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  1. The Jazz seems to fit the bill, especially given the price range you are looking at. Edit: Oh didnt read the SUV type requirements...If that really is a concern, fusion makes more sense. From personal experience, the SX4 handles bad roads very well. The problem is that its not built very well. My suggestion is to stretch the budget for a Xylo/Scorpio. thisisviraj2009-06-23 15:58:59
  2. I forgot to add in the 'Fun to drive' part The GP has been reported to have a fantastic ride and handling package. I found the i20's steering to be quite lifeless. Its great for tight city driving, but I doubt it'll inspire any confidence on the highway.
  3. GM's not going anywhere. They have filed for a controlled bankruptcy. Besides their investments for India are already in place. The new small car will be the all-new spark or 'Beat', not the U-VA.
  4. You could get an after-market upgrade too. Not sure how that will affect warranty though.
  5. I have test driven the i20 and closely checked out the GP(TD is on mon or tue). My observations: Maintenance: i20 should be easier on the pocket..i repeat 'should'. no one knows about the cost of GP spares. I guess time should tell. I found the build quality of the i20 to be very good. it feels solid. The GP is a mixed bag. The seat adjusters, fuel and boot levers felt quite flimsy. Very surprisingly, the doors do not shut with that palio-like thump. Fun to drive: The i20 is pretty decent in the city. The GP has been reported to have a more drivable engine. So, the GP should be better in this dept. Mileage: ACI has reported a lower mileage in the GP, as compared to the i20. The i20 seems to be the pick here. However, your individual style will dictate the final result. Space: Very frankly, having lived with the Getz for nearly 5 years, i felt that the i20 was no better. The GP is even worse!! I got comfy in the driver's seat and then checked the rear.Yikes! No space at the rear absolutely. I guess i could attribute that to my 6'4'' frame but then its much better in some other cars (except Swift). Headroom is bad too. I had to either poke my knees into the driver's seat or bang my head on the roof. the boot sizes are 295L and 280L for i20 and GP respectively. But the shape is better in the i20. The suspension intrudes into the space in the GP. I was really excited about the GP. But my visit to the showroom deflated me a bit. I was expecting more space and better quality. The rest is brilliant. My heart says GP, mind says i20
  6. About Roadworx, it is believed that the service centre has been set-up by some ex-Skoda guys alongwith the owners of the infamous Nummer-Eins. Nummer-Eins is now closed. after the spurious parts scandal. its on Team-BHP, in every detail.. I would certainly avoid it. Dont know anything about Bosch. thisisviraj2009-05-23 18:35:16
  7. Will do so as soon as i get my new digicam. There are these tiny little spots all over the bonnet and the roof.
  8. Actually those spots have been there for a while now. i was told that an expensive polishing job (at the A**) can solve it.But am wondering if theres an easier way to do it.
  9. Hey congrats on your purchase! Firstly, which city do you live in? Personally, 12-13 with AC in city limits is not bad at all. But that depends on the traffic conditions. Here in Mumbai, I would be ecstatic by that figure..And don't believe everything the dealers tell you. You would be surprised at their level of awareness/knowledge. No offence meant, but its the truth.
  10. Hey! Can anyone give me a DIY solution for removing tiny paint droplets from the body without damaging the original body paint?
  11. Nice to see the big guy letting his hair (and the top) down for a bit of evening fun..The last two photos show the car with the top up. I guess the cameras got to him.
  12. 250 kms/week = 1000 a month. So, its not a strong case for a diesel..and as you said, its not a compulsion. You are not happy with the expected 7 lakh price-tag of the Jazz? But you have mentioned your budget as 6-8 lakh. Please clarify. For your kind of running, breaking even with a diesel car will take a long time. thisisviraj2009-05-13 07:01:20
  13. I guess i saw this thread a little late. I would have suggested you to change the stock goodyears to Michelin XM1+s. I just did that after running my Getz GLS stock goodyears for 40000 Kms. Trust me, the road noise reduced significantly. The car has a better feel to it as well. Steering feels lighter (without feeling lifeless) and the car rides better. You can still do it. Think about it. thisisviraj2009-05-11 14:03:58