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  1. yea..... thought about saving a few bucks and then buying the FZ 16.. butt... umm... then id have to wait for even longer.. but it wud be worth the wait.. havnt decided yet.. im thinking of getting a job as well to raise funds... so maybe that wud help me out on the cost part... how much mileage wud the FZ 16 give anways.. (i care sh*t about mileage and other stuff if its the FZ 16.. il just buy it blindly )
  2. hmmm... well the FZ 16 is out of the question.. for that bike.. id buy it blind.. but .. its a bit costly.. dad wont buy it i think Hunk or unicorn fit the part.. "think think think"
  3. hmm. i agree that pulsar is very common... but still... a sight of a pulsar rolling the streets is pretty cool... but i like the luks of the hunk and unicorn too though..
  4. hmm... well i did a small research here and there ... andd.. umm.. i didnt understand anything that the technical specifications said about the various bikes.. but, i think rite now, im keeping my eyes in the Unicorn and the Hunk.. both are equally good looking bikes.. but dunno technology wise which one is better... any comments on that?
  5. thnks, il look up the specifications of Hunk and try to compare it with other bikes.. but i hear the unicorn is awsome ... many many many bikers approve of it.. and why is pulsar so bad..? i like the killer luks .. i read here and there.. are those problems for real? i mean ive seen the back LED lights go out.. almost every pulsar ive seen, 7 on 10 pulsar have their back LEDs not fucntioning.. thats a heart break.. and i thought pulsar was the most killer bike on road...
  6. hi all, my name is Daksh.. and im rather new to bikes. Ive been driving a Nova 135 for the past 2-3 years and im seriously fed up of it. i learned to drive bikes a few weeks back and now i wanna buy a new one for myself.. Its not the power that im looking for.. the main points that im looking for are these :- 1)Style - well.. im a colg. student... so u can guess i need some style to woo off other bikers!!! 2)comfort - long drives, shud be comfortable on the back and shoulders 3)mileage - fuel prices are high.. c'mon i need a good mileage i dont know much about bikes as ive just started off my quest into this unknown world of bikes.. soo id be more than glad to recieve knowlegde from the bikers here. i have a low budget.. so cannot go for higher CC bikes... i just want a cool bike that gives good mileage and the luks shud be be able to compete in the parking lot i dont wanna go for 150 less CC bikes.. dont like them.. and nothing more than that either coz that wud mean less mileage and ofcourse more cost.. anything between 50-60 wud be fine (if bikes are priced in that range of 150) any suggestion / advice for me? P.S - theres still like 2-3 months till i buy a bike.. are there any new bikes of 150 CC segment coming??