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  1. I have booked Lxi. The delivery date is not sure yet' date=' probably by Jan 2nd week. [/quote'] is this because of waitlist!?....or they are starting from Jan only!?! I am not sure if it is hype or simply waitlisting. But there are similar lists for Swift diesel, swift desire also.. There are some colours available, but I choose to buy a grey colour only, hence the issue..
  2. I have booked Lxi. The delivery date is not sure yet, probably by Jan 2nd week.
  3. I have booked Lxi. The delivery date is not sure yet, probably by Jan 2nd week.
  4. Booked my first car.. Maruti A Star.. I am excited!! Specially after the negative reviews and the fact that I still liked the car..
  5. What difference will 3 cyl instead of 4 cyl make?
  6. I agree. Nano will be bought by those, who could only afford to buy a bike/scooter so on. That is a huge number.
  7. i think scoda also uses TDi in one its car?
  8. but isnt the same engine used in accent and indigo cs?
  9. Hi, People in various auto magazines have given excellent review of Indica Vista. However, all of them focus on the positives of the new quadrajet engine. I wish to know the difference between TDI and quadrajet and why is the latter better than the former.
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    LPG Santro

    Hi I checked the posts out. I couldnt get (rather I couldnt understand) whether buying LPG is good or not? What are the pros and cons.? Can you point me to exact post/article which discusses in details Tks
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    LPG Santro The new lpg santro is launched. It is on road around 4 lacs. Can somebody enlighten me on the pros and cons of LPG vehicle?
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    Hello All

    vibhor, i was referring to the space inside vista. ( it can comfortably sit 5 people) ..
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    Hello All

    small car? I thought VISTA is actually of a mid-size car, like esteem etc?
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    Hello All

    Thanks all. I am glad that people are there to help. I have boiled down my choice to 4 cars. 1. Alto 2. i10 3. Vista 4. UVA 1,2,4 are petrol and 3 diesel. My budget is max 5 L. However, I would want VFM. That is if a 3 lac car is more VFM, I will go for that. I also worry about environment etc..
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    Hello All

    Hi This is Pravesh, from New Delhi. I joined the forum as I want to buy a car in next 2/3 months. It seems this is the best place to discuss your ideas on the same. Pravesh