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  1. Hi Bobcom, Excellent Explanation ! Kudos to your inputs. Regards Fiaton
  2. Last evening met my friend with his Siena shod with Cofap shocks.Yes,the height is actually increased a lil bit,but not as obvious as it has got Alloys.You wont notice it much.Infact he mentioned that he too wanted the height reduced but was advised a NO!Anyhow,the ride is very good and actually compliments an already wonderful car - FIAT. Enjoy your drive
  3. COFAP really does wonders! Your next owner will have this! Enjoy your drive
  4. Hi 5Ero, Good Job! Well,that price escalation is expected,particularly with those off market ones. COFAP is really Good,as seen in my friends Siena.He got them 6 months back,with around 85K kms on his Odo.Now his Odo is around 115K kms! Dont push the car now,too soon.My friend got them checked after 10K on his car for some minor tweeking !He had not touched them after that again!Maybe some check on them after fitment is advisable as told to me by my friend.
  5. Hi Viraj, The reasons for poor FE could be many .Sometimes dificult to pinpoint.Better to eliminate by Trial and Error.begin with : 1.Go back to old fuel pump. 2.check your Clutch plates,they may be worn out. 3.After decarb,there might be some soot left over in the fuel system or spark plugs.Have the fuel - MPFI system checked. 4.Get Engine tuned up for Appropriate RPM levels. 5.Importantly ,you may have changed your driving style or the car may be idling too long at signals.Keep this in mind before coming to conclusions. Finally wait for other forum members to put in their views.The problem might get solved soon.Some Patience counts!!! Happy Driving.
  6. For Bearing,you dont have to replace the whole engine!it can be replaced individually too.For the better,replace the bearing now itself.My family's Octavia too had this flood repair,bill was 45K.If its Mahavir Skoda in hyderabad,be doubly careful.Unfortunately there is no other better authorised dealer .
  7. Shocks for Fiat Palio should be around 2500/2600 per set of two at Authorised centers and around 5% less at other non - authorised guys.I got mine replaced in 2006 - all 4 for a total of rs.6400/ + 300/ labour in a reputed private centre.Ofcourse they came without warranty.My car had 72k km and was 3 yrs old at that time. Since now Fiat has comeback ,maybe you can ask TATA service to source it for you.Also try out other private dealers in your area.You may find a good bargain. Happy Driving
  8. Hi 5Ero, Well as Sir Sgtk said,it all depends on driving and road conditions.My experience tells me out of logic and a little bit of sense that a normal Mcpherson suspension as in the Palio should last around 45-50k km,with regular checks and servicing.Also the roads on which it is driven and how it is driven. Now how to tell whether the suspension is good or bad , is again subjective.No two different owners or mechs or even the showroom service has a definite answer.So the best way to tell is ride and listen to any thuds/thumps ,vibrations,bobbing,dipping of the car on the road.If atleast any one is sharply evident ,have them checked at the garage.Look out for oil residues on the outside,spring not returning to normal when pressed and released and any sign of crack on the outer cylinder of the shock.Another way is whether the car dips onto the wheels when loaded say with 5 +luggage or 4+luggage.It actually begins to touch the tyres.Also,on a level road ,park the car and press down on right or left corner of bonnet and immediately release.The car should dip and return to normal.If any sign of swing or it doesnt return as fast as it went down ,then the susp is to be in doubt. The above things are only my observations and experiences. I request Sir SGIITK to please provide inputs or suggestions to this. Thanks
  9. Dear Vivek, You need to replace both Tyres and shocks.The faulty camber is due to rough driving on bad roads and also infrequent Wheel balancing/alignment activity.You should do WA/WB every 5k km without fail.Always drive slow on road potholes/ruts and speed breakers.The front shocks are Mcpherson,so they bottom out fast.Ideally they should last for atleast 50k Kms.Your mech says right,they might be badly hit so dont take chances.Your driving dynamics might affect. I too have a Fiat Palio ,the front tyres take more load due to engine weight..And since the insides of front tyres have been worn in your case,the shocks are out . Maintain 33 psi tyre pressure ,do WA/WB every 5 k kms,drive slow on rough roads.Enjoy your Fiat!!