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  1. Oh vibhor , i saw the news in a wesite abt R8, searched for threads here , somehow i missed it and posted again, Sorry for the mistake , B4 msg was from my brothers id , again a mistake
  2. I saw the news in a wesite abt R8, searched for threads here , somehow i missed that Vibhor had posted it before, Sorry for the mistake , b4 now I logged in my brothers ID
  3. The German car maker Audi will roll out its new sports model Audi R8 in India in November 2008. It will be priced at arround Rs. 1.17 crores. Audi already have a strong presence in the luxury sedan and SUV segment with its Audi Coupe TT, SUV Q7 and sedans A4, A6, A8 and is growing impressively even the industry is facing tough times from high interest rates and input costs "The R8 cost will be arround crore Rs 1.17 crore," said Martin Birkner, Vice-President Marketing Audi (India). He also stated that the company has already received 15 orders for its new model R8 and they will be delivered within december
  4. No Honda!!!!! amazed if its really missing here
  5. yes , cyrus. everyone has right to put the information but it sould not be copied as cut-copy-paste prototype. I have prepared article collecting informations from varios websites. but here the wordings are exact replica Lets copy from wellknown people or highworh individual , but i m a normal person as u or Mr. naveen
  6. Naveen !! U copy and paste so quickly !!! , I just posted 20 min back , See my thread on overdrive and please dont do this again
  7. Friends , Here are the some pictures of obtained from various websites. Renault is in talk with M&M for marketing of this beauty as per the sources.The engine line-up will include diesel units developing from 86 to 160 HP while the petrol range will comprise the 1.6-liter 110HP, as well as the 2.0-liter 140hp and the turbocharged TCe 180HP. The 2.0 16V. Is this the same engine spec coming India or lesser version , I dont know. Pls inform me friends
  8. Why mahindra is not utilising its marketing strength (it made unheard boxy logan a huge success) for giving any hot hatches or small cars from renault or any other partners?
  9. is sandero a hatch version of Logan?
  10. Friends , I got some snaps of face lifted and new avthars of while browsing the net , these are the snaps from various websites , It will be nice if Mahindra-Renault introduces them
  11. shodhan

    Indica Vista

    Yes , the performance is superb. But the waiting period is just because its new and supply is yet to settledown
  12. What logan needed was "old wine in new bottle" , but what they have done is "new wine in old bottle". Pls improve the aesthetics also so that common man also desire to buy otherwise a spectacular vehicle for this price
  13. shodhan

    Indica Vista

    may be ,Leave those incidence of puncture , the perfomance was absolute delight and good generous interior space comparable to sedans is also a good thing. But the TATA could have given a different name as the name "indica" gives a hangover of older taxi generation cars