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  1. i just read the latest issue of Autobild and was SHOCKED by the swift vs i20 vs Fabia camparo.forget the final verdict. Just check out their test figures. by that i mean the 0-60, 0-100, the roll-on figures(30-80 etc) goes totally against what is being said abt the having trouble believing those figures
  2. Ill say this again....there are no rules for accidents...they happen when u r stationary, when you are moving..My old santro was hit by a tempo while i was parked on the road..He swerved to avoid a cyclist and crashed into the driver's door..its a diff story that the car was unoccupied..thankfully! as you can plainly see, there are no rules. and i dont mean any disrespect, but to say that being hit by a heavy-vehicle at high speeds will result in certain death is being cynical.. If thats the case, why wear seatbelts too..u r gonna die anyway.. If these safety features increase my chances of survival by even 20%, i am all for it.. the level of safety features in cars today is phenomenal..crumple zones and airbags are tested not just with passenger cars, but also SUVs, LCVs and trucks and from all possible angles, at all possible speeds.. They are there to minimise chances of death..It doesnt mean they are effective always..but if a few extra lives can be saved, that a good thing ,right? to conclude, ill put it this way.... in a car without airbags, even a slightly heavy impact with a heavy vehicle will injure you seriously, maybe even kill you.. with airbags, you atleast have a chance to walk away alive... Safety features are the last line of defense..ones right foot is the first..baaki sab bhagwan bharose!
  3. Yup! He is...obviously didnt work..
  4. I think i forgot to resize them..sorry mods...ill do it right the next time
  5. Oh damn! that didnt work..sorry, first timer..ill try again Maybe i am not using the right links or am not posting them correctly..lets see.... thisisviraj2009-01-08 19:10:53
  6. Snapped this black beauty on a trial run at Andheri, Mumbai.. I think this car may have been photographed before, but these pics were taken two days ago.. Check out the number-plate. Also, the logos for the model and engine specification at the back have been covered using black duct- tape..not sure if its visible in the pic Also, in one of the pics, the driver of the car spotted us and waved his hand at us to stop us from taking pics...Hah! like thats gonna work..But he did try to evade me by cutting lanes and speeding past us.
  7. JEEEESUS CHRIST! A high powered engine is not a prerequisite for airbags..where did this logic come from? For all you know, you could be stationary and a truck could hit you from the sides, the front or the back..Maybe then the importance of 6 airbags will be clear.. Instead of lauding Hyundai for giving these safety features, were raining down criticism on them.. As for the engine, Hyundai didnt really have a choice, did they? They could have given us a 1.4l engine, said ta-ta to the excise duty cuts, forced to price the car around 40-50k higher and have the i20 labelled as 'overpriced'..Had that been the case, they need not have launched the car in the first place.. Instead they had to give us the 1.2l engine which i agree is not ideal for the car.. In the end they had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.. I think for the kind of features it comes with, the superb overall quality, spacious interiors...4.8 lakhs is a fair price.. Theres no free lunch out there, nor is Hyundai on a charity drive..Features and good quality come at a cost..
