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  1. which fuel is better

    Wanted to add, I get the best results with Turbojet, if your vehicle is smoking excessively with additive diesel, have your pump checked if under warranty.
  2. which fuel is better

    I use additive fuel, keeps my injectors and pump clean and makes my engine quieter and more responsive, out here in India, Cetane rating is not uniform across the country and batches of fuel, also there is lots of dirt and contaminants, the little bit extra you pay for your additive diesel keeps your vehicle happy in the longer run, even though I use addtive diesel, I also add Elf CDMA additive to clean out my combustion chamber every 10,000km. Both my engines are Euro-I and yet during pollution tests they come close to Euro-II engines in CO readings, also winter or summer, even when parked for extended time, I have no starting or smoking issues whatsoever, both my engines have run for over 1 lakh KM.
  3. Which one is you?

    On any given day, provided its nice and sunny, it would be my motorcycle over the 4 wheel.
  4. Topic: Chevrolet SRV - The hot hatch?

    The Palio 1.6 or the Suzuki SX-4 are far better value and contender and both offer similar performance, the Suzuki benefits from being more reliable of all the three.
  5. Can The Doctor Do it?

    I am a Yamaha fan and also a big doctor fan, but this year he is not going to be the champion I am afraid, the Michelins are letting him down big time, specially after a few laps on the track, Bridgestones rule now and Rossis team would be wise to make a switch to them next season.
  6. Greetings everyone.

    Glad to be of help, this forum maybe fledging now but thats due to it being new, in few months you will have more forum members than you can manage. 4x4 activity will be good, hopefully before I head off to the hills of Siliguri.
  7. Maruti 800 - Is the Econo King Dead?

    Maruti is still the choice for reliable cheap transportation which gives good fuel economy and is easy to drive and park in narrow cramped Indian conditions, dont think the popularity or even the cult status will go away that soon.
  8. Suzuki Hayabusa 2008

    There are rumors of Hondas RC-61 which promises to be a technological tour de force on the lines of their NSR-750, also Yamaha is coming with a revamped R-1, 2008 is gonna be one good year for the megalomaniac bike fans.