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  1. Also lets not go by the logic about number of cars running, in that sense, there are many Indicas running on road as well with daily patch repair. We have to see what the major industry stalwarts indicate. CR gives detailed report on each and every issues faced by a car during its total ownership. Anyone with basic knowledge can make out the weak points of the vehicle, don't have to be a rocket scientist. Just because your limited use vehicle runs for one doesn't mean it defies industry average against it. I have repeatedly posted verified links, testimonials as well as lawsuit reports on the fallacy of VW products. Skoda India sells its vehicles at a seriously inflated price to people with the premise of quality uber alles which I feel is total cheating and hype. Unless they can prove to all with mathematical average that they are indeed a cut above the rest in terms of reliability and quality, they deserve to be scrutinized with a big lens. RishiRich feels cheated as he paid a huge sum for the Skoda expecting it to deliver its promise which it hasn't. MB and BMW have done the same, when people pay twice the price of an equivalent vehicle, they expect the Sun and the Moon. MB and BMW are gathering same number of complaints in China which is a bigger market for them than India. Need I remind that a 7 series BMW was dragged by Ox on Shanghai streets by its owner frustrated with myriads of failures on his super expensive German engineered pride and joy. For the last 30 years or so, the Japanese made steady rise to come at top of the reliability and quality and what is more amazing is that they don't get complacent, they manage to stay at the top. One of the reasons is humility which the Germans totally lack. The Germans have severe superiority complex. They think because of their race and their origin, products made by them are superior to others. You should go and hear what they say about the Indians and their products. OTOH, Japanese remain humble. Toyota recalled Land Cruisers for fading tail light lens, this on TLCs older than 10 years, fading is a normal UV process on the plastic used for lens and yet they did so on their own. These small facets make the difference. The Germans through their own complexes would go in denial mode even when a genuine mechanical issue is hand. My Mercedes Turbo Diesel is a rare 5 speed Euro version. Due to its inherent design weakness it came with a weak slave cylinder which would lead to premature clutch failures. After warranty was over, I had to pay $4500 twice to get the clutch fixed and finally had to take MBUSA to court to get the issue highlighted and resolved. Seems there was a TSB issued in Germany about the failure but MBUSA never acknowledged or alerted their customers. For a car costing 300% more over its Japanese high quality counterparts, this was certainly inexcusable. I won the suit and they settled and compensated but it sure left a sour taste in my mouth. I have kept that car as you can see by my signature. I would also tell RishiRich to check if the slave cylinder for the clutch is overheating, in that case, it doesn't engage the pressure plate properly which leads to premature clutch failure. FuelRunGod2008-01-19 04:16:39
  2. Fully agreed, I have pleaded and coaxed out here to bring it back to topic. Problem here is that anytime someone gets a genuine issue with a particular brand, all the brand loyalists start their rants against the posted which not only dissuades the posted from participating but also defeats the entire purpose of this forum. Let me reiterate, do your loving in threads created for it. In threads like this, either have an objective perspective or stay out of it for good if it hurts to see your favored brand in action. As Sgiitk points out above, industry average indicate that Japanese are superior to all in terms of quality and reliability so please don't bring in Mera Bharat Mahaan type illogical arguments. If you can bring in genuine counterpoints to that fact, by all means do so. Now lets see how RishiRich can be helped out here. If you are still following this post, word of advice. Next time take snaps of parts which have been replaced. At least that way we can try and deduce where and why the part failed initially.
  3. 660bhp, low mileage expected, actually not bad for that kind of BHP.
  4. I am sure you are aware that Carol Shelby made some very interesting chassis using US muscle and coined the term, there is no substitute for displacement. This Corvette is no ordinary ZR-1 which was no slouch in straight line or corners, this is a statement car, probably last of the Corvettes and last of the gas powered greats before $200 a barrel of gas brings all muscle cars to permanent halt.
  5. Please don't leave the forum on this regard, this is what a debate is all about, sometimes our passion gets better of us and that happens to all of us, myself included. By all means feel free to be passionaite about your vehicle of choice and defend it, but then do broaden your spectrum a bit and try and see the other side as well.
