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  1. The SX4 and Swift built quality is fine, as good if not better than its Korean built counterparts.
  2. The so called Chevrolet service package may look enticing on books, but in its implementation, it differs vastly from state to state, some have positive and some negative, the GM dealer here in Chandigarh is a joke, to him, valve clearance is never needed in any Chevrolet vehicles and coolant and tranny fluid has magical 100,000Km life. Honda is no better, they are bigger crooks being the only one serving Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and Chandigarh, they fleece customers, replaced the a/c compressor on my friends city with an old one. Toyota here fares better than the rest, most of my friends are quite happy with their Qualis and Innova.
  3. Gurkha

    Ikon vs City

    sgiitk, Nicely written, Honda reliability is what made them tops in the highly competitive US market, even in Germany, I see many Germans praising and using them, they are repeat customers.
  4. Gurkha

    Ikon vs City

    All I want is Honda to launch its no holds barred Type R in limited number instead of the regular VTEC.
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    used skoda rs

    All the vehicles listed in the forum there have been regularly serviced by VW and they used their super expensive synthetic oil, thats another joke, why would a vehicle need specialized oil is beyond my comprehension, they are owned by enthusiasts with knowledge about cars, its not surprising as VW is also facing lawsuits and VWs overall rating at CR is quite low. The grievances posted there are genuine and backed up by documents in most cases, point is even if you do find a rare high mileage Skoda RS, the ego of the owner here in India would not let you get the right picture. He or she would never admit to having bought a lemon. As a ex VW Golf GTi16v owner, I know quite well the quality issues with the VW group, I was lucky and won the case against them where in six months time VW bought out the car from me and refunded me the amount I had paid during purchase. FuelRunGod2007-09-20 12:47:08
  6. Gurkha

    used skoda rs

    Are you sure? How many high mileage Skodas have you come across? Most of them are diesels which is slightly more durable than the turbo used in RS, the few high mileage turbos I see here and in Delhi are smoking and drinking oil. Even the Skoda mechanics admit to that. Dont think VW would use special materials for us Indians and give us better RS engine than their prime customers US of A.Gurkha2007-09-20 08:50:59
  7. Gurkha

