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  1. Got ANHC Auto last week , sedate driving full time a/c on, 1st full tank to full tank 8.6 kmpl. The digital meter showing 9.8 kmpl. Mumbai traffic conditions. This may be due to few times parked for a long time with ignition and a/c on , (1st fifteen mins and 2nd half an hour apart from long signals and others). This is better f.e. than my type 2 City manual. I am quite happy with it . It gives best F.E. when driving at constant 50-55 kms speed in 5th. The digital metre is very addictive and has made my driving more sedate.
  2. I hope they make the following improvements on the New City. 1) Door sides should have beige colour with crome opening handle. 2) Better quality pastics. 3) Change seat fabrics like in the older city. 4) Add Fogs. 5) Offer alloys on SMT and SAT. 6) Change A/c nobs like in last city or SX4. 7) Front dash center console should be better finihed with better qualty silver finish. Only 4000 units sold till date!!! 7 mantras to double sales.
  3. GM has surprised us all amidst rumours that its hopeful Chevy Cruze compact car has been postponed - quite far from it in fact. The car has actually already been launched in South Korea as the Daewoo Lacetti Premiere. The Interiors look GREAT. Modern and Contemprary. The Speedo too looks cool . Certainly not overdone.
  4. Well Honda has come up with a moded New City. The 2008 Sydney Motor Show . Not surprisingly called the Honda City Concept. Photos courtesy of Jeff Choo. THINK Honda needed to mod the interiors rather than the exteriors.
  5. Hey Vibor, can you do a vote on a new topic post for all prospective Honda City purchasers in the forum? Poll Question: Have you dropped purchase of the new City due to its Lacklustre / Cheap looking interiors ? Booked it / Will book it without having looked / Test driven the car 1st hand. ( Regardless of the interiors ) Dropped the idea of purchasing it after having a 1st hand look at the interiors. Will Definately Buy it if the interiors and other features are beefed up. Will Not buy the car regardless.
  6. The claimed 2000 orders in 1 month figure is too low for the City. Even the outgoing model used to sell 3000 units a month. (Correct me if i'm wrong)Given the fan following of the City in India , it should have been 6000-7000 bookings if not more , not withstanding the current global gloom. I was there in the showroom for 15-20 mins, and 6-7 other prospective buyers entered within that time frame , that too during afternoon time on a working day, but none of them booked it. Everybody felt the interiors plasticy and cheap quality (also the fabric). I know of 6 ppl in my relation alone who were waiting too buy the new city, some of them even sold their current car in anticipation seeing pics of the new city on the net and autocar, but everybody has been dissappointed with the interiors. Its like buying 10.5 lac SAT model and getting interiors of a 4-5 lac car. Buy it for the Reliability , Brand, Efficiency, Exteriors, Safety Features But not for the Interiors. As for me, I'm confused. Maybe wait 2-3 months for Honda to beef up the interiors which may not happen. Also now more inclined towards the New evo look Lancer ( which again my dad may not approve off only due to poor brand value and poor resale value) I hope Honda is listening?
  7. i just had the first glimse of the new city at the Linkway Showroom at malad. i went to book the vehicle but came back quite dissappointed. My first impressions: http://www.autocarindia.com/new/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2533&PID=49558#49558
  8. I was just going through the Autocar Oct issue, first drive new city. the dark grey interiors look better in the pics, even seat fabric looks better than the model launched. Mr. Sorabjee claimed the dark grey interiors were dull but i think he would agree with me when he get his hands on the indian spec. Also the bright red colour on the Autocar July issue gives a killer and sporty look. And the bluish silver ( exec look ) from the off website could replace the regular silver shade. One plus i missed out on was seat comfort. i think , on both front and back the seats are more comfortable than before though a long ride would make a better judgement. Expect typical honda reliability and refinement, though i have yet to test drive one. But interior quality is Sorely Missing. A lot of people who have blindfoldedly trusted honda and booked it without having a look at the interiors will be dissappointed as pics on brochure mislead prospective buyers. HONDA are you listening ?