  6. Que Sera Sera.......... Now back to the issue, early syptoms and warning of pressure plate failure is jerky release, specially during heat inducing traffic drive, your you get clutch judder frequently or get jerky release and hard shifts, take the vehicle back to the dealer before the pressure plate gives and you get costly flywheel damage. Also keep an ear out for release bearing noise, if you depress the clutch and you get a grinding noise, thats your sign that release bearing is on its way out.
  7. Sadly due to the Indian market perceptions, we will never get to see this true genuine off roader, at 15L its far better and true off roader with the wonderful Prado V6. I have driven it off road extensively in Philippines as my brother in law owns one, I can tell you, its loads of fun and far better off and on road than its counterparts.
  8. Well Corvette is in the same league as a Gallardo and F430 in all legitimacy.
  9. ? @GURKHA... hahahahahhahahah @roomy.../autocar_forum/smileys/smiley32.gif"> @Zavo..........duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brain fart time.
  10. You have built VWs at Wolfsburg, may I ask what was your designation there? If that was the case, you must be well aware of the harmonic issue in the narrow angle V6 for which VW had to issue a recall or the fact that VW was peddling off cars to paying customers, these cars were returns from lemon law. As for bedmates, this is a clutch issue thread, there is a I love Skoda thread, may I suggest you post there or create a I sleep with my Skoda thread.
  11. I have seen quite a few broken pressure plates. Most of them would break under hard race use but poorly designed ones tend to break due to immense stress beyond their design capability. No one here writes from wild imagination, people should stop worshipping their choice and stop making assumptions about others. Mr. Skoda lover above mentions person living in states. Let me ask him, do you know me that well to know if I have extensively driven Skoda or if anyone in my circle owns one? Seriously doubt it. Are you aware of Team VW in SCCA or have ever in life built or race a VW engine, diesel or gas? Doubt that as well. As an ex VW owner and having friends and family here who are unfortunate Skoda owners, I not only have driven this East European junk for miles, but have seen its problems first hand as well. So keep ASS+UMING but facts will remain facts, Skoda fixation aside. I suggest if you are that passionaite about Skoda and its your only mate in bed, don't be hanging around at the forum and try put down others who have genuine case history of problems with your bed mate ie Skoda.
  12. So now you are telling me world leaders Japanese are behind in electronics, is your source the same as the one which claims that Skoda made the best tank engines? Have you seen a Lexus or an Acura, the Lexus was the first vehicle to feature automatic parking system. Japanese implement electricals thoroughly whereas Skoda has to sell electronic toys to justify its high price. Are you aware that Japanese were first to introduce all wheel steering or electronic torque distribution in production cars way back in 80s. FYI, all modern Mercedes, BMW, Bentley use NGK Japan spark plugs and ND electronics. Toyota and Honda electricals or mechanicals don't break period. You might not wish to acknowledge testimonials but please don't peddle this is India here, India is no different market than anywhere else and its the rigthful duty of any car makers to sell quality products for the price they charge. Denying faults won't make them go away. Its obvious you are now arguing on an emotional basis rather than any substantial factual based defense of your claims. Let me repeat, that won't hide the fact that VW has a long way to go up the reliabilty ladder. Lastly, do you play with your electronic toys or do you drive? If you can call the premature wear of flywheel trivial problem, you obviously have no real sense in the mechanical dynamics involved in a flywheels premature wear and its eventual impact. Flywheel also forms an important factor of the crank balance and harmonics. Any wear means engine crank throw in the long run.
  13. Not higher than Honda or Toyota and I have already explained that factor, no one is denying that rating, lets come to the mechanical aspects. VW platform suffers from many maladies as witnessed by the slew of lawsuits facing them under US lemon law. Also the customers here have complained so the numbers are against it as per the industry indicators.
  14. Sure they have problems, how many Hondas do you see with severe mechanical issues like clutch failure and flywheel wear down in low mileage conditions. Have you gone across the vast extensive data bank that CR holds and checked which make has most severe mechanical issues. Don't be surprised to find the flag bearer of quality engineering that is VW at the top there. The Honda Accord and Jazz have bullet proof reputation, so does Toyota and other Japanese brands, do you think people just rate them for the sake of it?