  8. i guess am still here! I dont think the discussion was healthy...two people just got banned for it.. but jokes apart..a discussion can only be healthy when both sides agree to valid points.. i want the account to be deleted not coz am brooding or nethn..jeez!! thats the stuff 12 yr olds do..ive been in debates before, more serious ones.ive won some, ive lost some. I want it deleted coz this is gonna happen again in the future..and i cant keep this up..damn! i've written the same things so many times now, am tired.. as for maruti being better than hyundai..well yes..its got a wider a.s.s, sells more cars, makes more money..but it has lost my respect. ill tell you why.. I hope you agree that quality knows no geographical boundaries..whats given to other countries should be given to india..right? well, maruti hasnt done that.. try selling an indian suzuki car abroad..there will be an uproar.. if a company cannot ensure standard quality levels due to, say, not having enuf money to invest in better manufacturing technology/materials or if the company is new in the market, thats understandable.. but this excuse doesnt apply to maruti..theyve been here for 26 yrs!!! they are the biggest money-spinners in the indian car now they should have been dictating terms to others in terms of quality of cars... It is their sheer arrogance and unwillingness to do it..the management guys probably think that as long as people buy cars the way they are made, in their current form, why should we change anything? now you might ask as to why I am harping on about quality..there are other things involved in making a car successful.......true. ill tell u why? because its every company's moral responsibility to give its customers the best..when a company knows it can improve its products but chooses not to, it says a lot about the company, doesn't it? MSIL can reach their own european standards if they want to but they dont want to do it...period!! MSIL seems to have shied away from this moral responsibility for the sake of money. i agree it makes business sense, makes you profits. but it doesn't win hearts..atleast not mine. and i am sure i am not alone..the numbers will keep increasing to the point that maruti can't handle it and then we might see a change..but why wait? why not do it now and cover all bases and make your products the best in every department.. if not as a moral responsibility, then atleast as a goodwill gesture..afterall, indian consumers have made MSIL what it is today..we deserve it. dont we? to sum it up, i'll concede that quality is just one of the considerations in choosing a car..but it also reflects on the manufacturer's honesty and commitment towards its customers..if a company is capable of better quality, the customer deserves to have it. @cyrus...please delete my account before i get tempted into replying to any more comments..i have antagonized too many MSIL fans and ruffled enough feathers already..
  9. @cyrus43 I joined this forum becoz i have been an ACI reader ever since the magazine was introduced in the market...I wanted to be a member of a like minded group of people which evaluates cars not by popular opinion or sales figures but by what they have to offer and by how well they do the job they were set out to do. I can understand ordinary laymen getting swayed by 0-60 figures, claims of razor sharp handling, funky looks..But none of these aspects really matter out on the road..when was the last time any one of us did a smoking start from the signal, or chucked the car onto a crowded street to test the limits of the car's handling capabilities...yet we have always yearned for that punch from the engine while in 3rd gear doing 30-40 kph, that cushy comfortable ride while going over India's cratered streets, for that extra bit of space..But then, these aspects are so very boring to think about and are subsequently overshadowed..A mileage figure lower than the competitor's by 0.5 kpl is labelled as poor.when manufacturers do their bit to ensure global quality standards in their cars and as a result end up pricing their cars higher than others, why are they termed overpriced? I will make a direct reference to MSL..why is there such a massive gulf in overall build quality, fit and finish between cars made for india as against those made for europe and other regions..Dont we deserve the same? I have owned an SX4 for more than a i know what i am talking about..whenever i have raised this issue in the forum, i have been severely criticized... i expected this to be a group that enlightens the majority consumer base, largely un(mis?)informed, about seems to be the other way round here..ive seen too many people,friends, relatives make wrong choices about cars..they've ended up buying cars that have gone completely against their priorites and requirements...all coz of popular opinion.. ive seen a friend buy a popular c-segment hatch for his family of five(including grandparents) and then regretting it after 2 yrs... Ive seen my dad's collegue buy a popular petrol mid size car..he drives about 22000k a year and is now cribbing about fuel bills..all coz of the need to do what everyone else does.. I have also seen the use of words like "disaster", "useless" being attributed to cars that dont sell well enough..these arent the words of a car lover..its akin to kicking an old dog..I fail to see the fun in it or the reason for it. I realise you are the moderator of the argument is not with you at all..i just wanted to make myself heard, thats all.. I am assuming that you read just the last few posts in this thread, those by speed and harryccc and decided to ban them for a while..had you read the posts on the prev page, you would have noticed my involvement in this argument..I guess i am equally at fault. I have a simple request. I tried to find a way to delete my account on my own but couldnt do it..I would like you to do the needful..I no longer wish to be an active member
  10. I agree with DurangoDude, to some a price sensitive market like ours, hyundai has to be very careful...good cars have fallen to the wayside before..i really hope hyundai manages to do an i10 with the i20.. here's another way of looking at it. if the i20 does well, it might just tempt fiat and honda to speed up the launch of the punto and jazz..
