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    Red followed by black.
  2. The RD350LC was a scorcher, it put out 45bhp and was water cooled, the radiator was composite plastic and aluminum and the power to weight ration was improved greatly and it was among the best giant killers out there.
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    Engine Remaps

    Not worth it unless done by reputable tuners like Millen, HKS, TRD etc. the driveability drops significantly.
  4. As a ex Mahindra Grand Armada owner and having seen graveyards of Mahindras specially with the Pukegot engine I beg to differ. The DP is among the most reliable, the older vintage Perkins based engine is low power but far more reliable and that was the reason Mahindra picked it for the Scorpio project and not the DP. As for reliability of Mahindra engines, in general, almost all the Scorpios sold in Australia and SA have had engine failures after crossing the 80,000 kilometer mark. The DP engine is another story, it has aluminum head and prone to overheating and pistons going oval. The cam rides on bushings rather than bearing and that takes a toll on the tappets which go bad in high mileage use. The JEEP Thrills group has many Mahindra owners, Arkaprava Dutta is the mod there and he owns a MM550, with all his maintenance, his engine needed overhaul at 70,000 mark and its normal for other Mahindras to go at lesser mark. Said and done, futile to compare world number one Toyota with its phenomenal research and background to Mahindra in any sense. Next thing you will tell me is that the Scorpio is better than Land Crusier.
  5. My signature, all of them are favorites, they all have their own attributes. When and if the type R comes, it will be added to the list. Also waiting for the delivery of the R1.
  6. sgiitk, Thank you, wanted to convey that as well but you beat me to it.
  7. Lets see how long the engine lasts. Thats the million dollar question, I have already seen 300,000+ miles Innova, yet to see a Scorpio.
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    Its the same across the world, when I went to buy my Accord in NY, I told the salesman about the Camry being better eqquiped and $2K cheaper, he calmly told me I am free to buy it but then if I really wanted the Camry, I would't be in a Honda showroom. Honda retains maximum resale value in US, the Civics of same vintage go more than BMW or MB at Craiglist and thats the ultimate testimonial to the car that sells itself.
  9. Not the petrol.........diesel yes but then I would take the Toyota FJ as well.
  10. Its also a unfair to compare the Innova which is the oldest of this lot and yet it holds against the new higher powered vehciles quite well.
  11. Somone tell me how many 800 and Alto are sold, going by that logic, its the best car on earth. Btw, the educated relatively knowledgeable south accounts for 37% of Innova sales alone. SUV is the last place you want speed in. If thats the case, get yourself the Mercedes G600 V12. At 440bhp, it has enough horses to beat out all including many cars.Gurkha2007-12-31 14:31:38
  12. raj 5004, No fighting, just counterpoint. If you like acceleration, you would like the Dicor 2.2 better, the Scorpio may feel stronger but the shorter gearing makes it run out of breath and feel weak on top end. Innova maybe for Taxi owners but thats only because it has totally dethroned Scoprio
  13. The Lexus actually has better ride over the MB although the later is much sportier. In terms of noise and absorbtion, the Lexus is superior. The Accord does have bumpier ride than the C class but in terms of engine refinement, it blows the C class away with its electric motor smooth V6.
  14. The Verna engine Getz can not be matched by the Fabia engine even if tuned. So if performance is what you want, the Getz diesel is for you.
  15. The point is that average stats show Innova outlasts Scorpio......recently I had a chance to sit in a Innova with 150,000 km and there was nary a rattle from it, not had the interiors disintegrated and the engine felt as good as new, this was a Taxi as well so I rest my case. The suspension felt taut and firm over the hilly areas of Himachal. The driver was also the owner who had 5 more Innovas, he has just sold of last of his Scorpios for the Innova. According to him, no one in Punjab wishes to hire a Scorpio and the upkeep of the Scoprpio fleet was may more expensive than Innova. He said that apart from engine issues, the high mileage Scoprios suffer from many other durability issues including gear box, diff, interiors and suspension issues. Lastly the Innovas return far better mileage than Scorpios.
  16. The RD500 never made it to US as well, I had the RZ500 there.
  17. rssh, Facts speak for themselves and in case of Innova the proof is already in the pudding.
  18. Happy New Year to all including this forum.
  19. The Innova has refinement and linearity and the Scorpio's junk engine can't be compared to the Innova's in any case.
  20. Comparing an older Innova to a latest Hawk is futile, wait till Innova releases its newer variant. Knowing Toyota it would not be a high power product rather than a well rounded product. Don't know what you are ranting about, last week I tested Hawk, some on and mostly off and trust me when I say, the handling is margianlly better off road but it still can't be considered a true off roader. I have serious doubt about the life of the Hawk engine being that its smaller in displacement. I would wait for Mahindra to weed out the bugs by next year before buying it. Its not about speed, its about overall package and the Innova is still better in terms of ride, handling and seating. Just replace the OEM with Yokohama C drive in Innova and you have a package that will go for years. I have seen many high mileage Innovas but very few high mileage Scorpios. Most taxi drivers here in Punjab swear by the Innova. No one is buying Scorpios, the customers don't want them, neither do the drivers. Most are fed up with nagging unreliability issues whereas average Innova goes up to 100,000 kilometers with hardly any maintenance.Gurkha2007-12-30 04:07:58
  21. Ha ha so do I, my normal looking Accord V6 could dust almost all Euro hypes including some Porsches, most MB and BMW and of course, any Jaguar. Have red faced many dudes in US when they would get dusted by a ordinary Accord coupe. No one realized it had a 286bhp engine under the hood. The only thing I hate with high power FWD cars is handling and horrible torque steer even with limited slip diff.
  22. I had the race derived RZ-500 in US for few months before they banned 2 strokes. Heard of the RD-400 but never the 500.