whether the car in question had a factory fitted CNG kit or a kit added externally. Am sure that too would make a difference. What is the opinion shared by others in this forum? Dokdindel
  7. My only experience in sitting in a diesel car was a Tata Indica, and i found the 'truck' like sound pretty bad. Do all diesel cars, and especially does the swift diesel sound the same? Also, in terms of maintainance and service costs, isnt a diesel car much more demanding? Thirdly, the life of a diesel engine...isnt it shorter than a petrol one? Obviously, for someone like me who has to drive approximately 1700 km a month, the monthly petrol costs are huge. But do the above stated facts still make a diesel option better?
  8. @ Mehul: Space and comfort on the backseat is one of the considerations, but not of overwhelming importance. I would rate my requirements in the following descending order of importance: mileage (but dont want a diesel car); overall quality of performance (for city drives, dont need much highway use); reliable and reasonable servicing (i guess maruti & hyundai are hard to beat in this respect); rearseat space (5 person travel would be only at times). Everyone is all for the Swift. If I may point out a negative,compared to the rest it has rather bulky dimensions, which might be a consideration in terms of parking space.
  9. I meant how the GM servicing would compare with Maruti , after the 3 yr free period.
  10. I am also considering the same cars as Devdatt and am glad that i found this thread. My requirement is city driving (usually lots of it, travelling from Noida home to Gurgaon workplace). a good mileage is therefore a priority. A spacious rearseat would also be handy, as a ride for 5 (required at times) is a bit uncomfortable in my present zen. From the posts so far, Swift is the clear favourite, though its rearseat is a bit cramped (UVA scores beeter on that front). The 3 year free maintainence offer from GM sounds good. However, how is the quality and cost of servicing going to compare with the exceptionally good, relatively cheap and easily available Maruti servicing. Here's my position. I actually like the UVA looks, its space, and the 3 yr scheme. Am not sure of its performance, mileage and GM's servicing record. An help would be much appreciated. Cheers Dokdindel
  11. I am also considering the same cars as Devdatt and am glad i found this thread. My requirement is city driving (usually lots of it..travelling from noida home to gurgaon workplace). A good mileage would therefore be a priority. I would want a spacious rearseat as travel for 5 (required at times) gets tough in my present zen. Now from the posts so far, Swift seems to be a clear favourite amongst most, though as expressed by a few, rear seat is cramped (UVA scores better on that front). The 3 year free maintainence offer from UVA sounds really good. However, how is the quality and cost of servicing after those 3 yrs going to compare with the exceptionaly good and relatively cheap Maruti servicing overall. Here's my position. I actually like the UVA looks, its space, & its 3 yr service scheme. What I am not sure about is UVA's performance, mileage, and GMs overall service record. Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. dokdindel

    LPG & CNG?

    Anyone here with first hand experience of the Santro Xing CNG version? The posts suggest that there is variability in the amount of drop in power in different car models. How does the xing fare in this regard?
  13. whats the onroad price for i-10 in Delhi...and how does it compare to the santro guess is that the difference is quite a bit. Now there is no doubt that i-10 is definitely a much better car...but is it worth the difference in price as compared to the santro xing?
  14. dokdindel

    LPG & CNG?

    In case you guys feel that this query doesnt fit in this thread, i'l search for an appropriate thread...started off with my search for information onm CNG...thats how i landed here And yes, sorry about the long length of my previous thread Cheers
  15. dokdindel

    LPG & CNG?

    Thanks Mehul and Sarabjeet. Let me give greater details of my exact requirements. I own a MS Zen which has given me superlative service for the last 5 years. My daily travel is about 80 km to and fro between noida & gurgaon.The petrol bills are killing, which is why i want to shift to CNG. But please bear in mind that if other factors are overwhelmingly in favour of a car which is non-cng fitted, i would opt for it (i-10 is what i am thinking of here...though am not sure... by the way, is there anyone who owns a i-10 with a cng kit fitted...chances are slim i feel) My budget is preferably around 4 lakhs, though if required i can stretch it to 5 lakh (wouldnt want to stretch unless the reasons are really compelling). Other than my daily travel, i dont go cross-city by car too much, so inner-city travel is what i am looking at. Although price and fuel are major considerations, like anyone else buying a car, i would want it to be stylish and comfortable, atleast for 4, preferably for 5 (can we have an analysis of how small cars fare against each other in terms of rear seat space for a 5th we have an existing thread on it?) Affordable and easily available spares(in metro cities, cause considering my career, i should be staying in metros) is another priority (Maruti is obviously the leader in this, but i guess atleast in metros, hyundai is as good...or is it?) @Mehul: I too like the accent but am specifically looking at small cars/hatchbacks (space on delhi roads and parking is a major concern to me) Keeping these in mind, my choice-list so far is : Santro Swift I-10 Indica (though i put it in the list, am not too fond of i) Would really appreciate if you guys could help me out with an in-depth analysis..especially the regulars (sarabjeet, mehul, sgiit,vibhor et al) Cheers