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  1. Safari TCIC Turbo

    Hai i currently own an Astra and Ikon 1.3. I am planning to buy a Safari TCIC turbo. I dont want Dicor because its not reliable and is problematic relating to sensors and ECM, i dont want much engine power and all,Is safari turbo a good buy and what will be the onroad price. Nishweth
  2. FOR SALE performance car stickers decals

    Hai i wanted good keychains,please tell me which all are available
  3. mudflaps for opel astra club

    its not avialble with dealer
  4. mudflaps for opel astra club

    Could anyone please tell me where genuine opel astra club mudflap with opel logo be available,if ye please let me know the number of shop.
  5. Autocar India Forum pic!!

    Hai we people in this forum are car freaks and we should put pictures of car like skoda rs or old modded ohc on forum pictures. Please avoid executive car pictures. Nishweth
  6. Brand of Battery for NHC?

    Amaron is the best but only get it from Amaron pitstop
  7. sticker shop in chennai

    hai i wanted stickers of AutoMeter Autoguage or any other attractive stickers. Could u please send
  8. Door sill for Opel Astra

    Hai i wanted to fit door sill for my Opel Astra. Does anybody knows where door sill of astra is available in Mumbai Or Delhi.Let me know the number
  9. sticker shop in chennai

    Hai could anyone please tell me where performance products stickers like autometer, momo and front glass sunshade are available in Chennai. If yes let me know the contact number and address.
  10. Your Most Reliable Car Brand

  11. Who owns which car/cars

    i am having a 2004 ikon flair and a 1996 opel astra petrol
  12. work shop manual

    Hai could anyone please tell me from where the workshop manual of opel astra could be bought. Is it available anywhere in India.Please give me the contact numbers.
  13. Guess What on Cover of Fat Anniversary Issue?

    It would be either Indica Vista or Toyota Corolla
  14. Hai i wanted a used engine compartment wiring harness of opel astra 16LZ2 engine,if yes please let me knw the price