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  1. Getz if you need performance. For overall its Swift, not as fast but economical and better looking. Don't get fooled by the Skoda hype, build quality of a east Euro built VW is nothing great to talk about. Most VW and Skoda are considered poorly built by world standards.Gurkha2007-12-30 03:58:47
  2. Good as Civic is, it will never be close to the V6 Accord in any sense.
  3. Gurkha


    In China a disgruntled 7 series owner had his BMW pulled by OX in middle of Shanghai to humiliate BMW. He went through hell after buying top of the line 7 series BMW. From day one, multiple failures including brake, electronics and finally the transmission went which broke the camel's back and this gentleman resorted to a very good tamasha. Maybe you should seriously think on that lines and even contact telivision who are always looking for items lile this.
  4. Honda Racing Corporation, the auto department is run by good old Sochihiro's highly talented son Mugen. Along with HRC, HKS is an excellent Honda mod source.
  5. Listen to your ears, don't listen to people, most Indians are Euro and generally west centric so you will get all kinds of advices with specific pro western tilt. Check out Pioneer and Alpine speakers as well. When it comes to electronics Japanese rule in general.
  6. That looks like classic case of good old desi assembly job gone wrong. Its a shame. Even mighty Honda admits that their SIEL plant has 10% assembly defect rate as compared to a measly 3% in Thailand Honda.
  7. Its sad, even with humiliation by Top Gear, the poor rating in SA, Tata continues to peddle poor quality mediocre stuff at public and that too at a premium.
  8. Dirty oil, infrequent oil changes will kill a VVTI or VTEC in short time. Otherwise they are dead reliable.
  9. Gurkha


    Run flat tires are limited offering. MRF doesn't make them or sell them in India for sure.
  10. Only mods I would tell you to do is from HRC, leave Honda engines alone otherwise, the FI is just too touchy. The engine has enough power, you will never find it lacking. I would suggest you concentrate on getting heavier anti roll bars, progressive coils and of course alloys with nice fat Yokohama AVS. Change the tranny fluid to Mobil 1 as soon as possible.
  11. LOL.........Skoda at your peril, that engine has severe reliability issues. Stick to the V6, the 4 cylinder Accord is excellent but if you like long drives, the V6 gives you more fun than a C or E class MB.
  12. I had almost the same problems on my older Safari, had to sell it at a huge loss in less than 8 months of painful and sad ownership.
  13. Gurkha


    MRF better tires??? They are just rim protectors and totally out of place in a BMW in every sense. There are major international tire manufacturers in India today thankfully offering some of their extensive race and road tested high technology product. What would be the logic to go for MRF unless pocket is an issue but even in that case, its not much of a difference.
  14. I had the 39.5bhp model and my heart would always be for that only, it was way freer revving than the LET. However, even the LET is no slouch as it would give the current bikes on the market a good run for the money.
  15. Plus you won't be able to find the allmighty 39.5bhp stock model, most likely you will only find the 30bhp LET.
  16. Gurkha

    Yeh Mera India

    Yep, always been like that sadly, its everyone for himself/herself.
  17. C180 is a nightmare, plenty of FI failures, poor build quality and worse of all, underpowered engine, for 10L, get yourself a Accord V6 used.
  18. The best bike every to be launched in India, a legend across the world. Take my sincere advice here as a long time RD-350B user. You won't find one in good piece, spares are non existent and quality of workmanship is shoddy to say the least.
  19. Hope no drop in quality, would rather pay for a Made in Japan piston than anything made in Patiala.
  20. The atrocious quality of Ford and GM can't be compared to the global superiority of Honda and Toyota, to compare them is preposterous in every sense.
  21. Just go for the MB, rear wheel drive and a far better car with way better engine.
  22. Gurkha

    Yeh Mera India

    South does respect rules but not in the highways where its common and very dangerous to see villagers in mopeds coming right at you in wrong side but still its relatively far better than wild west North. Mumbai is OK but not the hwy, the trucks occupy both lanes with impunity, Thane is a nightmare.
  23. Check what Mags in US like C&D, R&T, Motor Trend as well as UK mags or German mags say about Japanese brands we praise here in the forum. You will see the consensus there so as for Indian magazines, its best for me to keep mum.