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  1. Unable to understand. What's wrong if they have postponed their launch? They have a nice teaser going around regarding this saying "We dont feel like celebrating the joy of Linea now and it will herald with the right spirit, joy and positivity in the new year"
  2. Good suggestion but the issue i see is the extra time taken to fill up the fuel in the vehicles. At times there are huge queues at the pumps anyway. adding this extra time would surely result in unsatisfied people and surely there will be pumps not following this system who will benefit. Adding to your point, something even i have been thinking, when a traffic cop catches someone without a PUC, his license should be taken into custody and should be returned only after he produces a PUC. even if he goes and gets a new one it serves the purpose. the purpose of the PUC is to reduce pollution and increase corruption, right? even the person who is caught would realize that he will get away by producing a PUC for Rs. 30/- (for a two wheeler) rather than 50 or 100 bribe. But then again, the PUC issuing centers have to stick to their. I have seen PUCs being given even without the vehicle.
  3. Already posted that link. There were too many threads on nano so didnt want to create another one. posted it under Fresh Trouble for Nano
  4. Good analysis. Isnt there any other team with no sponsor like Honda? On a lighter note: I am glad people stop drinking beer during a recession. So VJM stays in business. (just a joke. I understand the kind of losses he is facing with his airlines)
  5. Some magazine called car seems to have had a closer look at the nano. A brief report
  6. looks like some camry kinda name to me
  7. Had always had that at the back of my mind. These fresh protests just go on to make the belief stronger. On a lighter note, some numerologist or someone said the project is bound to fail because it has 2 'No's in the name itself (Na No). wonder if he has heard about the success of the iPod nano.
  8. These cars are majoylr customized and it takes somewhere around 6 months for delivery is what i had heard. May be that is why they have bookings but have not actually retailed these cars yet. Or may be only a few have been retailed.I had seen one in Mumbai below TML office.
  9. @Archit: That is where their new plant is being set up. Near Ahmedabad @speed: so true. But dont think that will ever happen. Remember reading something abour Narayanmurthy entering politics as well. I think let these guys do what they do best and thats business.
  10. Ya. Glad i read this here. Was about to being a thread on the sale of honda F1 team. Who would have thought that Honda of all the teams would intend to do something like that.
  11. It seems that the farmers in Sananad have also moved to court asking for a higher compensation. The story as i knew it was that the government had taken the land on lease from these families for 99 years in 1903. The government claim that they had bought this land in 1912 and the families were compensated. The farmers say this is not the case and the land lease has ended in 2002. Now they want Rs. 950/sq meter (Don't know what is the going rate is Sanand).
  12. Low company resources to make the car cheap? Didn't get that. Do you mean spending less time on Vista? Don't think that would be the case. As for the other resources, they would be ordering most of their material in bulk and then if they know the demand is going to be allocate more to the Vista. I'm sure they would have got the production plan is place 3 months after the launch. Is the waiting period lesser for the other variants if the production for aura is oly 20%?
  13. @Krace: IMO they did not make profits at that price. stocking those cars was probably a bigger loss to the company. But i completely agree that an 8 lac price cut is just too huge to be announced and suddenly called off. Surely nothing illegal but there's more to the brand than the legal angle,isnt it?
  14. I think it is getting a good response but the production issues are taking their toll on the car being seen on road. Have seen only one till date in Mumbai apart from the TD vehicle at the dealership. I heard more than 6000 vehicles have been retailed with the same number of bookings lying with the company.
  15. @Sudeep: have you contacted tata motors about this? Could be the dealer has not being doing his job as well as he should.