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  1. fisichella or ralf?

    Fisichella, Ralf is just riding the coatails of his truly talented and genius of brother. He has truly no drive left and couldn't do anything with the moderately powerful Toyota.
  2. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    Please don't apologize, I am being overtly pessimistic on the Nano but then my experience leads me to be so unfortunately.
  3. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    Who is shoving it down? Its a counterpoint and its valid in a forum specially when one is being told not to criticize Tata. Have you seen the past record of Tata, do you really think a composite body rear engine car stands a chance in case of a collision? Btw, any NHSTA 5 star car including the sub compact Honda Jazz will do well in a collision. H3 Hummer only got 3 starts so a Jazz stands a better chance due to its design.
  4. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    Bajaj Lite also has Nissan to chip in and for powertrain, thats the best asset to have.
  5. Scorpio M-Hawk or Safari 2.2?

    Don't forget the relatively better ride although the Safari still has tendency to wallow.
  6. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    Do you really feel like running it over with your Scorpio or Innova or Safari?
  7. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    Would definitely aid in controlling India's population issue. ? you mean more people will die in road accidents? Exactly, rear engine, sloping front, perfect recipe for a surefire instant hopefully painless death for its occupants.
  8. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    Would definitely aid in controlling India's population issue.
  9. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    Don't need any experts, I have been to the auto show and have seen the construction up close, with close to 500,000 miles of driving, participating in many races and on the road with 2 and 3 wheelers since 13, I guess I have a little idea on automobiles. This car is an illusionm, most at the auto show said they would be better off with a second hand Maruti, its a Tata Ace dressed up in an even weaker shell, sorry to say. It would be OK for the city but I would definitely not wish for it to be a road hog in the expressway. Lastly, we know how reliable the four cylinder Indica has been so far, do you realistically expect a two cylinder version of the same Indica engine to be lugged around fully loaded and survive? Lastly please be aware, its Rear engine vehicle, in the event of collision, there is virtually no metal mass protecting the occupants.Gurkha2008-01-10 12:43:16
  10. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    In terms of safety, take the public transportation, with the acceleration of the Nano, its likely to be squashed by a Volvo or a MAN or a Scorpio or Safari. I am not saying the Maruti Van is the safest, but its still safer than Nano. The Nano is small and like Matiz has a sloped hood, in case of contact with anything or any animal, there is full likelihood of the object coming inside the passenger area and causing severe damage. If you are telling us to hold our criticism, that too in a forum may I suggest so should your ranting. You are repeating Rattan Tata's ad line about families on bikes, well guess what, first off all, learn responsible parenthood. Have some money in pocket before bringing in souls to this earth you can hardly maintain. In case they need a car that bad, a second hand Maruti would be apt for them. Already the Tata Ace is a veritable nuisance on the roads and highways, this will just add fuel to the fire and make driving for us a nightmare. Lastly, driving is indeed a privilege all of us have worked hard to appreciate and earn it, lets not make it cheap so that the total appreciation and value of a driving license is totally lost.
  11. Tata Nano: Unveiled at the Auto Expo

    The families who travel in the bike with two kids would be well off to buy a second hand 800 or Zen or Santro.
  12. Civic or innova

    My Gurkha has 238mm ground clearance and sports all terrain 80 profile Yokohama, during my trip from HP to TN and back, I faced some craters on road that even looked like it would swallow my vehicle and some of them came mighty close to it so expressway in India is still a misnomer.
  13. Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures

    In an accident, one won't need a separate coffin. The mangled remains will do the needful.
  14. This one promises to be a scorcher.
  15. Scorpio M-Hawk or Safari 2.2?

    Having extensively driven the newer Scorpio thanks to the local Mahindra club here in Punjab. My take was that it has improved on the body roll and now its far more composed during high speed panic braking than the older one and its also bit better on road. Bad news is that off road, this revised suspension is just not happy, the older suspension would bounce around but it would not reach its limits but the newer model reaches them quite soon.
  16. I have seen few Scorpios hit 3 wheelers here in Punjab and severely damage the plastic bumper and grille, next time you are showing off of bullying smaller cars, do that in the comfort of something like a Jonga or Trax, at least the contact will be solid metal to metal.

    Thats a matter of chance and collision physics, nothing to do with the build, all cars have crumple zone meant to take the hit and prevent G force damage to the humans inside. I have raced and survived in Honda which flipped thrice. I have had accidents in a Mazda Protege' subcompact which was hit from rear at 90mph by a old full sized Pontiac sedan which was being driven by a drunk and the vehicle has about 3 times more mass than my Mazda. Its luck combined with chance and collision physics.
  18. Save me from skoda

    How can sudden braking which is a part of daily driving across the globe be responsible for the clutch breaking? This is a manufacturing and designing defect.
  19. Scorpio M-Hawk or Safari 2.2?

    Tata came with the concept of so called luxury SUV which is totally different than the Armada which was luxury by no means, so the credit here goes to Tata with the Safari.

    And yet Japanese cars not only manage to outlast their so called solid Euro counterparts, they tend to retain their value and score high on NHSTA's critical safety ratings as well, even the might small Jazz managed an impossible ( for its size ) five stars. So I guess its perceptions and nothing else.

    The best tank and tank engine was made by the Germans, the most powerful were used in Panzer and Juggernaut tank, they were dual Mercedes Benz turbo charged engines developing over 1200bhp each. Skoda is based on VW platform and VW's current ranking in the world car league is quite low. Since Skoda is based on VW platform, calling it a solid car without a relative comparison is vague in every sense. The only reason you see so many Skoda in Mumbai is due to the diesel factor, there were virtually no cars in its segment with diesel engine. The Magnum is a far better buy but it will take some time to etch into the perceived notions. It terms of performance, the Magnum is miles ahead of any Skoda. VW took over Skoda as it needed a cheaper manufacturing base and Eastern European Czech provided the perfect place for it.
  22. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    ULSD is going to be the law in India as well, most probably by end of this year.
  23. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    If you mean regular fuel, the Honda is designed to run on pump grade diesel and unlike Bluetec, doesn't need any urea.
  24. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    The handling and ride is very close to Tavera.