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  1. Does that mean we are forbidden to post logical fact based counterpoints on Skoda as well?
  2. Have you done 500,000+ miles with a Skoda or seen one yet, if so, please come back and report. Till then I suggest going through You will see the Skoda/VW platform is rated by experts with knowledge as among the least reliable.
  3. Whats your definition of 'Awesome car'?
  4. Don't think Modi is as corrupt or crooked as the CPI thieves out in Bengal regardless of what the so called media tries to portray him as.
  5. As FWD goes, Civic Type R is a dream to handle. Considering that currently there many FWD cars winning showroom stock races over their RWD counterparts a properly designed and setup FWD can win races as well. Having said that, the Type R engine should be in the S-2000 and that would be my choice.
  6. Unless one goes and visits ground zero, one would not have the idea about the impact. News people or so called reporters have virtually no idea or report within the framework of their agenda. I have no idea about Gujrat but in case of WB, it was just land grabbing by CPM cadres and blatant robbery in every case.
  7. Its not a joking matter by any means, lots of people got conned out of their lands and cheated by Tata middlemen. Many are homeless and landless. Tata promised to hire some of them for menial jobs like guards etc. even that promise has not been delivered and to rub salt to their wounds, opportunist politicians like Mamata comes and tries to take the full mileage out of it. Loosing your land in a country limited by the Land ceiling act is not pleasent in any ways, think of you as a land lord loosing your hard earned house to tenants you rented your house to.
  8. If you are biased and ingnore all industry indices and reports, obviously you will see God in the vehicle you drive. Thanks for the clarification Priya, seems like people jump to conclusion without reading.
  9. How about Tata Blood and the first one should roll out in typical blood red.
  10. One hype and myth busted, several more to go and guess what, lets see how the long term +5 year old Skodas do in India market, only then will the true evaluation come. Skoda is not putting a special engine here for Indian buyers, nor has the body been redesigned in any sense. Whatever woes the guys at suffered will be repeated in quantum due to the typical driving environment here. The only break it gets is the typical low miles put by average Indian user per annum.
  11. Why not.........human life after all is expendable for Tata, worth 1lakh.
  12. Go for Corolla but also do check out Cedia which is an excellent value. If you can shell out more money, Civic is your ultimate option.
  13. Too much sugar is not good for the teeth, watch out for the eye candys, won't be good for the eye for sure.
  14. Original 800 with dual barrel Mikuni developed 39bhp, 0.5bhp shy of my RD350 of same vintage. In 3rd gear, 90kmph was easily achievable.
  15. Hype........hype...........more hype, VW hype.......eastern European VW hype. German cars are tough hype, so many hypes so they have the gall to charge Rs.9.05L for Elagance. Don't worry, they will find buyers, meanwhile I will buy a City, Cedia or Civic or Corolla or Emberra or Sonata. Some of us need some substance and quality to justify spending our hard earned money. I would also spend less and buy the Jazz or the Verna or have loads of fun with Getz CRDi. The money I will save, I will invest in some nice alloys and Yokohama rubbers and have fun.
  16. Fisichella, Ralf is just riding the coatails of his truly talented and genius of brother. He has truly no drive left and couldn't do anything with the moderately powerful Toyota.
  17. Please don't apologize, I am being overtly pessimistic on the Nano but then my experience leads me to be so unfortunately.
  18. Who is shoving it down? Its a counterpoint and its valid in a forum specially when one is being told not to criticize Tata. Have you seen the past record of Tata, do you really think a composite body rear engine car stands a chance in case of a collision? Btw, any NHSTA 5 star car including the sub compact Honda Jazz will do well in a collision. H3 Hummer only got 3 starts so a Jazz stands a better chance due to its design.
  19. Bajaj Lite also has Nissan to chip in and for powertrain, thats the best asset to have.
  20. Don't forget the relatively better ride although the Safari still has tendency to wallow.
  21. Do you really feel like running it over with your Scorpio or Innova or Safari?
  22. Would definitely aid in controlling India's population issue. ? you mean more people will die in road accidents? Exactly, rear engine, sloping front, perfect recipe for a surefire instant hopefully painless death for its occupants.