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  1. Ask for the basic price of the CD player first. Ask if any speakers or accessories come free with it. He will show you the box.When you purchase a CD system you have to tell the dealer what whattage of tweeters and speakers you want. Then calculate the price of the music system and the additional accessories. Ask him to show them to you before fitting them in your car.You can watch while they fit it in. Do not take anything for granted. The dealer may be an honest guy but his mechanics may fit the wrong accessory so why take a risk ? The rate of the speakers varie based on the wattage. We felt 200 W was not loud enough and went for a 400 W. We also purchased 110 W tweeters instead of the 70 W which was offered. Some Sony players have a colour graphic screen. We opted for the normal screen. The price is less. Make sure the dealer shows you the various options and brands available before you decide. Ask about warrenty, service centers in India, dealers commitment to service or repair etc.
  2. We own a Maruti 800 and purchased a Sony Cd player with 400 W speakers- Xplod. Its really good and the sound is clear. We travell on very rough roads in rural Kerala and have hardly any complaints of track skipping when playing a CD though it does happen rarely. However when we switch off the A/c while playing a CD we have skipping of tracks. We find that if we switch off the music first then put off the A/c and thenafter a few minutes switch on the system again there is no problem. The weight of the speakers on our dikki hatch also cause it to come down and not remain in the opened position ( Can give you a suprise knock on your head or back if you are unaware). My elder brother has a Pioneer system in his Santro and he is not very happy with it. My wife and I are not tech savy. We asked around like you and spoke to friends who have installed CD players in their car before deciding. We purchased ours from the Maruti dealer though many advised us to purchase from the grey market saying its cheaper.
  3. We need a vehicle to transport us and some equipment on rough village roads and also on highways and are on the lookout for something like an SUV which can carry baggage and offer the people in the rear seat a comfortable journey. We travell an average of 3000 km every month .We cannot afford a Pajero or a Ford endeavour.But we are very confused because most of the vehicles in the market today seem to be unsteady. The RhinoRX has no service or sale centers in the south and though they advertize as the most ecconomical they are still more expencive that the Bolero. Does anyone own one ? Any idea how the vehicle is ? Milage ? The MUV seems more like an SUV to us. What is the diff ? Is the tempo Trax cruizer a good option ? I have a big seat (105 kg and 59 ) and found the seat of the Scorpio too cramped and the arm rest was digging into my side. We were also told that it is unstable when the brakes are applied.The Bolero seat was comfortable.I do the driving and do not hire a driver. Please offer your suggestions. FuelRunGod2007-09-24 11:27:51
  4. I live in a village in Kerala and am on the lookout for a good SUV/MUV. We considered the tempo Trax range from Force motors but were told by others that any damage to the body is difficult to repair at it is not made in a modular vasis like other vehicles. We were also told that the vehicle becomes uncomfortable to drive after a year of rough roads. How does the Tempo trax compare to a Bolero, Tavera, Rhino RX, Scorpio etc.???