  15. Reliable cars don't break or hardly break, old W123 Mercedes, old Volvos, Honda and Toyota are prime examples of how and what a reliable car should be. If it breaks and has issues its bad, specially when its hyped up and sold with a high price tag with false claims of superiority.
  16. I can understand the clutch going bad, how about the flywheel which under normal conditions last over 200,000 miles with ease on average vehicle. Maybe German and East European engineering here is something special
  17. Clutch in my Accord is now 225000 miles old, car is driven in extreme NYC traffic regularly. Clutch on my MB 300TD is around 150,000km, vehicle was originally driven in US and has covered 42000km in traffic congested Kolkatta. The Gurkha has 100,000km on severely off roaded and also on road driven kilometers and the Jonga has original clutch at 178,000km of mixed on and off road. Not all clutches last 50,000km, some are over engineered and over sized and made to pull serious load and last for miles with just a bit of tender loving care.
  18. Pajero old one is the only other true off road option. The only vehicle that keeps up with the Gurkha under serious off roading conditions to some extent. The Endeavour flops badly in extreme off road conditions. CRV is an excellent on road all weather option which has the excellent HONDA rep.
  19. Clutch over riding means smaller size clutch/pressure plate combo used or manufacturing defect in pressure plate makes the clutch loose its grip over the flywheel, this is a common Skoda ailment and apart from Skoda getting its ass sued and acknowledging it, nothing else can be done. This isn't Toyota or Honda which in their humility will acknowledge their fault and rectify it. After all, its German engineered Skoda, superior to all, above fault and maladies.
  20. The pressure plate problem is a common ailment with the VW/Skoda platform, check the site where you will see few with this ailment.There is another Skoda owner here with the same fault. Its is manufacturing defect and has nothing to do with driving styles, even Indica clutches last longer than this with abuse. Also hard shifting means syncro cones are bust, this is the long term result of the faulty clutch as well as the syncros have worn out due to that reason.
  21. Its still about your favorite Skoda so it has not gone to the dogs yet. So you are telling me that the Germans were buying Skoda engines in black? Thats horse puckey for sure.
  22. Skoda is based on VW engine and platform so the problems at myvwlemon applies. Skoda engine used in the current Skoda is all VW and has no bearing to the so called tank engine that Skoda made. So let me ask you again, as per your father, what technical aspect makes this VW/Skoda engine fine, is it superior like the venerable OM616/617 from MB? Is it legendary like the Toyota 2C or 1C or the Honda NSX engine? Can it be used in multi environment like the HINO W04D? Lastly do upgrade your tank knowledge, if you are referring to WW-II, it was Germans who made the best tank and engines period, none other came close.
  23. The Japanese are rated higher overall and by miles, not only on whatcar but also on more objective and scientific CR. Have you cared to check VW's horror stories on the site I mentioned, all those reports are backed by documents and court hearings? Or the rating of BMW as well as sadly my ex favorite MB's position as per reliability factor across the globe? For the price German cars charge, its only brand naming and perception. As for your father being at EME, with due respect to your father, pray tell me how does he come to this conclusion from a scientific point of view? Has your dad ever built an engine or raced or for that matter worked for any major automaker? I have a Jonga as you can see from the signature. While at Jabalpur factory, I would hear horror stories about EME engineers destroying brand new Stallions and Jonga due to their ineptitude, this in no way is an attack on your father, he probably has enough knowledge due to his enthusiasm but to say he is the only experienced person here fit to make judgement over other persons is kind of immature. VW has poor ratings in US due to the myriads of reliability issues faced by loyal VW owners. From the famous Beetle which had a cult like following from the 70s hippie era, VW slowly and steadily lost all their loyal customer base to the Japanese and the only reason they did so is because of their extremely poor quality. As a ex VW GTi 16v owner who successfully sued VW USA under lemon law and won compensation along with many others, I would say Skoda/VW has a long way to go till they win the actual consumer confidence. Lastly What Car is based in highly protected and biased Euro market where Japanese cars are heavily taxed and European brands outsell Japanese due to that and other prejudices. The fact that Honda, Toyota et al still manages to be on top despite the odds speaks for itself.