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  1. Fantastic ad, as meticulous as Honda themselves.
  2. Toyota showcases it
  3. Gurkha

    Yeh Mera India

    South is far better than North in that sense having driven both places. Whats amazing to see how Kolkatta now has seriously improved over Delhi. Whole lot of flyovers and good traffic flow now even in rush hour.
  4. The mods will reduce your reliability and in most cases driveability. Stick to stock and just do minor mods like alloy and tires, that way you keep your warranty and enjoy the performance as well. The Getz diesel would beat out any Swift diesel with ease, even Swift petrol.
  5. Actually the 4 cylinder diesel is quicker than the 6 cylinder petrol version.
  6. Nope, type R is pure sports, its expensive than base model Accord but its in different hardcore league alltogether.
  7. Don't worry about Getz, with right set of tires and alloys it will harness that power with ease and the power to weight ratio of the Getz would mean performance far superior to most cars in its range and beyond.
  8. For good performance look no further, get the Getz diesel and as soon as you take it out of showroom, head for nearest Yokohama dealer and exchange the OEM chappals for a nice juicy set of Yoko AVS, thats all.
  9. New FIT/JAZZ L-Series i-VTEC Engines The new (2nd generation) Honda Fit was just launched in Japan for the JDM in October during the Tokyo Motor Show. This amazing little car will now be making its way outside of Japan and to the rest of the world from next month onwards. For Asia, it will continue to be called the Honda Jazz and will be launched starting in Thailand and thereafter across the rest of Asia next year. Truly amazing, please Honda, India needs this desperately.
  11. Even though Getz is no looker, the Verna engine is the catch if you like performance, far superior to the FIAT in Swift.
  12. Good it is, everyone is on diesel, they will force Honda to make a diesel type R. Mileage maniacs would go haywire when this tech tour de force would be dared to be offered by SIEL.
  13. Check out what is over engineering and it defintely aint no East European Skoda.
  14. Well contrast that to the Honda, the clutch even when abused lasts an average of 100,000 miles with ease, thats over-enginering. Honda goes to lenghts. Their testing is among the most thorough, they test their car with a/c on full blast in searing 52C Arizona track for an entire day without turning engine off, they would drive at full speed, simualte traffic conditions and then park and run a/c in full heat. Only then a Honda would be sold. Toyota is same, thats why the Hi Lux is dear of Taliban and TLC is the dear of all true off road enthisiasts across the globe.
  15. Please dont consider Skoda over-engineered in any sense, it comes with an under sized clutch which capitulates frequently in Indian conditions. The engine is nowhere near old OM616/617 Mercedes or any of the Japanese brand engines. Its a VW made in East Europe, in itself, VW is one unreliable brand and to make the matters worse, Skoda gets made in Czech and then its peddled off with hype as a Euro over-engineered car to us Indians. The Europeans including my one time favorite Mercedes lost the game in the early 90s to the Japanese and now just sell brand naming and hype. Sad part is most in India seem to be gullible enough to fall for that very hype.
  16. If you are referring to my statement, may I suggest you take a look at the CR reports, there is no anti Skoda feelings here. Its an ordinary eastern Euro junk being peddled off as quality car which it definitely is not. To expose this kind of rip off is the purpose of this forum. I suggest you get off your idol worshipping tendencies and look into the reality, the Japanese are top notch. When you have pedigree cars from the stables of Toyota and Honda, two world leaders, why even bother with Skoda. I know Raj syndrome which now is the Euro syndrome needs serious psychiatric help to be overcome but there is hope yet, its achievable.
  17. Gurkha

    Yeh Mera India

    Prayas, good one, we all face this irony every day, one of the reasons I keep my Accord back in US.
  18. Forget the Powers rating, please check the global ratings, CR for instance. You will see that Runnot and Pukegot are nowhere near the word reliable.
  19. Yes we have lots more choices but comparing Honda to Skoda is futile, one is rated at top of reliability across the globe and virtually a car that sells itself. Other a cheap VW junk made in Eastern Europe and hyped as a Euro car. Look at the rip off they are doing with Laura. Anyday, the Magnum is a better car in diesel and the Civic is untouchable in petrol. The reason Skoda tops satisfaction index in Autocar India by owners have really no bearing on the truth. Just take a look at this forum to see few of the Skoda users negative feedbacks, that brings you closer to the truth. In Honda's case, it deserves the brand mania as its a global player, in Skoda's case, it totally unfair and goes to show the poor sense of value in Indian public. When it comes to auto and perception in general, the Indian crowd has far to go.
  20. Looks like a cross between Scorpion and Tavera.
  21. Always good to refresh memories, people forget when they see the hype of a Lambo. A 2L 4 cylinder with regular passenger car design and with proper implementation of technology can truly work wonders.
  22. Skoda fans are in a self created delusion, the only reason they buy this over priced east european made hype is because its diesel and no other reason. In no certain way can a Skoda ever be compared to Honda.
  23. Regardless of the rating, I will buy Optra over Octavia junk.