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  1. Save me from skoda

    Clutch over riding means smaller size clutch/pressure plate combo used or manufacturing defect in pressure plate makes the clutch loose its grip over the flywheel, this is a common Skoda ailment and apart from Skoda getting its ass sued and acknowledging it, nothing else can be done. This isn't Toyota or Honda which in their humility will acknowledge their fault and rectify it. After all, its German engineered Skoda, superior to all, above fault and maladies.
  2. Skoda - Clutchplate issues

    The pressure plate problem is a common ailment with the VW/Skoda platform, check the site where you will see few with this ailment.There is another Skoda owner here with the same fault. Its is manufacturing defect and has nothing to do with driving styles, even Indica clutches last longer than this with abuse. Also hard shifting means syncro cones are bust, this is the long term result of the faulty clutch as well as the syncros have worn out due to that reason.
  3. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Its still about your favorite Skoda so it has not gone to the dogs yet. So you are telling me that the Germans were buying Skoda engines in black? Thats horse puckey for sure.
  4. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Skoda is based on VW engine and platform so the problems at myvwlemon applies. Skoda engine used in the current Skoda is all VW and has no bearing to the so called tank engine that Skoda made. So let me ask you again, as per your father, what technical aspect makes this VW/Skoda engine fine, is it superior like the venerable OM616/617 from MB? Is it legendary like the Toyota 2C or 1C or the Honda NSX engine? Can it be used in multi environment like the HINO W04D? Lastly do upgrade your tank knowledge, if you are referring to WW-II, it was Germans who made the best tank and engines period, none other came close.
  5. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    The Japanese are rated higher overall and by miles, not only on whatcar but also on more objective and scientific CR. Have you cared to check VW's horror stories on the site I mentioned, all those reports are backed by documents and court hearings? Or the rating of BMW as well as sadly my ex favorite MB's position as per reliability factor across the globe? For the price German cars charge, its only brand naming and perception. As for your father being at EME, with due respect to your father, pray tell me how does he come to this conclusion from a scientific point of view? Has your dad ever built an engine or raced or for that matter worked for any major automaker? I have a Jonga as you can see from the signature. While at Jabalpur factory, I would hear horror stories about EME engineers destroying brand new Stallions and Jonga due to their ineptitude, this in no way is an attack on your father, he probably has enough knowledge due to his enthusiasm but to say he is the only experienced person here fit to make judgement over other persons is kind of immature. VW has poor ratings in US due to the myriads of reliability issues faced by loyal VW owners. From the famous Beetle which had a cult like following from the 70s hippie era, VW slowly and steadily lost all their loyal customer base to the Japanese and the only reason they did so is because of their extremely poor quality. As a ex VW GTi 16v owner who successfully sued VW USA under lemon law and won compensation along with many others, I would say Skoda/VW has a long way to go till they win the actual consumer confidence. Lastly What Car is based in highly protected and biased Euro market where Japanese cars are heavily taxed and European brands outsell Japanese due to that and other prejudices. The fact that Honda, Toyota et al still manages to be on top despite the odds speaks for itself.
  6. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Was that on original engine?
  7. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    So true, well demonstrated.
  8. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Does that mean we are forbidden to post logical fact based counterpoints on Skoda as well?
  9. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Have you done 500,000+ miles with a Skoda or seen one yet, if so, please come back and report. Till then I suggest going through You will see the Skoda/VW platform is rated by experts with knowledge as among the least reliable.
  10. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Whats your definition of 'Awesome car'?
  11. MAMTA wants 10 lac nano`s

    Don't think Modi is as corrupt or crooked as the CPI thieves out in Bengal regardless of what the so called media tries to portray him as.

    As FWD goes, Civic Type R is a dream to handle. Considering that currently there many FWD cars winning showroom stock races over their RWD counterparts a properly designed and setup FWD can win races as well. Having said that, the Type R engine should be in the S-2000 and that would be my choice.
  13. MAMTA wants 10 lac nano`s

    Unless one goes and visits ground zero, one would not have the idea about the impact. News people or so called reporters have virtually no idea or report within the framework of their agenda. I have no idea about Gujrat but in case of WB, it was just land grabbing by CPM cadres and blatant robbery in every case.
  14. MAMTA wants 10 lac nano`s

    Its not a joking matter by any means, lots of people got conned out of their lands and cheated by Tata middlemen. Many are homeless and landless. Tata promised to hire some of them for menial jobs like guards etc. even that promise has not been delivered and to rub salt to their wounds, opportunist politicians like Mamata comes and tries to take the full mileage out of it. Loosing your land in a country limited by the Land ceiling act is not pleasent in any ways, think of you as a land lord loosing your hard earned house to tenants you rented your house to.
  15. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    If you are biased and ingnore all industry indices and reports, obviously you will see God in the vehicle you drive. Thanks for the clarification Priya, seems like people jump to conclusion without reading.
  16. Meanwhile, Toyota ™ passed Ford for the full year for the first time in 2007, to become the No. 2 volume seller in the U.S. market. Toyota Motor, including its Toyota and Lexus divisions, had record U.S. sales of 2,620,825 vehicles in 2007, up 3.1%. Notice the march of the Japanese and thats definitely for a reason. Also notice that the Euro brands have absolutely no impact in US.
  17. Why Not Name the 1 lac car as Tata Mamta

    How about Tata Blood and the first one should roll out in typical blood red.
  18. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    One hype and myth busted, several more to go and guess what, lets see how the long term +5 year old Skodas do in India market, only then will the true evaluation come. Skoda is not putting a special engine here for Indian buyers, nor has the body been redesigned in any sense. Whatever woes the guys at suffered will be repeated in quantum due to the typical driving environment here. The only break it gets is the typical low miles put by average Indian user per annum.
  19. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    Why not.........human life after all is expendable for Tata, worth 1lakh.
  20. Which Car to Buy?

    Go for Corolla but also do check out Cedia which is an excellent value. If you can shell out more money, Civic is your ultimate option.
  21. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    Too much sugar is not good for the teeth, watch out for the eye candys, won't be good for the eye for sure.
  22. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    Original 800 with dual barrel Mikuni developed 39bhp, 0.5bhp shy of my RD350 of same vintage. In 3rd gear, 90kmph was easily achievable.
  23. Skoda very pricey..ya!

    Hype........hype...........more hype, VW hype.......eastern European VW hype. German cars are tough hype, so many hypes so they have the gall to charge Rs.9.05L for Elagance. Don't worry, they will find buyers, meanwhile I will buy a City, Cedia or Civic or Corolla or Emberra or Sonata. Some of us need some substance and quality to justify spending our hard earned money. I would also spend less and buy the Jazz or the Verna or have loads of fun with Getz CRDi. The money I will save, I will invest in some nice alloys and Yokohama rubbers and have fun.