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  1. Good point but I will take the Safari over Scorpio for comfort, every small speed breaker or bump is a trial on the Scorpio, if you are on the back seat, prepare to take off.
  2. Yep, so is the Gurkha and Judo, they are hideous and so is $80,000 G Wagen, all hideous but they have the toughest body of all SUVs and can go where no other SUV except maybe the great Toyota Land Cruiser can but that too to an extent.
  3. The point is Pajero wont need spares like Scorpio unless you get into an accident, your cousin is lucky, other Scorpio owners arent the engine is history by 70k and thats not a one off case, you cant compare the Endeavour to the Pajero, the Endeavour is a non performer off road compared to the Pajero, its not about power here, its about design and implementation, the Ranger chassis which the Endeavour is based on shows its limitation off road and we had quite a few opportunities to test it. 700km is peanuts, try 4000km in 4 days without a oil top up, now thats what my criteria for a performer, for bad roads, even the Bolero outperforms Scorpio, ask any taxi driver, recently one auto magazine in India recommended taking the Innova over Scorpio if facing bad roads.
  4. The best value in the India market today is the older Pajero with the chassis, at Rs.19L, it cant be beat when it comes to value and is better than its newer unibody Montero cousin, at a recent off road meet, it was the only vehicle that could keep up with my Gurkha and only on certain climbs did it falter a bit but then Gurkha has way more clearance and diff locks front and rear. Dont even get me started on Scorpio, few of my relatives have it, recently did a trip from Kolkatta to Siliguri in a 1 and 1/2 year old Scorpio with 22K on clock, the front tires were gone in the inner groove area, the engine drinks oil, all deemed normal by the dealer, its well maintained and never taken off road, only driven inside Kolkatta within city limits and the a/c is never used, on our trip to Siliguri, roads were horrid, its a miracle the short travel suspension didnt break itself or my back, on way back check engine light came on, when taken to dealer it was discovered that the fuel heater relay and solenoid relay had gone bad, they also had to add shims to the front, the control arms are pressed mild steel job on Scorpio, not stamped or forged steel, not good at as evidenced by the tires.
  5. Saddest news, he put Subaru on map, after Walter Rohrl, this was one incredible rally driver.
  6. I fully agree, but then there are off roaders which are capable of surviving bad road abuse and then there are pretender mall cruiser SUVs, the later is more the norm than the former.
  7. If you are looking for off road, the 2WD Cruiser has high ground clearance, specially if you bolt on 16" wheels, then it gets Gurkha and Judos clearance, you can do moderate off roading with it, nothing serious, in that case only Gurkha and Judo will suffice.
  8. Gurkha

    Our Festivals

    Not only in Bombay, this epidemic is all over India for that matter except in the North East.
  9. Gurkha

    Our Festivals

    So if one is ill, or is tired after a long day of work, its at their own peril, tell me honestly what Gods or Goddessess would be pleased with this kind of selfish, irresponsible behavior, everything we Indians do, its at others expense.
  10. Gurkha

    Our Festivals

    Yep, fully agreed with all night loudspeakers, as well as DJ music in marriages and functions, its always a selfish way, at the cost of others and with impunity at that, dont forget, wedding guests in your neighborhood will park their cars blocking and occupying your driveway.
  11. The Judo is a legitimate 10 seater, you dont need to modify the suspension, its as good as it gets, just needs good tires from the OEM ones supplied.
  12. I have had bikes from 750cc onward to 1100 but this one gave me the best fun ever, indeed, all hail.
  13. For touring I would take the Accord V6, plenty of power and smooth ride, if I need diesel, would go for MB C-220.
  14. FRG, After the review of all the pros, there should be no doubts left, but to ultimately disel all the doubts, best thing to do is to buy it and go offroading.
  15. If you find a petrol pump which makes your vehicle smoother, stick to it, it means that the fuel there is least adulterated.
  16. For off road version its Gurkha or Judo, not Cruiser.
  17. With the highest clearance of any off road vehicle in its class, independent front and floating rear and a rear diff which is rated at industry high of 3.75t, longest travel suspension, super flexy tubular chassis, exceptionally durable front suspension, ZF and Puch power train, diff locks on front and rear, yes it is and is probably the best value on earth for that. The original OM616 turbo was a better version than the current DI engine one but still doesnt take away the fact that its the best performing vehicle on or off road, has the best ride. In the late 80s when it was launched in Germany, German 4x4 mag tested it and declared it to be among the most competent and strongest off roaders around, of course in India it only got its notoriety with the Car mag report but then, never too late, quite a lot of Judo and Gurkha ply on German roads, while on my visit to Germany, saw a few of them, mostly with hard core off roaders and farmers as well as government ambulance vehicles, I was told that there are some plying in France and Italy as well and other parts of Eastern Europe where they have been favored for their low cost and utility aspect.
  18. And when you hit them, you are basically lynched.
  19. A nightmare, one of the biggest nuisances on road, in Kolkatta, they stand right in the middle of the exit roads.
  20. As an ex- Safari owner, I would just say, good luck, hope Tata have had enough time to experiment on their paid customers to improve the vehicle.
  21. Torque converter is old tech, first auto trannies from B&W used turbo hydramatic tech which is basically torque converter, CVT is far superior to torque converter as you get the almost perfect ratio and comparatively less slippage than torque converter based trannies, bear in mind, economy is less as compared to manual, also the longevity is questionable considering autos from Honda, Mercedes Benz and Toyota manage to last 80,000 miles on average in US, I wonder what will be the fate of a Runnot( Renault ) based tranny in India.
  22. Gurkha

    Ikon vs City

    City by miles, Ikon disintegrates in two years, the engine is no way nearer to the class of City.
  23. ABS equiped vehicles dont need modulation.
  24. The Ford powertrain is not in the same league as the Montero, neither is the performance, reliability or off road ability, I have driven both on and off road extensively.