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  1. Hello, I am in the process of purchasing Tata Tigor XZA from Hyderabad, have taken quotations from Concorde, Venkataramana & Tejaswi motors and every one is charging 6500/- towards Handling Charges. Aren't these charges illegal to take? When I asked sales rep about this, he said these are towards shipping, handling & PDI charges and cannot be removed. I read on many online forums that as per Supreme Court order, dealer should not be charging these to the Buyers. AM I RIGHT? Need your guidance on how to avoid these. I have also taken quotations for Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai & Honda for other cars in this segment but no one is forcing such Handling Charges. PLEASE HELP.
  2. Hi, I have taken delivery of RE Classic 350 in April & here are the things i checked. - Documentation(Sale copy, Insurance Original, Form 21, 22 etc - which are needed for Registration) - Engine, chasis number mentioned on documents matching with numbers on Bike. - Electricals, Battery(self start), Lights, Indicators - Fuel ( they will surely say fuel is already added - sometimes they don't, make sure there is enough fuel to reach nearby station) - Tyres (no mud, no marks etc) - Body panels, make sure there are no scratches etc) - Additional fittings (crash guard, saree guard, side handle & others as promised) These are pretty much up. Happy thumping.
  3. Duster or XUV 5OO should be a very good option for you.
  4. The Renault which released the Captur a few days ago comes back with yet another crossover in the form of the Scenic XMOD. Seen as a replacement to the Scenic MPV which released last year, Renault has made some jazzy changes to it with new bumpers, still guards and new alloy wheels. It is easily be touted as one of the best designed off roaders in India. The new Scenic XMOD combines the specialization of the MPV and the intricate design of an off road. The XMOD has an expressive cross-over inspired design with more ground clearance than the Scenic MPV. It also has special alloy wheels with a well designed front and rear bumpers, still guards and chrome finish roof bars. The front as I have mentioned earlier has a sporty and elegant design. The new Scenic XMOD has the new Renault design identity with a gloss background that highlights the new grille. Overall it gives a dynamic and family oriented feel. The interiors have been carefully designed ergonomics, including a fixed centre console. In addition to that, it also features Grip Xtend traction control system, a multi directional joystick, a customizable TFT digital display which is fully connected to Renaults R-link touch screen multimedia system. Overall, the interiors of the XMOD are better than that of the earlier Scenic. The new Renault Scenic XMOD has a new engine with the energy Tce 130 stop & start introduced for the first time. It is a 4 cylinder engine making 96 KW and is more efficient than before.The Boot capacity of the XMod has increased from 522 litres to 555 litres. The pricing is still in speculation But we might see it by the end of this year. (SOURCE: Mouthshut)
  5. thanks for all your comments & suggestions guys.. Please note that i want to avoid HU & put Tab in the place of HU (i still need to figure-out a way to do it) as i understand correctly... i must have an AMP to give the necessary power boost to the Speakers from Tab. ok, so with the below configuration 1. Tab 2. JBL/Infinity Component speakers on 4 doors (any other suggestions) 3. Pioneer/JBL AMP 4-channel (any other suggestions) Am i good to go? Can someone suggest price for the above configuration other than TAB I need to approach some Car Audio guys over this or next couple of weekends. Hope they can fit it. Thanks again! Sanzz
  6. thank you creativebala & rssh. but i cannot fix Tab in place of 2-Din dash if i get any HU even 1-din. So is there a way i can directly mount Tab and connect speakers to it? i was going through youtube & found few videos. however i am not knowledgeable enough to do it on my own. ill check with few audio shoppes this weekend, lets see if smeone can try it for me. more suggestions are always welcomed. ..
  7. Hello Guys, I know how funny or rather stupid my question is, but let me ask it. I am planning to ICE my i10 magna and have few quotes from the audio shoppes. - Pioneer 2-Din HU + JBL/Infinity Component speakers in front & rear doors. During a family outing my little cousin(6yrs old) asked me; why cant i connect TAB to car speakers? Is there a way to connect Tab with speakers, without having any HU? I have a Samsung Tab, which im nt using it very regularly, so thinking if i can do something abt it. Any comments or suggestions for the setup?
