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  1. Hi Friends, I have bought a Esteem VX 1996 model last june, now I feel there is some problem in battery, battery was replaced 3 years back by the old owner. Sometimes suddenly car fails to start, and the battery will be fully down, the only way to start is to push start. I called local AMARON dealer and he says that battery has problem but the local maruti authorized delaer says that battery and alternator are in good condition. Actually this car is fitted with LPG Gas Kit, and old owner has put AMARON 46B24LS battery instead 38B20R preffered for esteem. 1. Does the Esteem fitted with gas kit needs hi-Life Heavy Duty Battery? I am in a dilemma whether to replace the battery by AMARON 38B20R or AMARON 46B24LS battery 2. Also one day I just played the stereo in Ignition OFF condition and after 5 minutes when I wanted to start car it didnt start, (but stereo is playing and I could move the power windows and lights were working fine), I thought may be battery is fully exhausted and I had to ask some one to push my car? Local mechanic says that we should not play stereo when ignition is OFF Is it true? Have any one of you had same experience any time? I also have doubt on gas kit fitted, Will the gas kit has anything to do with battery life or charging time of battery? Please help me With Best Regards Vishwa