    used skoda rs Go to the forum there and check what people have to say about the turbo engone used in the RS, if after reading all that you feel like buying a second hand Skoda RS, do so at your peril. BTW, Skoda is Passat, same platform, different grilles and trims.Gurkha2007-09-20 08:15:54
  8. I drove the Civic extensively, off all the cars in its class, it has the least roll, Hondas are low slung even by sedan car standards but that in turn gives you good handling during cornering. If you want stiff, try a Skoda.
  9. Hondas are higher priced in US as well, their ad line there would say a car that sells itself, they also retain the maximum value in used market in US, years ago when I bought my Accord V6, I asked the Honda dealer what extras or incentives would I get, with a smile he told me in that case I am better off going to the Toyota dealer opposite to his dealership and buy a Camry there, needless to say, I bought the Honda and have no regrets.
  10. They are well aware of it, it was a knee jerk reaction from Honda, typical of them, only two cars exhibited this condition.
  11. The SX-4 is very good car overall, engine and tranny award will go to City, suspension is better in SX-4 granted.
  12. Fully agree with your views, add villagers crossing in their bicycles through the cuts on highways, also riding mopeds wrong side or overloaded Marutas, Tractors and Tata ACE or bullock carts wrong side, dont forget the biggest bane of driving in cities, zig zagging two wheelers and cyclists, knock em down even if its no fault of yours and its surefire lynch, actually lynching is another topic that has to be started, I was recently asked a question by one of my friends in US who read about a horrific lynching of a driver by villagers while he was travelling in South India, a jaywalking villager got hit but didnt die, he got hurt though and the poor driver of the vehicle paid with his life.
  13. Yep, you guys are indeed lucky with Shell, no Shell in Chandigarh or for that matter Punjab, dont know about Delhi.
  14. Anything with bigger tire will go over bumps better, cars are designed for smooth roads, thats only present in fewer numbers than needed, the SUV is spacious, comfortable and you can go long distances with ease, a Vehicle like Innova is a far better option for an average Indian family travelling over the highways than say a Civic. Do agree on the parking issues inside cities, in that case, gimme a Maruti 800 anyday over anything else.
  15. Quality of disel will be indicated by your vehicle, rough idle, poor start, excessive smoke even when warmed up, poor accleration and finally, when you change your diesel filter, the tell tale sludge in it, thats the time for you to change your pump.
  16. And yet Tata and Mahindra manages to find customers in plenty and keeps selling their stuff, makes me wonder. I used to get complimentary BP oil from Tata dealer here in Delhi when my Safari would drink oil every week, even when I would tell them that I dont use BP and only use Delo or Delvac, they were prompt with service for me though, my rear differential crown went south in 6 months and they replaced it within a day or two. I had basically given up on all electrical woes as well as interior and exterior trim which just simply melted away in the Delhi summers.
  17. Depends from person to person, for an enthusiast, engine and tranny is everything.
  18. Value yes, car no, the engine still lacks the electric motor refinement of the Honda VTEC, of course between NHC and OHC, I would take the later in VTEC with the high revving short stroke engine.
  19. US doesnt get Prado, they get the very popular 4Runner which is quite a capable hardcore vehicle and available with diesel or V8 from Lexus. Prado is Asia, ME and Aus only and also some parts of Europe, what we get in India is the same as what others get in rest of the world, same goes for Innova, the same trim is available in Philippines, Thailand and elsewhere.
  20. Prado is not that hardcore, still its a chassis vehicle as compared to unibody Pajero, surprisingly, I have seen Prado do quite well in the dunes in ME.
  21. Went to buy a coconut farm near Monnar in TN, got sick and tired of factories creeping up all over HP so the move, drove 4000Km from HP to Pollachi TN, also hired a brand new Scorpio taxi to take my dogs and my wife, the vehicle followed us, we drove the Gurkha, Rajasthan even though searingly hot was a breeze to drive, the Scorpio wouldnt start next day after our halt at Ajmer, had to be taken to a dealer, heater wire had come off, also filter was leaking, Scorpio needed top up every day, Gurkha none, Gurkha was fully loaded to the hilt, all my precious electronics were in it. Udaipur was nice and curvy except for under powered overloaded trucks crawling and hogging the roads, Drive in Mumbai was through rain, not pleasant, trucks hogged both the lane, no discipline, wont let us pass through, lots of jams, stopped over at Thane, next day headed out for famous Mumbai-Pune expressway, on way Thane was nightmare, too many potholes, also confusing route, couple of blockades and typical *****ic police misguiding you, reaching the hills and via Pune equal nightmare, slow trucks blocking you uphill. Made it to the expressway, looked good even to a person who has been in US for 22 years of his life, however, there were facets of the drive not too good, buses and trucks hogging lanes, there were stray cattle and occasional villagers crossing over but with way less frequency, Gujarat-Vadodra was slightly better, stayed at Bellgaum, then Karnataka nightmare began, part of highways still under construction, no signs, suddenly you are facing a container truck in front with nowhere to go, without any intimidation, roads would become one way, night driving worse, whats worse everywhere but particularly in south was the cuts in highways, villagers would cross without looking leading to perilous conditions, guys on mopeds would come right at you from wrong side hogging the right lane and woe begone to anyone, especially a vehicle with north India number plate is to hit them even though due to no fault of the vehicle driver. Bangalore in rain was a nightmare, city is totally out of control, traffic and layout wise, no directions, took us an hour to get out and find Hosur road, asked a 3 wheeler guy and he quoted Rs.500 to take us to Hosur road which was only 2 blocks away, needless to say we refused and tried our luck. Bangalore-Coimbatore was ok except for narrow roads in certain stretches and not so flat either. Reached Pollachi on 5th day, had planned 4 days but Scorpio gave out and had to be fixed in Ajmer. In a month, the plantation plan fizzled away as I was stuck in the jaws of thieves, Pollachi and Coimbatore itself was quite an experience, beautiful place but hostile to North Indians and even my foreigner wife had to face the wraith for not speaking Tamil in Pollachi shops. Plantation plan fizzled out as I realized I was in hands of cheats, decided not to face any more hostility as one day my absentee landlord turned up and promptly declared North Indians out, in the meantime, I also got ill severely, was in coma for few days, that was it, decided to drive back, it was July and in the thick of monsoons, faced severe rains in Gujarat, due to dogs, none of the hotels in Ahmadabad would allow us even when offered double the rate, had to sleep in our cars next to a Punjabi Dhaba, Oye Chak De Phatte, Punjab to the rescue, headed out and on the Gujarat expressway, got caught in flash floods, Gurkha made it through but the Tavera taxi we had hired from Coimbatore didnt. We had to wait for the floods to recede, on the way back, got caught in severe fog in Mumbai Pune, tunnels are not well lighted, people panic and go faster in fog foolishly. Realized Bridgestone DD are no good in water, vehicle hydroplaned and spun three times and it was sheer providence that saved us. One of the reasons I only use Yokohama Geolandar on both my Jonga, Gurkha and Judo. Never thought I would say this, but the happiest moment for us was when we saw the sign Rajasthan in the highway, felt like home, never again would I venture out to south, thats a promise. All through the trip, I would like to thank Mr. Ambani personally for his Reliance Dhaba concept, we got clean bathroom, ladies can go there with dignity instead of embarrassing themselves on the side of the road. Food was OK till Mumbai and then its good for those who are used to south Indian fare but still, you got cold soda and juice as well as other refreshments, did put Reliance gas in some places but stuck to Turbojet whenever we passed in between cities. Came back and had replaced the oil in Gurkha, had the alignment checked and there was only slight adjustment needed after all the drive back and forth. There you have it, sorry if its too long. FuelRunGod2007-09-19 23:25:51
  22. TLC is for hard core who need a daily driver driving around severe off road conditions for bread and butter, in Aus, nickel mines which are among the harshest conditions around, TLC is used inside the mines as thats the only vehicles that are able to survive the conditions, those who buy the expensive Lexus which is actually a TLC with luxury trim would never take it off road.