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  1. Weight distribution can be achieved by power train placement, that wouldn't eliminate understeer due to the very physics of FWD but suffice to say, it will have less understeer as compared to other FWD.
  2. Most of the M800 got TBI FI instead of the costlier MPFI, only the current gen of 800s get MPFI.
  3. You will need a different modulator, also different master cylinder.
  4. Gurkha


    Actually these things never work, if they did, the manufacturers would surely implement this.
  5. The tail happy character of 911 made it endearing to many hardcore drivers who would use that very nature to its maximum advantage. Now Porsche has to market the 911 to a broader public and therefore sadly, they made it neutral. The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 is another fine example of AWD, this time with all wheel steering as well. Since its able to put almost all of its 320 twin turbo bhp on tarmac, the acceleration is just simply neck straining. Innova is no van, its actually an elongated station wagon and yes, it handles better than Civic if you know how to use the oversteer. About AWD, in early 90s, Walter Rohrl the German rally driver decimated the competition with AWD Audi Quattro Turbo in the SCCA races, no big block US V8s could catch him. The AWD could be tossed with abandon that no 2WD would allow, most of the time Rohrl would be throwing the car off the tarmac in the corners and his AWD would allow him to recover with far more cornering speed. Needless to say after that domination, AWD was banned from that category. Also don't forget Porsche's ultimate offering in the 959, it was a showcase of AWD tech, only prohibitive costs kept that vehicle out of production. The Nissan Skyline GTR is another prime example of AWD done right.
  6. Check this excellent article.
  7. Thats too low a mileage for premature clutch failure, has to be severe manufacturing defect.
  8. The Skoda clutch is a typical example of shoddy German quality. They never bothered to design it for heavy traffic use as in India. Its undersized and heats up and starts to chatter in traffic. Its a common complaint. I have seen quite a few example of burnt clutches. Also the hydraulics are undersized, most of the time the slave cylinder fails to release due to overheating and the clutch burns out.
  9. Lets put it this way, even if your Hyundai or Maruti breaks down occasionally, its all forgiven. You didn't have to take out a second mortgage on your house to buy them but in case of MB or BMW, its inexcusable, after all the money charge for fancy ego badge, you get pathetic service.
  10. Skoda is showing its true VW colors as expected. Best course for you is to contact TV guys. A bout of poor publicity will go a long way in hammering some sense into this so called upscale prestige brand auto. Tell the TV guys like Zee or NDTV your woes, keep all paperwork ready. When you get a chance to come to TV, act like the victim which you truly are anyways.
  11. Yes the latest MB G Wagen has three diff locks. The older 460/461 had two for front and rear, same ones are used in the Gurkha.
  12. Well the LS460 has all that MB, BMW and Audi has and more.Gurkha2007-12-13 08:48:15
  13. sgiitk, Thanks.......I quoted the site. Its shameful that companies like BMW and MB can sell vanity plates for significant sum and not even have the small decency to back them up.
  14. The Audi A6 has very low quality ratings in US and UK. Even if you compare the LS460 price wise to the MB or BMW, its hell lot of car compared to its competition.
  15. Reliability has dropped to below average for both the S40 and V50.
  16. I started this website not only as a result of owning a lemon Mercedes Benz, but being lied to by time and time again, being mislead, having my life threatened by genuine Mercedes employees, and being assaulted by the same. I'm as unsuspecting of a victim as anyone. I purchased my car new in March of 2001, and chose a Mercedes Benz because I thought it would be a reliable vehicle. I am a full time college student and entrepreneur with an internet company which takes up a lot of time. This is how I justified the hefty price tag of a Mercedes Benz - I could spend the extra money so I could keep my time on my priorities and not dealing with a used car. I started noticing problem after problem arise with my car only 2 months into my ownership. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning. Within the next year I would experience over 60 mechanical failures, some of which were taken in for more than 7 times. Everything from non-operational windows to a stalling engine and faulty transmission. Throughout my entire ownership I pleaded and begged for help out of this vehicle, as it was costing me alot of time and money. Mercedes Benz never offered my anything beyond "$1,500 towards the purchase of a new car" and this was clearly nothing more than a proposition for Mercedes Benz to profit further from me.
  17. Indeed they do......they have been rated lower than Japanese vehicles since 80s and now Hyundai surpasses them. Check at the nice superlatives on Skoda's parents namely VW at
  18. Tell u what.........I will take this over any car if I had all the money.
  19. Well after all.......its a Toyota.........
  20. Get the clutch adjusted, seems to be sticking, if that doesn't work, the main output shaft has too much play, have it checked.
  21. Using thick oil would defeat the purpose of lubrication, single wt. 40 is fine. Thick oil would not get inside the rollers, grease is disastrous, combined with sand and dirt, it would become emery. Don't use gear oil, not only is it too thick, it has EP additives which are used for etching, in case of chains, they would wear the chain and sprockets out prematurely.
  22. Gurkha, FJ etc are meant to be dunked in mud, water etc. Anything fancy and it would negate their purpose.
  23. interiors of FJ just like gurkha..?but why did toyota degin a poor interior for an off roader, which looks great outside..? Not poor.........stark, functional for serious off roading.
  24. Except that Audi has even lower quality rating than MB or BMW. Having driven the older LS400 extensively, I can tell you, its one heck of a refined car.