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  1. Not surprisng, fancy and luxury cars aside, Maruti is the bread and butter vehcile for India which has now put families on safety of 4 wheels from the highly unsafe 2 wheels.
  2. Awesome pics, thanks mndvishnu. I will sell my soul to the devil for the black one.Gurkha2008-01-07 06:40:31
  3. The Type R is a different CIVIC than the one sold here in India, totally different suspension setup.
  4. Lets see how it competes with the Jazz.
  5. Will post soon, Civic Type R seating is for race, designed to hold you during high G corners.
  6. I want one.............willing to sell myself for it or sell my soul to the devil as well.
  7. The ashless synthetic 2T like Castrol JetX is perfectly fine to use in a 1% mixture with petrol, this way the plugs don't foul and neither does carbon build up on the head and your valve seats stay intact.
  8. Jazz is the only car in its range to meet NHSTA 5 stars, something that even big SUVs fail sometimes, has five airbags and HONDA quality, pity its not in diesel but I still expect the sales to be higher than Skoda Fabia.
  9. LOL! and *******s are born every minute here, they will shell out for East European hype when Swift and Getz offer far better value and the Jazz will trounce them all.
  10. Gurkha


    Your Santro economy is fine for an auto, if you can put the Mobil-1 ATF in it, you will extend the life and get a bit better economy.
  11. And do test drive the petrol Innova.
  12. Gurkha


    The trick with auto trannies is to keep the torque converter in good shape and the bands tight. After every 50,000km, its a good idea to get the bands tightened. To reduce operating temps inside the tranny during summer and reduce torque converter slippage, its best to spend money and use synthetic ATF like Mobil-1 ATF.Gurkha2008-01-06 04:16:45
  13. Most *****ic idea ever to be put across, are they on drugs when they propose this kind of stupidity. Considering the number of out of staters from Haryana and UP coming in to Delhi every day for business or work, the sheer impact of screening each and every one of them is just preposterous even for a rich nation like US with all its resources, forget about India. Wait till Haryana, Punjab and UP retaliates.
  14. Qualis has a much better ride even though it also has the same leaf spring suspension in back and smaller tires than Tavera or Sumo. Thats Toyota expertise for you.
  15. The 1L four cylinder was turbocharged and sold in US, it was decked up with spoilers etc and was quite quick due to the excellent power to weight ratio. The same principle can be applied to 800 but then serious mods will be needed for the chassis. If marketed, it might put a serious dent on the Swift as well.
  16. Considering the myriads of engine failures on DP as well as Scorpio and around the same with Safari, I would consider both even. Of course the Indigo is another story, its far less reliable than anything else out there. Are you aware of timing chain break issue in Scorpio engine, or the fact that the diesel heater breaks often and so does the ECU, or the dreaded failure of the elecronic 4WD switch which I have seen few of my friends suffer during our 4WD outings. Also the front wheel drive coupling on 4WD comes loose during heavy duty off road outings on Scorpio. Its a common complaint yet to be addressed by Mahindra. Also the inner tire wear on frotn tires is a common complaint which Mahindra dealers tell you its normal. So along with Safari's complaints, Mahindra has a long way to go. Also the sad fact is that compalints are not addressed promptly nor are recalls, in case of Toyota, what makes it good is their almost paranoid recalls. For a small thing like surface rust, or loose ignition tubler, they will do mass recalls. Not the case with Safari or Scorpio. You have to prod customer service and dealers to get any answers. The Scorpio CRDe has oil consumption issues....almost one liter of oil every 1500km which is high but the company tells you its all normal. So both have long way to go.
  17. Thanks, the W123 300TD was the last of the Panzer Tankwagen MB made with engine and rest of the vehicle made to last forever. Its also the last MB to really look like a MB with its distinct image.
  18. Mahindra is not anything better than Tata, don't deceive yourself. Did you see how poorly it was finished inside the test Scorpio. Most of the Scorpio plastics break in few months of ownership so why single out Tata. I find both have same inferior quality workmanship and quality control and poor materials. Going by Bajaj's resale value over Honda, its a clear indicator of Bajaj's poor workmanship.
  19. Actually the Malaysians have a lead over us, the Chinese as well so again, catching up to do.
  20. Step by step, Japan is quite far up the ladder as of today, lets start with China, Malaysia, Korea, Europe and then Japan. Long way to go as I see. Quite possible to achieve but it will need serious attitude and work ethic change. If you read the Mahindra Scorpio report, there is glaring example of oversight and poor pathetic quality control, Mahindra is not alone in this, quite common in Tata as well. Even though the Japanese fare much better in India due to their policies, our brand new Innova was delivered without a passenger side seat belt. Typical poor quality control jobs. Problem in India is lack of conscience and responsibility from top to bottom and the sense of pride in workmanship. No one will be held responsible for a glaring ommision like this. Years back the bullet train got late by 15 minutes due to a station master's fault. That station master commited suicide in shame. Thats what makes the Japanese special.Gurkha2008-01-05 15:29:35
  21. Agreed on that, one of the reasons I kept my lowered Accord back in US and bought high ground clearance MB instead. But in that case, Indian roads are perilious even for ordinary sedans being sold here. Most truck drivers leave back bricks on the road when they stop and fix their vehciles, those bricks do enough damage to the chin spoilers as well as the sump in some cases.
  22. Mera Bharat Mahan indeed..........not for Mahindra or Tata, many other factors.
  23. Quote......... i am proud of mahindra, let it make india proud..... till now, only indians are expected to praise or go GAGA over japanese companies, we have to show them, even our products are worthy. End Quote........ Saare Jahan Se Acha........Japan Jai Bhar Mein. Gurkha2008-01-05 15:16:29
  24. Keep your fingers crossed and bombard SIEL, maybe they will rethink but they are wary of the typical economy conscious Indian public not realizing the pedigree of the Civic Type R.Gurkha2008-01-05 15:10:00
  25. Tourist taxi owners here in Punjab only buy Innova, so does the ones in Delhi now.