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  1. The Kawasaki Ninja 250 will cost more than twice the list price of the R15 when launched. Up to you to decide if the premium is worth it or not. But really, its a case of apples and oranges.
  2. This may be a minor detail for you, but ever thought of getting a legal license?
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    I swear, If I had a penny for every time i saw someone post those photoshopped pics of the "Pulsar 300 CC", I'd be buying the second set of rubbers for my R6 now.
  4. There is no vehicle in the world that has a pin-point accurate fuel gauge. Those things are meant to be an indicator. Nothing more. For better results, open the lid and shake the bike with both thighs...
  5. Hey soulie... Nice to see ya here... Rock on..!
  6. OT: but isnt the whole "City biker-stunter-tourer" and the red/ grayscale theme a total rip off from xBhp?
  7. 1) Audi. Coz I like sleepers. Theres nothing like kicking unsuspecting ass. 2) BMW. Two letters should suffice: M and 3. 3) Merc.. well.. l think about it when m 60 years old, have a paunch and sh!tload of cash in the bank...
  8. Well.. As mentioned earlier, You have my vote. But heres an alternative way to go about gathering "Net support". Create a blog on this, and explain the proposed plan in detail. Register the blog with "Motorcycle Bloggers international" (MBI) at and let all the fellow bloggers promote the blog for you. Trust me, it works. P.S. How come I dont see the ACI guys chipping in?
  9. Cant talk now. Too upset. Please read the following link: Good god....
  10. Payeng: Every marque out there has moles inside their competitors.. its a well known fact. Trust me, TVS doesnt have to wait till Auto expo to know whats cooking in the Bajaj kettle, and vice versa...
  11. Philip Island, eh? Now youv got me hooked! Two thumbs up from my side... Now can we have a Laguna Seca corkscrew in there too, please?
  12. World class as in.. F3 spec? or a full blown F1 spec track with all the supporting infrastructure around it..?
  13. Max: Agreed, concepts have a purpose to serve, and that is, showcase future trends in design and technology. But THESE TVS prototypes are what we call, "parts bin specials". They are nothing more than assorted elements sourced from the far east put together to form a (non-runner ?) prototype. It says nothing about the company as a bike maker. That being said, in all probabilities, TVS has shed this attitude. Expect them to put up an impressive display at Auto Expo 08.
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    Hey sadsack, great to see you here too. Man, this place sure is attracting the right kinda crowd! As a welcome gift, please accept THIS from me. Oh I know that youd most definitely approve....
  15. I dont know how or why people keep on diggin up this long dead piece of non-news ever few months or so... First of all, that "thing" was never called the Fiero F3. It was the Taurus concept, which TVS displayed at Auto Expo 04. A blatant rip off of the Sachs B 805, down to the paint schemes, this concept, like all the others TVS have displayed over the years, was to remain just that. A concept. The Fiero name is dead and buried. The Taurus concept has lost its novelty. TVS will surely bring the artillery for Auto expo 08. but it sure as hell wont include this thing.
  16. Holy shyte mate.. that was one close call... Agree with the topic of the thread. As echo (of Bourne Identity fame) says, sleep is a weapon. Use it. Little sleep > no sleep.
  17. Max, Hawk, doc, payeng: Thanxalot for the welcome mateys.. good ta see that i have so many homes away from home.. Zavo: Thanx mate... FRG: Well, not zeroed in on a profession yet. As of the mo m still a research grad. But if anyone wants to employ me, m game...
  18. I hope to god that Tatas 1 lakh car sells by truckloads (no pun W.R.T FRGs truck ) so that the assorted crappola on our roads: read autorickshaws, punybikes carrying entire families, Kinetic Hondas with LPG cylinders up front (not too long ago, an infamous auto journo used to do this with EVERY step thru, in an attempt to test their load bearing capacity... but I digress) are history. ..and no, before anyone starts complaining about the enormous traffic jams this is gonna cause, d rather have 10 Re 1 lakh cars (just give it a proper name, will ya? This is getting kinda tiresome) one after the other at an intersection than a motley bunch of Autorickshaws, punybikes, cycles, donkeys and martians wrestling for space like sardines in a can. Jesus H. Christ, there are too many of us...!
  19. Okie.. here we go: Thats a Yamaha R6. Thats something I call "The Trigon". Based on a P220 engine and dimensions. heres somethin : Ravi Darad of Bajaj Auto liked it.. ...and Thats something i call, "The SphiMX", for obvious reasons. More madness at:
  20. OK, lets do this one more time in doc-speak: ...Just like the Bullet standard 350 and the Yamdoot RD 350, if you may...
  21. P.P.S. Payeng: Dont expect an FI system in the CRF 230 anytime soon. Off roaders the world over still mostly rely on carbs and *gasp* 4 speed gearboxes. In fact, 08 model year marks the first time ever that Yamaha has put an FI system in ANY of their offroaders....
  22. Praful: The glamour FI, in the same exact shape and form, has been on sale in Thailand for quite a while now. Guess which company sells it.. That being said, of course, in theory, the system should be flexible enough to be adapted to various single cylinder engines in the portfolio. But the question is, would Honda WANT to do it? Especially if HMSI themselves are aiming for a shot at glory.. Who am I kidding? Theyll probably launch another punybike to counter the "fresh competition"... P.S. I left India shortly after the initial batch of UG IIIs were unveiled. I would say that there is no apparent difference in the quality of the bikes I saw there and the ones here.