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  1. these price cuts that are being offered are only on a temporary basis...these companies would also have to inc prices, sooner or later
  2. The newspapers today mentioned a discount offered by hyundai..34K off the santro..thats a juicy deal..
  3. whoa! a debate about facts and figures and how to interpret them....all this sounds very familiar. About the a star, i must say that despite being 6'4'', i felt ok in the drivers seat..i guess thats bcoz of the seat travel..but as a result, the car turns into a 3 seater.. i dont see the spark faring any better for tall drivers.. and yes, i would dearly love to see maruti concentrate more on the quality front..they just dont match up to the hondas,hyundais or even chevys or fiats for that matter.
  4. If its gonna be 7-8 yrs, forget about the tata. The i10 is the car for you..and as far as long drives are concerned, thats the only downside to the i10.but as u have said, its your first car and the running wont be great and will mostly be in the city..go for the i10 I say.
  5. i dropped into an MS workshop yest..some creep stole the suzuki "S" signs off my a chance to look at the a star..although i couldnt test drive the car..i wasn't very impressed..i will just about give pass marks to the plastic quality..although i felt fairly ok in the driver's seat with my height, there was almost no legroom behind, unless you sit with folded legs...boot is pathetic..what is shocking is the lack of vertical depth..its too shallow..the rear headrests are useless too..they kept fouling against my neck instead of supporting my head. a strong enough whiplash can really damage the neck.. Overall, it is strictly for people under 6 ft in height. MS is really targeting a select consumer base..
  6. For the sake of not repeating the above post...I agree with Speed. The superb may well provide you with almost all the features of an A4...but its still not the same.
  7. It looks kinda real to me.I wonder what the guys at Ferrari think about this.
  8. the tarzan car was made by DC..the donor car is a mitsubishi Lancer.
  9. I wouldnt go so far as to call it a scam, but its definitely an unethical marketing practice.
  10. I think heated seats are quite useless in most parts of India..In places where there is extreme cold, chances are that there wont be anyone who owns such an expensive car..
  11. ha ha...dont get confused, the i30 is still a long way away from getting here..if at all it gets here..for now, its just the i20
  12. ya i heard that too..but again..its speculation.i hope its january tho(preferably earlier)...Mebe..jus mebe..we might think about an upgrade from our 4 yr old getz..
  13. Hyundai itself hasn't spoken about any launch dates for the i20..These dates that are being speculated right now are just the opinions of the various magazines..There has been no official word from the company yet..
  14. Keeping in mind only the requirements u have mentioned...its either the Dzire or the Logan..My personal vote goes to the Logan..its sturdier, has superior ride quality and is a proper, spacious sedan, unlike the Dzire which is the same old swift with its cramped interiors,except with a boot stuck at the back..the sx4 will make you stretch your budget..if you are willing to do that, then the verna makes a very good case for itself.
  15. The i20 will be definitely roomier than the Fabia..the build quality of the i20 is expected to be good as well...maybe not better than the Fabia..Also it is expected to undercut the Fabia by a few tens of thousands.. definitely a car worth waiting for. @AshTheDash with a budget of 7 lakhs, you could really go for the topend i20...but we'll still have to wait and see.
  16. A 3 cyl motor, as against a 4 cyl motor, runs a little rougher. it tends to be a tad noisier.that explains the extra sound deadening treatment in the a star.
  17. i cant see this car doing too well in india...if people here have hangups with a 6 lakh hatchback, chances are they wont be able to digest the panamera either, which seems to have a hatch instead of a proper boot.. Itll need to have something stunning up its sleeve to get enough buyers..
  18. Congratulations! Must be a great feeling to drive home your spanking new car.
  19. I would agree with DD..its tempting to compare these two with each other..I am eagerly awaiting the ACI verdict on the Astar.. I am particularly interested in the build quality..Our one and half yr old SX4 is already showing its true maruti colours..although it performs admirably on all other fronts, it doesnt give the feel of an 8 lakh car..sometimes i repent having chosen it over the Verna. I hope Maruti has endeavored to offer its customers decent levels of build quality in the A Star..They owe it to its customers that have brought it such great success..That tinny, flimsy feel has to be done away with.
  20. hey the interior looks fresh and different..lets see if the xylo can challenge the innova's dominance..
  21. @AshTheDash I think i had replied to ur query in another thread...the one u had started.. i think. you need a boot? The Verna is known for its ride quality, quality of the interiors and fit and finish..And from personal experience, it has a very comfy backseat(Im 6'4'' btw.) Its a car you cant go wrong the same time, its not going to excite you..performance will be much better than the Fabia 1.2.. the mileage of the verna is par for that segment.. then, its a hyundai, so maintenance costs will be fair.. but u have mentioned your budget as 7 lakhs ryt? with this budget U will get many more features in the Fabia than in the Verna .I hope this helps. Over to you..
  22. with the current financial crisis and with things expected to get worse, hyundai could well be the least affected manufacturer.. US and Europe are waking up to affordable small cars and hyundai having already established itself as a force to reckon with in this segment, things are looking quite bright for hyundai even during such bleak times.. furthermore, having an assembly in india could work to hyundai's advantage as Europe has already declared a recession..manufacturing in those countries is gonna get tougher.. I guess that also explains why GM is so bullish about its Indian operations despite tense conditions in the US..I wont be surprised if GM starts export operations from India...starting with the Cruze maybe?
  23. @ those were very personal comments and i absolutely didnt like it. all i did was quote figures....i didnt give MY OPINION about it... besides, if i had altis now, even i wud be regretting buying it..and i were to buy a car in that segment, i wudnt even think twice...the civic hybrid it is. and ya...figures are for those who like to back up their statements with solid evidence....sales figures indicate market sentiments about a certain car not my sentiments...knowing a few numbers doesnt make u geeky( am not really sure if i should take offense or thank you for saying that)...but ignoring them entirely is definitely amateurish(and definitely not out of the box)
  24. @speed... the facts and sales figures seem to suggest otherwise...the altis has created a huge dent in the civic's sales...even with the discount offered with the civic hybrid...the complete picture for this month's sales will be known only in the next aci issue.. and yeah...most manufacturers have or will cut down production due to the financial crisis...but i dont think it'll impact the customers bcoz the sales will go down at a proportional rate in the coming it kinda makes sense to cut production levels.