  8. Please help me in finding out the details for my Hyundai i10 VIN: MALAM51DLCM148932 I can see the 10th character as 'C'. Since A is 2010, i am assuming C is 2012 Where is 19th character?
  9. I agree with you w.r.t Vista 90, but somehow i think Tata should think of tweaking the exterior design as well. Many prospect buyers(including me) are backing purely because of its Indica'ish look. I dont want people waving hand at me(to stop) near all the Bus Stops
  10. i voted for 3 hatchbacks for the following reason(purely personal opinion since i fall in this same age group). (< 30 years >) practically look in to the all the possible things like; Exterior design, Interior styling, Features offered, Mileage & Maintenance. 1. Hyundai i20 Diesel :- i like the new looks and features this car has. Really a BIG Hatchback & Suits best for a 30 year young 2. Hyundai i10 :- One of the best small cars which is easy for city driving & longdrives too. 5 decent sized adults can easily fit in this car. Offers LPG for low emissions & of course less monthly fuels bills. I bought I10 LPG Magna last month & i simply love this car. 3. Chevy BEAT :- Best car w.r.t features it offers & 3 years Chevy promise of free maintenance. Offers LPG for low emissions & of course less monthly fuels bills.
  11. Out of our experiences, I would not suggest a Petrol i20 mainly because it is surely an underpowered car with 1.2 Kappa engine which also runs in i10. Trust me my close friend bought i20 petrol & he is getting a mileage <10kmpl, he is suffering for his bad decision. i20 Diesel is a wonderful car. I would suggest you to go for i20 Magna (O) 661,772 ex showroom price Ex-Showroom Price for HYDERABAD Model (Petrol) Ex showroom price (Rs) i20 Era 481,816 i20 Magna 506,151 i20 Magna(O) 536,652 i20 Sportz 585,474 i20 Asta 632,124 i20 1.2L Asta (O) With Sunroof 677,733 i20 Sportz AT 781,048 Model (Diesel) Ex showroom price (Rs) i20 1.4L Era 606,936 i20 1.4L Magna 631,269 i20 Magna (O) 661,772 i20 1.4L Sportz 710,595 i20 1.4 Asta 757,239
  12. NEW DELHI: Diesel prices may be hiked after presidential elections on July 19 as the government plans to take bold measures to rein in run-away fiscal deficit. "Price increase is inevitable. But date and time, nobody can say," a top oil ministry source said. Diesel prices have not been raised since June 25 last year, and state-owned oil firms sell the fuel at a loss of Rs 10.33 a litre. Source: TOI http://timesofindia....ow/14847919.cms
  13. thanks rssh Both Plan 1 & 2 is with Pioneer HU. My actual concern/query is "if i should go for 4-channel Amlifier + Woofers"? Since my car has less boot space, i dont want to fit additional woofers. Are you suggesting me to go for 'speakers+4- channel amplifier?', what type of speakers are you suggesting here? Normal speakers or Component speakers?
  14. Hello Champs, Yesterday i visited Stunnerz/Xenex for checking a deal w.r.t Music system for my car. I10 LPG will have a spare wheel attached to the rear seat in the boot. So i cannot got for subwoofers. So want to fix ~THE BEST speakers on 4 doors :-p Need your help in planning & executing the same my budget is 40k and i am looking for a 2-Din HU. Plan 1: Pioneer HU AVH2490BT - 24k (or) JVC KW AV50 - 20k Infinity/JBL Component speakers on 4 doors Plan 2: Pioneer HU AVH2490BT - 24k (or) JVC KW AV50 - 20k Normal speakers on Front doors Infinity or JBL component speakers on Rear door One Amplifier with some Caska subwoofer in the boot(dettachable) with Amplifier Im totally new to this stuff & unable to take any decision. New plans along with prices are always welcome if its not exceeding my budget
  15. Renault Duster is sold in the following colours in India. Metallic Woodland Brown Metallic Fiery Red Pearl Supreme White Metallic Moonlight Silver Pearl Galaxy Black Metallic Graphite Grey