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  1. Michelin is a great improvement over Good years ! Enjoy your ride !
  2. Hello people, I would really bee thankful if you could help me with some good iphone apps too. I am an Apple fan ( Currently have an iPhone 4S) but thinking of switch over to Samsung because Apple is showing ageing marks now ! Till then, can you please help me some apps and ways to make my phone more interesting ? Thank you
  3. Hi akmekm I have got an i20 about a month and a half back. I have got the I20 Sportz petrol version. As far as the drawbacks are concerned, I have faced none. I am quite happy with it. The engine is good though it takes a little time to kick in at low speeds but that is fine because it is still in it's running in period. Otherwise the car is great. It is really fun to drive in the slightly upper rev range. It provides you with everything, great driving pleasure, good music system, boot space and luxury feel ! As far as the ground clearance is concerned, I have some uneven roads in my area due to the new cemented roads being built, and the car is absolutely comfortable in those patches of road, whereas I am sure swift's ride won't be that comfortable being a lighter car and not so good suspension. Best of luck for your new car !
  4. The car surely is a spectacular one. It would surely find some proud owners keeping in mind that the demand for sports car is on a high in India these days.
  5. Thank you for the dealer info, I'll go to Karol Bagh and Lajpat Nagar. could you help me with some setup info too please ?
  6. Hi guys I am a big automobile enthusiast and I have been reading the forums part of Autocar India's website very much lately. After reading so many posts and advises I would like to thank you guys for the knowledge I have gained. Well, today I want help regarding my issue. I have booked a Hyundai i20 Sportz petrol model. I want your help with the music system. Since the Sportz model comes with integrated music system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters (which sound decent), I want to install a sub woofer, amplifier and a base tube to get that great sound from my car. Please suggest me models for these. I am interested in only getting good brand products like Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, JBL, Audison, and Sony. I have a budget of maximum 45k for all this. May have to leave out on something but the budget can't be expanded further. Also since I am in delhi, so can any one from delhi side help me with good dealers upon whom I can trust and will do good jobs. I am asking for too much info but still help me please !
  7. I was planning a car in mid april, guess would have to speed up now.
  8. First of all congrats for your car. Indeed it is car with everything a person wishes for, great driver encouraging performance, great looks and that hint of pride to it's owner. I personally like the car a lot. You mentioned that you reached a speed of around 185 kmph without giving full power, tell us about your experience at that speed. What highest speed did you achieve till now ? How did the car build up speed, was the car stable and confident to gain more speed ? What is the FE that you are receiving considering that you have the car for around six months now ? DRIVE HARD DRIVE SAFE !
  9. I feel the 5 series is one of their hot selling sedans and they wouldn't like to go wrong with it. I hope it makes it to India along the same time as the new E class is launched so that it doesn't fall back from it's sales.