  9. i just had the first glimse of the new city at the Linkway Showroom at malad. i went to book the vehicle but came back quite dissappointed. My first impressions: http://www.autocarindia.com/new/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2533&PN=4
  10. i just had the first glimse of the new city at the Linkway Showroom at malad. i went to book the vehicle but came back quite dissappointed. My first impressions: The exteriors look as good as seen in pics. The headlight looks really cool, though i think it could have been designed even better. Looking at the interior pics, i was aware of the not so good quality of the a/c nobs, but i was surprised to see the seat fabric of the SMT model. It was no better than the oem fabric in my 2005 swift. I still love the beige covers on my 2005 gxi city (simply too good). Sad to see Honda has taken a back step instead of going forward. The steering was really good though. Also the pics of the interior on the Brochure show Beige colour on the door plastics but was it was not to be. The plastics were light Grey and looked aweful and CHEAP. I would readily pay another 10k for better looking and quality interiors. And i think 90% buyers will agree with me. The interior was said to be 2 toned but it is 3 toned. I was going to book the SMT or SAT but Looking at the overall interiors, i decided that i would have to upgrade the seat covers and probably the door upholstry, i thought it wise to go for the EMT as the extra 50k for the SMT seems no good comparing apples to apples. Couln't test the Music player as i was not carrying the Usb Cord of my mp3 player. The radio on the player was OK at best. Also would like to add that a lot of accessories on the Thai model go amiss in India. For starters a 6 six speaker system gets converted into 4 speaker system. The alloys are gone and gone are the fogs. The interior apart fom the speedo and steering wheel was no good than my Swift and thats dissappointing for a 9 lac car. Moreover Honda is providing leather covers ,fogs and alloys on the outgoing model which is much cheaper . The dealer did not take my booking for the EMT and after tadays 1000 pt fall on the sensex , i'll rather wait a little though and may be decide after the test drive or maybe next year.
  11. New Toyota Innova Toyota Fortuner M&M Ingenio Tata Xover/ Indicruz
  12. Honda Jazz 2009 Hyundai i20 Tata Nano Honda City Fiat Linea
  13. The new facelifted Fortuner. Initially when they launched Innova , they were going to launch Fortuner ay around 11 lacs. Correct me if i am wrong. Now launching at 16-18 lacs even after localising content. Indians sure can be taken for a RIDE ! I also think EGO is part of it. If Honda prices its CRV at 20 lac odd, why should't Toyota not do it.
  14. Look at the space between tyre and metal. Thats Tata Refinement for you? Whatts Uppppppppp ?
  15. Current Model in India looks better. Much Better. I don't think this will come to India unless they put the 1.3 diesel in this facelifted model and retain the petrol model.
  16. By saying that I meant that atlast a much better looking Reva and moreso a 5 door hatch seating 4. That much more practical. Sorry. Its not a 5 door but a 3 door hatch. It could also be a EV from Ajanta Group. Read Economictimes.com
  17. By saying that I meant that atlast a much better looking Reva and moreso a 5 door hatch seating 4. That much more practical.
  18. It looks like the Grey car on the left , doesn't it. Don't know if its called Beat or else.
  19. My Votes on the Current Hate Cars in each segment are: Zen Estilo ( i think everybody agrees) Alto Reva i-10 Bolero Sumo Victa Tata Van Scorpio Elantra
  20. Zen Estilo Looks More so as a Nano. Infact the Nano Looks more Agressive than the Zen Estilo. The Estilo was never a competent successor to the the Zen Brand. Thats from Day One. Well According to me Maruti should : 1) Stop Production of the Estillo .The Spash can be given the Zen Branding. 2) Change the Engine of the Estillo to 800cc , drop prices and market it in competition to the Spark and its own Alto.
  21. It'l be great if its a reva electric. But another car that comes close to looking similar ( Not too sure ) is a CHEVY small car coming to India . Searching for cocept images . I think there were 3 small car concepts from chevy in some auto show ( One of them designed by DC ). Will upload images when i get them.