  11. if u can spare the extra cash, the sportz is worth it... the music system is pretty decent as reported by ACI..
  12. what do you want from ur car?..i mean ur priorities... the spark is the newer, fresher kid on the comparison to the palio, it loses out on space and practicality, build quality.. as for the rest, it does most things better than the palio..better features and performance as well.. the spark has good discounts, and the 3yr maintenance plan is an added bonus. i am tilting towards the spark..
  13. when a car is deemed as a failure for all the wrong reasons, its difficult to digest...i can take -ve comments like lower FE and uninspiring handling..thats coz they are for the rest, no one seems to get the bigger picture and no one wants to look beyond whats obvious.. the palio couldnt succeed in the market bcoz of poor a.s.s and uninterested that is a valid also had low FE but the other virtues of the car more than made up for it.. am not trying to justify my purchase..had i been genuinely unhappy with the car, i would have sold it long ago..if i cant be truthful to myself, i cant suggest others what to buy either... I also have noticed a very peculiar thing in this forum, the sincere opinion of owners of fringe cars are dismissed, pooh-poohed and crushed with impunity. the minorities are pushed into a corner and if they dont agree with the popular opinion, they are made to feel as outcasts...whats so sporting about that? my friends, it works both ways..if what is being said is genuine, it should be at least acknowledged, doesnt matter how weak or insignificant the voice is..and if there is any truth in what is said, it should be accepted.. i am terribly disillusioned and feel totally marginalised. all becoz i own and like a 'dead snake'.
  14. i agree..but if the market for a more powerful version isnt great, it becomes a loss making investment. but, if the linea sells well, that might change.
  15. if its going to be just the two of u...then the a star makes sense. as for the noises, you will have to live with it..the demo cars are usually driven quite hard by customers..but you can expect your new a star to make noises as well.its common to all MS cars...even the grand vitara isnt spared..if u can live with it, its the a star for you
  16. hey vikram...u havent given us details about specific requirements..between the spark and santro its a difficult choice.both have great discounts on them right now..the spark has the added advantage of GM's 3 yr maintenance basically have to just pay for the for the cars themselves, i would lean towards the santro..its been around a long time but it still does most things better than the spark...have a look at them,TD them and pick one that suits you the best.both are good cars.
  17. you feel very strongly about ridiculing someone's comments...what do you think you are doing to me now? you have twisted and exaggerated each of my comments completely out of context to suit ur own purpose.. for eg i never cald the getz a supercar...those are your words not fact i think its a very simple car. i am tired of trying to make my point heard to people who are not open to new reasoning....i think i too will end it here..
  18. @ speed I have been a loyal ACI reader since its first issue that featured a ford IKON.. the poor resale value is becoz of the perceived opinion of the didnt get what it deserved. and i would like you to please read my post again...i never singled out anyone's comment as crap...i was targeting the very notion of it being overpriced..not anyone's comments. even i keep learning newer things abt cars isnt going to stop till the day i die. and i do not think we are representative of a larger audience... i believe you are a palio owner..correct me if i am wrong..there are many other palio owners too..the larger uninformed consumer base considered the palio as a bad car, which was far from the truth..the palio was a great car, but sadly marketed by yourself bought the car, without bothering about what anyone else felt...doesnt that say volumes about how differently we think as opposed to others..there are also spark owners, getz owners, safari owners amongst us.these are perceived as cars that are not "good enough"..but we still bought them because they suited our needs the best... till now i have never rubbished a car outrightly and without a good reason, i have only outlined the true and obvious faults with it and suggested them only have to read my previous posts if you dont believe me.. if i have hurt anyones sentiments by my comments, i would like to issue an apology for may have been an emotional outburst.. but everyone else also has to think twice when they call a car a "disaster" or a "debacle" or "useless"...I have never used such words ever in any of my deeply hurts owners like me too, especially when i have owned such a car and been so happy with it..i am here to tell you that its a good car and worth buying..i feel very sad with the way people rubbish cars like the getz, palio etc just becoz they dont sell
  19. and this isnt about campaigning about ones favorite car or favorite company..I am attacking the very logic that goes behind buying or suggesting or evaluating a car.. If tomorrow someone posts a query saying that he/she wants a sporty looking car for a family of 2-3,with emphasis on outright performance, handling, the getz should be last on his/her list..that person should buy the swift.. it is important to understand that one car cant meet every requirement...the swift has many shortcomings, as does the getz or the uva and please dont rely solely on magazine ratings..they can be misleading.. for eg...the linea was just given 9/10...but that rating does not take into consideration fiat's after sales, dealer network... similarly, when the swift was rated 9/10, the ACI guys probably did not realise the poor build quality as those cars generally have very few kms on the clock.. subsequent long term tests revealed it all.. and no one should trust a company blindly...its the worst thing that one can do.
