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  1. Just because Reva is trailing the reported car, it doesnot mean it is also Reva.
  2. hai, the reve is a good. pls. don't compare with IC engines. this vehicle has good pick up from 0 km.u can see in signal first car moving will be reva. the U tube test is edited one to kill the indian product. the same U tube posted one video that, Reva hitting the bench and the bench is not moving a inch but the Reva flys back up to 2 meters. and the smoke coming out from the front of vehicle. How this posible ? the vehicle weight is around 800 kgs.and how the bench is not moving ? No engine in the front for smoke. i have seen personaly in bangalore. one lady meet with an accident with lorry, fronal collision. but the girl came out of the car with out single scratch. very rugged car.