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  1. The tests prove and show constructively that more dust is ingested with K&N as compared to stock paper and felt filters, now in my book, dust contains silica which acts as emery, and emery as well all know is abrasion, the very pistons and ports used in the engines are polished and cut with emery.
  2. No no, I forgot the implications of the word jazz as a musical genre, silly me. I was referring to jazz as a word used to describe something nonsensical. Its just a word I use to describe stuff. Actually, I quite enjoy jazz music!<div style=": ; width: 28px; height: 28px; : 1000; display: none;"> Glad to hear it
  3. City VTEC, preferably the older one with short stroke engine.
  4. Anyone seen the HiLux torture test done by BBC Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson.
  5. When it comes to cutting corners no one can beat Tata or the US manufacturers, absolutely no scruples period, had Ralph Nader not exposed the gruesome truth about US cars, people would be still driving the junks.
  6. Stick to Activa, proven tech, Honda reliability.
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    Tyre Guide

    Yep, not unless you wish to jeopardize your life, your familys and the other persons as well, not worth it over a piece of rubber which will be much cheaper than getting into a crash. What kills me is when I see expensive MB, Accords, Camrys with bald tires.
  8. Actually its an issue with the CRDI pump, new engines being no exception.
  9. CRDI engines wear down at 100,000KM, the smoke issue is generally a pump issue, a certain washer wears down inside the pump leading to smoke.
  10. G Wagen at Seven Sisters, nothing like it except for the TLC and Gurkha to an extent. FuelRunGod2007-08-26 10:31:01
  11. Gurkha

    Tyre Guide I thought this was interesting for those who run tires down the the tread limits: Stopping a Car Even though the speed to begin braking the 3,400-pound BMW sedan was 20 mph higher than the 50-0 mph braking tests we conduct at The Tire Rack, the braking forces developed by the new tires felt reminiscent of full tread depth tires weve experienced on our home track. The car pitched forward as the brakes were applied, quickly took a set and slowed the car with authority. After repeated runs we learned that the average stopping distance for the new tires from 70 mph was 195.2-feet in 3.7-seconds. Testing tires with the 2/32-inch minimum legal tread depth taught us the probable origin of the drivers accident report statement, "I hit the brakes hard, but nothing happened." There was a perceptible delay while waiting for the braking forces to grow after initiating the stop. Looking at the graphs recorded by the DriftBox confirmed this discomforting situation when we realized we were still traveling at about 55 mph on the tires with 2/32-inch of remaining tread depth when we reached the same distance it took the new tires to bring the BMW to a complete stop! This time the repeated runs taught us that the average stopping distance for the still legal 2/32-inch deep treaded tires from 70 mph had almost doubled to 378.8-feet and took 5.9 agonizing seconds to accomplish. We had the same car and the same brakes, but the tires with minimum legal tread depths werent able to generate enough traction on the wet road to bring us to a quicker stop. FuelRunGod2007-08-26 10:32:48
  12. How many miles on the Swift? Mumbai is way less dustier than North, in WOT conditions in racing, damage is far more.
  13. Yes, early wear due to super high pressure system in CRDI, also engine wear experienced in other CRDI engines due to top end and ring land design.
  14. Yep, but my friend insisted on using premium fuel and threatned to take Toyota to court as well as involve the oil companies, guess what, they changed his entire engine with the pump, now even with premium, no more smoke, I smell a rat with all these companies for sure.
  15. Add an amp, part of your distortion will go away, add a powered Pioneer tube sub, divert all the bass to it from your main speakers and you will have a much clearer sounding system than the current one.
  16. ? And also the most rattle-prone of the three. ? FRG Time will tell on the SX-4s rattle worthiness, maybe now with Suzuki at the helm, at least their top range cars would benefit from better welding techniques, I have driven old Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro/Viatara in US and none of them have the dreaded rattling problems of the Indian made Maruti/Suzuki models.
  17. If you need genuine improvements, then fresh air induction with a bigger air box, port polishing and dyno tuned exhaust will do you far more than K&N, in this case its genuine HP, the amount of air an engine takes depends on the design, not the air filter as shown by the tests.
  18. If you go to Subaru as well as TRD forums, you will see K&N mention is banned, also extensive end user reports at BITOG forums at
  19. Please dont use it, F1 teams dont, neither does NASCAR or for that matter any legitimate race teams, they let in more dirt, there have been many tests to show that fact as well. Take a look at this K&N will also ruin your MAP sensor and will void your warrranty as well. FuelRunGod2007-08-24 19:17:57
  20. The new Grand Vitara unlike its hardcore previous version is monocoque construction and geared more toward the mall cruiser crowd as is the Civic chassis based CRV, between the two gasser engine, my choice would be Honda, cant do what my Gurkha does off road anyways with either so will prefer the silky smooth Honda engine for on road driving.
  21. I do, both on Gurkha and Jonga, use it in crowded places only.
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    Problem is go to and see how long that RS will last. I would take the far more reliable Accord 4 cylinder and hop it up that go for junk from VW. FuelRunGod2007-08-23 11:01:49
  23. I fully agree its a veritable nuisance but on big SUVs with idiots on the road jaywalking all the time, its also a required necessity.