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  1. Yamaha is well up to speed as recent tests prove it, so is Honda, biggest hurdle with both of them is Michelin, Bibendum blob is holding em down big time.
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    OHC VTEC and Accord V6.
  3. LOL! then you havent taken a 130mph power slide corner in a sports bike, no car even the rally ones can give one an adrenalin rush as bike would, if you have seen the famous Laguna Seca corkscrew, try taking that with a car and then a bike, the bike is instant white knuckle thrill as compared to the car which is too sanitized.
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    One lakh car Very well written POV, point to ponder indeed. FuelRunGod2007-08-22 11:53:56
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    One lakh car

    I am shivering at the thought of the traffic hazzard this will cause on our already dangerous highways, now with two wheelers driven irresponsibly, this will become an added menace.
  6. Rs.280000 is all I would pay for it, have you checked for accidents, front end damage, rusting etc. Make sure to put it up a ramp and give it a thorough look.
  7. Broken down trucks and vehicles are left right in the middle of the road without any warning, scary to come across them especially during night driving with poor street lights and vehicle lighting as well. Also hill driving is a joke, having lived in Himachal, I know it quite well, most would overtake on blind corners assuming the front vehicle is too slow and that means I have the right to overtake it, really bad when you are climbing up and see a vehicle overtaking and occupying your lane and you have virtually nowhere left to go.
  8. Jaywalking is a postively scary experience for the driver, combined with lynch mob mentality prevailing all over here, its mentally straining to drive around for sure.
  9. I am unable to figure out the reason for smoking with additive diesel, I had talks with the Indianoil and HP officials, R&D guys and they tell me that its standard stuff used in US thats being used here, Techroline for instance, so somewhere, either the manufacturer of these vehicles are screwing up big time here or there is oil company to be blamed for. When I was told by Toyota not to use additive fuel in my vehicle, I told them to give it to me in writing on a Toyota letterhead, guess what, they backed off, Indianoil and HP would bring class action lawsuit against them and anyone telling not to use additive diesel, last I heard even Ford and Skoda are recommending against it, funny thing is my 74 technology OM616 turbo loves additive diesel or it protests with low end clatter.
  10. What was positively scary specially in Karnataka was that suddenly the traffic from a two way situation would become one way and one would be staring right at a huge loaded truck in front of you, happened too many times for my comfort, also without any notice, they would close a stretch of land forcing one to go the wrong way, no fun in driving at all.
  11. One thing that my trip to Pollachi TN from Parwanoo HP convinced me regarding Indian highways and traffic in general, its a long way to go and kind of impossible as villages, myriads of them line up our highways everywhere making it impossible and very risky to drive at a proper highway speed.
  12. I would agree to you to an extent when it comes to present crop of Maruti cars, but I can show you the original Japanese Suzuli 800 and Gypsies still running strong even after all these years, also take a look around and you will see ancient Isuzu Gemini, Aska, Nissan Sunny, Datsun Bluebird, Toyota Cressida, all over 30 years old running around the capital and elsewhere, it was a rumor spread by non Japanese car manufacturers, particularly the US ones when their behinds were getting whupped on sales in US. As I said, take an equal vintage Lexus and MB, both with proper maintanence and you will see that the Lexus will win in terms of quality.
  13. Yep, on my way down south it was quite bad on the expressway, not only that but slow ill maintained buses as well, I also saw cattle grazing on certain stretches and they need to improve the tunnel lighting specially at the entrance and exit points, you just go blind right away.
  14. I fully agree and its the scariest aspect of driving in the dark anywhere but more so in India where cyclists, pedestrains and genrally poor street lighting combined with sudden speed breakers and potholes make life miserable, on top of that you have idiotic laws like in Chandigarh where you are not allowed to use auxillary light even on foggy days of winter, the headlights that come with vehicles are pathetic to start with and if not compensated, they lead to nightmarish driving.
  15. Just wanted to add that the 300D TD has around 186000 miles, way less than the Accord and if you are talking about Palio, the engine comes apart by 60,000 miles tops, most of my friends Palios here have started rattling, lots of nagging electrical problems, gearbox problems, OTOH, there is a Zen which has done 200,000km+ as well as a Esteem with 274000km, both are still running. If you look at Consumer Reports rating on long term durability, you will invariably majority of Japanese brands on top, drive a Land Cruiser and tell me it doesnt feel like a tank, same with Lexus LS400, Top Gear did a good test, they bought equal mileage and vintage second hand Lexus LS400 and a S class Mercedes, guess what, the MB had way more rattles and trim failures than the Lexus, need some more reassurance on so called German quality, check out as well as and check out how good the Skoda/VW Passat engine is rated, apart from CRs low rating.
  16. I can show you myriads of registered Toyota, Honda and Subaru on road in US, I can show you Toyota Land Cruisers and Nissan Patrol regularly being run in the hard and rocky bush country in Australia for the last 30 years and still going strong, its just a myth, I owned both German and Japanese, my Accord today has 525000 miles on clock and still going strong, sure it has few rattles here and there but so does my W123 300D TD.
  17. I have Pioneer double DIN unit, still have oldies in cassettes that I listen to regularly.
  18. When I made the transition to buy Japanese after years of keeping US and German cars, my first test drive in the showroom turned to a joke, I pressed the clutch and thought it was dead, turns out I was used to the heavy feel of my German and US made cars and it was quite a hoot. Lexus, Infinity, Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol all feel far more solid than their over priced German counterparts and outlast them as well.
  19. Honda and Toyota for me, nothing else.
  20. FRG is right, unless your choice is Hindi and that too present Bollywood fare, radio in India has a long way to go, actually earlier they would have classical western as well as pop channels, now all they pass of as western music is teeny bopper drug induced junk being passed off as music today.
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    fav car chase

    Original Italian Job was fantastic, so was Steve McQueen in Bullit and the ultimate race movie was McQueen in LeMans where in actuality he raced a Team Porshce 917KKK and his team finished third, not bad for an actor eh!
  22. There is no tinny feel in Japanese cars, thats a perception, years back when I took my Mercedes to the body shop for repairs in NY, I asked the tech there if MB used special sheet metal, he laughed and took out his verniers and then measured my sheet against an Cressida there, guess what, both measured the same, if you call Land Cruiser tinny, guess what, Hummer is plastic then.
  23. Alto sucks, unlike the 800 5 speed, try and climb the hills with a fully loaded Alto, it barely crawls, a/c is out of question, Alto needs lightening up with use of composites, the hood and doors can benefit from fiber glass construction, Alto is also not good in the fuel economy category, many owners I know personally are suffering, comapred to that, the now discontinued 800 12 valve 5 speed pocket rocket was a fantastic deal, real peppy and returned good economy as well, maybe the shape was dated, the heart was quite young and exciting, same powertrain in the porky Alto and things change so drastically.
  24. Wanted to add, I get the best results with Turbojet, if your vehicle is smoking excessively with additive diesel, have your pump checked if under warranty.
  25. I use additive fuel, keeps my injectors and pump clean and makes my engine quieter and more responsive, out here in India, Cetane rating is not uniform across the country and batches of fuel, also there is lots of dirt and contaminants, the little bit extra you pay for your additive diesel keeps your vehicle happy in the longer run, even though I use addtive diesel, I also add Elf CDMA additive to clean out my combustion chamber every 10,000km. Both my engines are Euro-I and yet during pollution tests they come close to Euro-II engines in CO readings, also winter or summer, even when parked for extended time, I have no starting or smoking issues whatsoever, both my engines have run for over 1 lakh KM.