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  1. I can select 4H at any speeds on my Gurkha but I agree that if manual diff locks are not disengaged by mistake, results can be severely disastrous.
  2. Yep who can forget the Pukegot, among the most unreliable cars sold in US.
  3. Different vehicles, the Hummer H3 is a pretender SUV. Corvette is a genuine sports car with monstrous 600+bhp
  4. The Prado is an awesome vehicle. Do you have diff locks on your rear wheels by any chance? I believe in your concept as well, spend more money on my vehicles than clothes.
  5. Sorry to hear that.........may he rest in peace.
  6. Yes you do......if you don't wish your clothes or bikes to be dirty.
  7. Wait till those who bought Runnot see how unreliable this vehicle is in every sense. Renault has a very poor rep when it comes to overall reliability and coupled with brilliant Mahindra, this sure looks like a recipe for disaster. There are very many good cars in the Logan range in India, most have seen through the hype created by Mahindra and have not fallen for it.
  8. Cedia's only sin is its petrol and not diesel and its not hype marketed like the mediocre Skoda which now is a so called prestige symbol........laughable.
  9. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all.
  10. If the Hummer is here, don't be surprised if this comes as well, point is where are the roads to harness 600+bhp.
  11. Hamilton is the first colored driver in F-1 history, his attitude is far better than Euro snobs except for Schumacher. Contrast that to Alonso and you will see my point.
  12. Expect 620-plus horses and around 600 pound feet. Sports car world is not going to be the same anymore.
  13. As you can see, Japanese build substance and offer value over all.
  14. Gurkha

    Tyre Guide

    The Wranglers are Good Years, actually I have been following the medicrity of Goodyears since the early 80s in its homeland USA. They would sell their Eagle brand of high performance rubbers based solely on their F1 and Indy participation but the consumer tires were just sheer junk and this trend continues here in India as well.
  15. Gurkha

    Tyre Guide

    Actually compared to the Wranglers, the Duelers lasted 20,000km more on my vehicle, the Wranglers didn't grip, had uneven poor wear as well.
  16. Verna has better engine and performance and it would be my pick of this lot.
  17. Amazing video, the Mitsu is one heck of a car.
  18. In the SX4's defence it would be suicidial for Suzuki to even offer the 140bhp engine as option as then the so called economy pundits which form the majority of the buyers here would have heart attack and scream murder.
  19. Gurkha

    Tyre Guide

    Unlike Bridgestones, Goodyears are not known for any attribute but they do compliment under powered front wheel drive cars well by screeching at first instance Bombay filmi shtyle.
  20. I guess no one has seen the City Rover aka Indica test done by BBC, they jokingly called it sh*tty Rover.
  21. Snob for a East European products, wonders will never cease to amaze me, we Indians are truly enigmatic in every sense.
  22. The City is HONDA, so its an emotional favorite albeit at higher cost. However in practical terms, although not that refined, the SX-4 offers more of a car.
  23. This car is a hit in US, even though the general perception about sub compact hatches is not that favorable. People like its engine, reliability and design and its quite a good seller in its segment.
  24. I would go for the Gypsy if you can afford the petrol.