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  1. The Skyline GTR is a legend, it incorporated concepts it its days which was not to be found in the best of European technology. It was AWD but with variable front/rear torque control from on dash, truly amazing as one could dial in over and under steer by a button. Nice to see it making its reincarnation again.
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    Only whether they have the 'run flat' features of the specially made BMW tyres (stiffer sidewalls' date=' etc.) is a question?[/quote'] Yokohama makes run flat AVS Sport Run Flat at around Rs.16K each, the ones for total of 16K are run flat.
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    And Yokohamas are far superior tire in every aspect than other brands.Gurkha2007-12-18 06:48:01
  4. Power and torque curves if published should be done on dyno basis rather than manufactuer's quote. Would make it interesting to see who comes closest to their rating. Years back C&D did some serious dyno testing and it was found out unlike their Japanese and German counterparts, Ferrari in general was a bit exuberant with their bhp quotes.
  5. Its a very good idea, its the law in US to provide FSM to paying customers. Out here the big car names the likes of MB, BMW etc. evade the issue of FSM even when the customer is willing to make a payment. OTOH, almost all manuals are now electronic and can be either bought in CDROM form or downloaded.
  6. NoS is typical dragster stuff, not used in race cars of any form. For short term, an engine can survive the NoS onslaught but not viable for long term in any way. Wanted to add, that competition headers are hours of painstaking work on dyno and race track and are usually hand made job, mandrel bent. The objective here is to have the least bends for exhaust air flow and therefore sharp bends as in OEM headers are avoided.. With mandrel, its gradual bends that are achieved.
  7. Brabus Unimog on youtube. Look at the turning radius and the ease it can be driven with.
  8. This is not Korean Getz, this is four time F1 champ and Indy champ Honda. Its making 225bhp from 2L, no strains anywhere there. Considering the R1 Yamaha motorcycle makes 180bhp from 990cc engine, with proper technology, its all possible.
  9. 225bhp out of a 2000cc engine, no turbo or any kind supercharging. Incredible piece of technology from Honda.
  10. Thats true, the Accord V6 is better than both in terms of a car but Camry is pretty close and offers a bit more of a car, the engine in Accord is impeccable. The new 2008 Accord trounces the competition though.
  11. The Camry is shades ahead of the Passat in terms of reliability. Check the rating of VW versus world leader Toyota. The Toyota engine is also smoother than the Passat's.
  12. India's pocket's are to an extent, the roads arent, infrastructure is way behind and can't keep up with the explosive population growth. Soon there will be no place left to build anymore roads.
  13. The Swift petrol has a better engine.
  14. The Scorpio engine is shot by 80,000km, if well maitained you would still need top end work by 100,000km. Electricals are hugely problematic. The front suspension starts eating tires on some batches of Scorpio. Don't think is a good value for Rs.4L
  15. Lets take the average and you will see the superiority of Maruti engines and power train in general over Korean made Hyundai.
  16. Santro looks no better than Wagon R, the newer Wagon R actually looks better than Santro. Santro is a copy of the aborted Mercedes A class. The engine technology is based in Suzuki, actually Hyundai bought the license from Suzuki and modified it further. The Santro is far less reliable than the Japanese Suzuki engines in Wagon R.
  17. Flow of air, in our out is critical to power. So properly designed intake tract and header with reduced turbulence will lead to maximum intake and exhaust thereby increasing performance. In case of intake its careful polishing as well as design, for exhaust its proper sizing and reducing as much restriction and turbulence as possible. As for NoS, it temporarily increases the compression ratio, good for dragsters but severely damaging to engine in long run.
  18. You know my stand on grease on chain and I have given the technical aspect of it as well. The Sportrider link is far more a better authority than Indiabike. Kerosene and brush is fine, after that run a strong pressure of water to wash away the Kerosene and grime as the residual kerosene will act as lube solvent and ruin the chain. Let it dry completely and then lube it.
  19. Power for the 12 tonne Brabus Unimog U500 Black Edition comes from a 6.4 litre, 280 horsepower engine developing 811 lb ft (1100 Nm) of torque. The EAS transmission allows gear changes to be made manually or automatically. Switching between the two modes is possible at any time. 800 lb ft, thats a locomotive for you.
  20. MB doesn't care about competition. Its well aware people are willing to pay for the badge, not the car and therefore BMW and MB along with other pompous German brands will continue selling their cars status quo. Whats funny is the lowest rated German brand namely VW commands more respect in India than the top rated Lexus and Honda. Enigmatic for sure.
  21. The solid is just your perception, a Accord feels as solid as a C class MB. OTOH, a Lexus is like a tank.