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  1. Even the poor in Australia claim to be better off by a used second hand HiLux and not a new Mahindra, read the comments. Of course its not about HiLux, the mention was to highlight the torque requirments needed by haulers, if you have ever ran a farm or hauled load, you would understand that need.
  2. In today's world, its all about monthly payments and even though 2.5L is more amount, you get way more vehicle than Tavera in every sense. Every taxi owner here are buying the far more reliable Innova shelling out the extra money for peace of mind, to them they would rather have a vehicle which gives them lakhs of trouble free service than one where they have to spend time shop which leads to loss for them. I will repeat, Tavera is certainly a better option than Sumo but then if the extra 2.5L can be squeezed out which by the looks many are doing so, Innova is a better buy. By the way, for a certain person in this forum, its all about Scorpio, if Scorpio is not praised and considered superior to a world class Japanese product, then its just not right for him. Gurkha2008-01-05 15:03:48
  3. Check the comments below the article and you will get a fair idea of what Australians really think of the Scorpio. Btw. the Toyota Hi Lux makes 363Nm of torque at a lower 1400rpm to 3600rpm giving it much superior hauling power specially when its loaded.
  4. 247Nm is not adequate to haul loads, not to the standards expected in US or Aus where most diesel load haulers are pulling least 300+
  5. Considering cutoff point of BHP is around 170bhp aggregate, 120bhp is low for purposes of hauling etc.
  6. The CTR gearbox shifts much like Honda's MT gearboxes, which means one of the best feeling manual shifters in the world except that while Honda's manual transmission always had that strange feeling of a slight 'notchiness' when getting into the next gear (after the synchros have engaged), the gearbox on this FD2 CTR was super smooth, no hint of any notchiness at all. The engine felt very torquey, even in low-revs, which was surprising because I had expected the huge 18" wheels to suck away any low-end torque. But the engine was willing to rev and the car willing to go, even in the higher gears at low-ish speeds. At the first corner, I tried twice (though unsuccessfully) to experiment and test the engine's lower rpm grunt by going in at 3rd gear but as I did not inform Rubens beforehand, he kept instructing me to change down to 2nd. So to avoid getting into a tedious explanation, I followed his instructions both times, meaning I never did get to try out the 1st corner in 3rd. Nevertheless, from the little time I tried with 3rd, the CTR actually felt perfectly capable of negotiating the 1st corner in 3rd with plenty of grunt to exit into the 2nd corner, eventhough 2nd would have been ultimately faster.
  7. If you want an Innova this is the best time for bargain, if you want the latest, expect to wait till middle of next year.
  8. Since I also have a petrol Jonga, I keep my ancient inline 6 alive with 1% mix of synthetic 2 stroke oil. Actually old engines can take unleaded easily except for their soft valve seats. If that can be replaced with hardened seats, the problem is all but solved.
  9. will give you fun but won't provide you with comfort or passenger carrying ability of the Innova. May I suggest a about the Innova petrol, excellent performance from Camry's VVTi engine and the space as well.
  10. 120bhp is not rocking by Australia or US standards. They also need to provide reliability and longevity. Starting with an older Japanese engine would put them on the right track.
  11. Did you see how the interior disintegrated or how they found the vehicle Ugly in every sense or for that matter poorly finished. Japanese companies deserve praise, Indian companies have a lot to catch up. Some choice excerpts............ Now that we have that out of the way, let
  12. Now that we have that out of the way, let
  13. Donning sportier duds, a ritzier cabin, and a powertrain and chassis on par with those of the Camry, the all-new Accord edges ahead to take Round One of this epic battle. Still the number-one contender, the Camry will no doubt be back for Round Two, perhaps in hybrid form, when the rumored Accord diesel makes its debut. For now, though, the Accord reigns as the best of the best-the benchmark.
  14. Well, before idle speculation, lets trust Toyota to do the right thing, Innova is a global product and it has to cater to the needs of its entire global market, just not India.
  15. Meanwhile, Toyota ™ passed Ford for the full year for the first time in 2007, to become the No. 2 volume seller in the U.S. market. Toyota Motor, including its Toyota and Lexus divisions, had record U.S. sales of 2,620,825 vehicles in 2007, up 3.1%. Notice the march of the Japanese and thats definitely for a reason. Also notice that the Euro brands have absolutely no impact in US.
  16. Logan is cheaply built and its a Runnot, considering its international reputation and the value its offering in India, I am not surprised at the price cut.
  17. So do I...........take a look at my stables, apart from the Accord and the MB.
  18. Don't go for the petrol Skoda, lots of issues, check out and you will see plenty of problems with the petrol engine.
  19. Bear in mind these are all season Ultra high performance tires, Yokohama makes track ready summer version as well but then that would be perilious in rain. These two tires have the best balance, superb traction in wet or dry.
  20. rrsh this is a Mugen Civic Si, not kitted but sold by Mugen. Of course you can buy the kits but this one is a factory original and even the engine has been massaged by Mugen so that means in one word, FUN.
  21. Gurkha

    Scorpio Woes

    Please start another thread, don't divert the true nature of this thread, its about woes from a junk called Scorpio.Gurkha2008-01-04 14:50:40
  22. Gurkha

    Scorpio Woes

    Since there is no ailment, there can't be any cure and there is no cure for bias and hypochondria.
  23. Gurkha

    Scorpio Woes

    I am 6ft and so is my brother, I am also big shouldered, the Innova is among the most comfortable vehicles and the seating front and rear is just too good, its like sitting in a sofa. Scorpio OTOH is for masochists.
  24. Bridgestone is F-1 champ and makes very good tires but for passenger car tires as well as SUV tires, Yokohama is best if you are looking for high performance. The Bridgestones sold in India are striclty geared for average OEM duty.