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  1. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    The Isuzu will cross 150,000 mark with ease, I am not too sure about the Cummins.
  2. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    The Rhino used Isuzu and now uses Cummins, so in terms of reliability, its an even match at least for the powertrain to the Scorpio and Safari but not to the Innova. However if given a choice between Rhino or the Scorpio and Safar, I would take the Scorpio and Safari over Rhino.
  3. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    Do you think its foolishness? Just like Scorpio looks butch and nice to you, some may find the Rhino to be a beauty.
  4. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    Its an MUV...........its not about the cost, its about the classification of the vehicle, the category, if you bring in the price factor, the Rhino's forte' is its low price tag but its priced bit higher than Sumo and Tavera and the company is marketing it as an Scorpio, Innova and Safari alternative.Gurkha2008-01-09 06:23:41
  5. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    The Rhino is a cross between Scorpio and Qualis, and its also a direct competitor to the Innova, Scorpio and Safari, thats why the comparison.
  6. Long Term Ownership Reviews

    Refuting general consensus based on collective evidence and data doesn't do good for one's subjective opinion. Its like I would say I like a bullock cart and consider it best, live with it. Stick to your views, no harm in that, you have every right to but then don't try and sway others to it unless you can provice some constructive evidence to support your so called subjective views.
  7. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    Have you seen the H1, where do you see beauty in it?, but then you see beauty in the Scorpio as well which the Aus mag rated as rank ugly. By the way, leave the job of closing the thread to FRG who is the mod here. Every time something disagrees with you, you threaten to close down the thread. Does this mean you are the mod here now? First you deviate from the original topic by commenting on the looks of Rhino and making reference to Qualis's looks, as soon as you get the answer you start chiming about off topic. Please let the mod be the judge here.Gurkha2008-01-09 06:10:41
  8. Long Term Ownership Reviews

    Indeed as some are here to harp and peddle their garbage no matter what the general consensus or logic dictate. Just because they have a love affair with a donkey doesn't make the donkey the epitome of pulchritude.
  9. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    HUMMER is ugly, G Wagen is no looker, neither is Land Cruiser, its not about looks when it comes to this category of vehicles, its about the image, the go anywhere image.
  10. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    SUVs are not for looks and no SUV sold in India qualifies for looks. The Rhino is no Qualis, engine reliability will be at par with Scorpio and Safari from the Cummins package.
  11. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    Rhino doesn't use Isuzu anymore, they use Cummins.
  12. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    The diesel would be worth it at any price, far better specs than Skoda and way more economical as well.
  13. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    With its frequent upgrades Honda sales stay on top, the newer Accord has a different body styling not to mention a more powerful base as well as V6 model. I would not call the 2.4L older model a slouch in any sense and you might get huge savings when the newer model is launched and the dealer would do a clearence sale for older models.
  14. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    Accord concentrates on giving you engine, not gadgets, gadgets don't make a car, a balaned engineering does. Accord is reputed across the globe for its butter smooth long life engine, excellent suspension and refinement. A car is not a video game or a toy, the less the gadgets, the lesser the breakdown. GPS is still in its infancy in India, not much coverage where its really needed and the service charges are still prohibitively expensive.
  15. wobbling.....reason?

    If its wobbling during braking, check for warped rotors as well.
  16. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    Pryas, The Rhino uses the Cummins turbo engine which is from the older generation Land Rover, not exactly a reliable package in any sense, as for looks, its like you mate Scorpio with Qualis and out comes Rhino. Its made by Sonalika Tractors whose products are not known for their quality. Initial fit and finish is OK but even after 3 years of local launch here in its native Punjab, it has few takers, Scorpio and Innova does quite well in this segment.
  17. Long Term Ownership Reviews

    Amen and Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    The new one will have close to 171bhp compared to the 148bhp of the older one, either way you are always a winner with Accord but obviously the newer one will have more appeal.
  19. laura l&k vs accord2.4

    Those gadgets wont last and neither will the novelty with them, the Accord will last and last for long, you will never get tired of the electric smooth engine which loves to be revved and when you trade it in, you will see the Accord retaining maximum value.
  20. wobbling.....reason?

    And if all that doesn't work, check the front end, have it looked by a technician. The tires and balancing can be a culprit. MRF and JK have sold tires with manufacturing defect. This leads to the front end shimmy. If this problem isn't corrected by now, it will eventually wear out the critical front end components like the joints, bearings and bushings.Gurkha2008-01-08 11:06:52
  21. Long Term Ownership Reviews

    Well watch the spirit glow when it will be about the Scorpio, the best vehicle on earth