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  1. Fabia has a strong body, good space - you will feel that you are sitting in a big car. Price is high but seating comfort is very good. quality of interiors is also good. Fusion doesn't have the looks & quality of fabia. Ford service centers are more compared to Skoda. This is more important factor if you are not living in city. Ford extra warranty scheme is really good. skoda doesn't have one like that. Skoda dealership in Andhra Pradesh is a monopoly - in terms of service, its really bad. Service charges and spares are very expensive and repair time is also ridiculously long. Fusion is a value for money as others wrote. Though both these are hatchbacks, the difference is the premium price and premium quality of Skoda.
  2. Insurance has sanctioned its part payment. the total bill is Rs. 30, 785. Insurance is paying 19000. But the problem here is - before delivery the service engineer told me that the car's engine bearing can get blocked anytime. And Iwhen it happens I have to relace the engine at my cost. Isn't this totally ridiculous?
  3. Thanks for your concern! please give me Autocar helpline number. Today is 3rd day since I gave a complaint to Skoda 24hr customer care, but there is no response from them.
  4. My car got struck in the flood water and the engine stopped. the service personnel said that it is a case of Hydrostatic lock and took 18 days to repair it. Before delivery they said the engine bearings can get blocked any time and when it happens the engine has to replaced. He also said that the insurance will not pay for it. what should I do Now? Please help. Skoda 24 Hour customer care is not responding despite several calls.