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  1. Gopinath, the one near Race Course, one in Khan Mkt, Motorades and Bhasin in Patel Nagar to name a few are examples of honest pertol pumps in Delhi, I am sure there are more.
  2. But the Verna is any day a better car than the Fiesta, diesel or gas. There were initial complaints of Verna front axle coming off failures which Hyundai India did a pathetic job of ingnoring and hiding, hopefully all that is solved now.Gurkha2007-09-18 16:52:33
  3. With NGK plugs, proper tuning, Xtra Mile fuel and low friction Yokohama tires my friend gets 18hwy and 14cty.
  4. Well the company owned pumps here are more or less OK, dunno about their measurment but they do give premium and clean, my filters tell me the story, Xtra Premium makes for a smoother running engine if properly administered.
  5. Although Hyundai has come a long way in terms of reliability, they still have long way to go, the Hyundai engines are based on old Japanese design further tweaked by Hyundai in house, for instance, their 6 cyl as well as 4cy are from Mitsubishi, their diesels are Detroit Diesel engines, point is in all long term reliability tests done in US, Hyundai still doesnt do that well, but it does better than other Korean manufacturers and German manufacturers as well. It would be a long way before I would give precedence to Hyundai over a Honda or Toyota or Subaru or Mitsu or Nissan.
  6. Reliance is very good, clean, sadly no additives and my vehicle protests, I also suspect their Cetane rating is not up to the mark.
  7. The proof is in the video period, Dakkar is not in their agenda, Toyota and MB pursue higher events like F1.
  8. Never for for Fix Or Repair Daily or Found On Road Dead, thats what FORD is called lovingly in its country of origin US of A, the Ford detiorates in matter of months, more so than say a Hyundai or Daewoo, this includes crappy electricals and the engine as well.
  9. Final proof, Jeremy Clarkson tries to break a used and abused high mileage Toyota Hi Lux,one of the reasons its the favorite with the Talliban.
  10. Its not really true blue Indian, engine is derived from the Perkins which was modded by AVL, Hawthal Whiting UK did the overall design, the JEEP Station Wagon which it was originally based on was OK but nothing great.
  11. HP Turbojet gives me the best results.
  12. Honda City VTEC followed by Suzuki SX4.
  13. Dakkar is sand, its harsh in its own right, but then so are trails, and as I said, Pajero sold to public is a far cry from their Dakkar beast they run, so its more of an ad situation than substance. For substance its the G and TLC, and as you can see, last MB participated and won with G was in early 80s, same goes for TLC.
  14. Your book I am afraid is not the norm, what off roaders use is and in that, its TLC and G, thats all that matters.
  15. Pajero Evo is a far cry from their domestic Pajero, and trust me, Talliban can afford Discovery with ease, they just dont use them because of their unreliability, as for FJ cruiser, Toyota has no intentions of participating in Dakkar in full factory strength, when I see Pajero in the dunes of ME run by tour ops, or in Africa or Aus, then I will give my thumbs up to Pajero, currently its TLC and has been like that for a long while. Try and visit some good off road forums, you will see the darling of the crowd is still TLC or G Wagen.
  16. Princey, The reason is that Scorpio is a marketing gimmick using old Mahindra parts which were derived from good old Willys, even Lotus cant do miracle on them. Suspension is an art, take a look at the bottom of the Trax or better, the Gurkha and you will see that even in the 60s, the Germans got it right, even in severely damaged roads, you will never be lifted off the seats in it, the Torsion bar with dual wishbone, dual floating axle and full floating rear is still the hallmark of vehicles designed to do severe off roading, same goes for Jonga aka Nissan Patrol, it shares a very basic leaf spring design front and rear unlike the Traxs, it manages to do bad roads far better than Scorpio.
  17. One neednt go that far, just take a drive from Kolkatta to Darjeeling to find out the dismal state of roads in our country, thanks to the apathetic attitude of center toward north East and Bengal, its a veritable nightmare, make sure to take a Scorpio, it will remind you the meaning of why good suspension design in any vehicle is an art, just bolting a spring to a ancient chassis does not make for a good SUV.
  18. MB is looking to market G to others instead of hard core, G is now an expensive beast out of reach of the hardcore users and therefore MBs market now is Russian mafia as well as rap starts with enough cash, as I mentioned in my other posts, todays MB and its philosophy is a far cry from its glorious and proud past. As for Toyota, check the Australian, ME and African market, the focus is still on the old FJ with minor mods etc. As for LR, they can be in any avatar, they have no takers or respect amount those who make off roading their part of daily life, check any forums, any write ups on net, those who have used LR and TLC side by side give thumbs up to TLC, may I ask the reason for your bias against TLC, is it because its Japanese and LR is Brit, in that case, the Japanese product is far superior in my book to the Brit made junk, one of the reasons Ford and BMW wants to unload Rover and Jaguar to us.
  19. Afraid, compromises are huge, not minor, as you can see in CR ratings, they are rated below the Koreans in terms of reliability, MB today is a branding company more busy in wasting money and taking over failed companies like Chrysler rather than making quality cars as they did in past, no longer can a MB be considered hand me down vehicle, one which you handed down to your coming generations, MBs of current are quite unreliable and those who truly love MBs still continue driving the W123 tank as well as W124 with OM616 and 617 engines for diesel and M102 for gas, as for costs, consoder this, in 1983 the 300D cost around $32000 and the new C 220 goes for less, some serious cost cutting has been done by MB to keep it at that level.
  20. My vehicle thanks me with smoother idling, way less smoke and smooth running and acceleration when I use additive diesel, with regular like Reliance, it protests.
  21. Do you know what the true blue G Wagen users in forums call the so called prototype G? Gay Wagen, MB got scathing letters from existing G owners and users not to change a single aspect of the vehicle, only corrugated pressed sheet body can give strength like no other, if Gurkha or Judo goes soft, I aint buying any more and neither will those who are in line to buy it, if pulchritude is what you want in a off roader, there are many pretenders out there today, suggest one goes and gets them, leave the G and the Gurkha to those who buy it not for its looks, but its functionality uber alles. You are dead wrong about Land Cruiser, a Land Rover is junk, made of stamped aluminum and the Land Cruiser is a beast, its among the heaviest in the industry and will pulverize the aluminum bodied LR, all over the bush country of Australia, Africa and ME, Land Cruiser rules, ask the tour operators, UN and farmers why, better yet, ask the Talliban, they will give you a better explanation why they prefer Toyota Hi Lux and Land Cruisers over all, watch Jeremy Clarkson abuse a 170,000km 13 year old Toyota Hi Lux by soaking it in sea, dropping it from buildings and it still survived. I regularly do severe off roading and I have the greatest respect for Land Cruisers, the powerband and tranny is simply amazing, where LR and RR will spin, TLC will climb with ease. Gurkha2007-09-17 16:20:17
  22. Having driven virtually all over India back to back, I would take a genuine SUV designed for genuine off road capability over a car anyday, Indian highways still have a long way to go before they are ready for high performance cars. So I guess I will stick to my rank ugly Gurkha, Judo and Jonga Gurkha2007-09-17 13:50:15
  23. This is what makes Toyota and Honda rule as compared to others, few cars get problems and they do a total recall making sure no one suffers, MB used to be good in this department once but now they have faltered, go ahead and buy the Civic, its far better than Skoda in every sense.