  20. @Mehulbhp You just called the indian consumers fools, i didnt..besides, i dont think they are newhr close to being fools, just uninformed.. and i just explained to you why the getz is priced more than the swift...try reading my post again. and one correction, the getz does have ABS as an option..from the time it was launched. if MS decides to invest in better manufacturing techniques to offer the same build quality, fit and finish as other cars, it will lose its cost benefit over other cars..but MS will never do it. They just dont care for all the consumers that continue to be loyal to the MS brand..they deserve better.. and ten years back, Maruti had no competitors except for hyundai that had been in the market for just 3 months...Between 1982 and 1998, they had no real competitors..that helped MS to build a huge consumer base that was loyal to them...some of those consumers continue to blindly trust MS...understandable to some extent..but things have changed a lot since 1998..the grass is greener on the other side now.
  21. we, as members of an auto forum, consist of just a tiny fraction of India's car buying public...its only us that care about handling and 0-60 and 0-100 many ordinary middle-class, family-oriented owners want to throw their cars around corners at high speed, or do a 0-60 run from a stop light?They dont give a damn about that!! if you are a driving enthusiast , sure, buy the swift..the remaining overwhelming majority have other, better options. Has anyone thought about that..Besides the figures that really matter, 30-80 and 40-100 figures are practically the same.. as for the getz being overpriced..thats just crap...I have a 4 year old getz and a 1.5 year old SX4..and i swear my getz feels newer than the sx4..No rattles, no squeaks, no reliability issues whatsoever.its built to last a lifetime..try saying that about a 4 yr old swift..its laughable.if such a swift does exist, the owner should consider himself supremely lucky..that is what the "overpriced" getz gives you..exceptional quality, reliability,ride, space, comfort and decent FE and performance..ask any ordinary buyer and this is usually his wishlist. the reason why the getz doesnt sell is becoz the indian consumer base is largely uneducated about cars..just today two people posted their queries regarding cars..both confessed to having NIL knowledge about the industry...they depend on us to give unbiased advice..but as it usually happens, we impose our own requirements of an ideal car onto them and they get swayed into making an incorrect choice.. as for the ratings given by magazines, they are driving enthusiasts too, and the superior dynamics of the swift and its appeal plays a major role.. and finally, even after having extensively driven a friend's 2 yr old swift, i am so glad we bought the getz.. i dont care about other markets either, but am very disappointed about how "popular opinion" destroys otherwise very good cars in india..
  22. given ur priorities, requirements and budget, you can first rule out the A star.. I am not sure about the i10 either..such cars are not exactly great highway material.. The vista could be an option, but since u are planning to keep it for 7-8 years, am again not too sure..its hugely improved over the old indica but i have my reservations in terms of long term reliability. if you think you might have to drive it over bad roads, that almost rules out the swift and i10. both have stiff suspensions and given that comfort is your priority number 1..dont go for them. that brings us to the getz and u-va.i dont think they are out of your budget..both have very similar characteristics..great comfort, space, an adequate boot..great for highway cruising and nimble in the city as well..FE will be lesser than i10/a star but they offer great comfort..
  23. I cant understand why people find the getz inferior to the it the price?ive come across this argument so many times, its sickening...