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  1. congratulations on ur latest purchase! as for the colour, go for one that matches ur personality and the one u really like... and one more thing, remember that a darker shade reduces the efficiency of the A/c, but only by a small margin...and even tiny scratches or dings seem more visible on darker shades...
  2. you are looking at two different types of cars...they may be from the same segment but ones a diesel and the other is a would first have to decide which one to go for...diesel or for the build quality of VW and skoda, am quite surprised by ur opinion as both these manufacturers are known for the benchmarks they set in build quality(in their respective segments).. Audi and VW sometimes share the same platforms for their cars...but things like the switchgear, the interior plastics are in a different league altogether..besides audi is the best when it comes to build quality and interiors.. personally, i wudnt bother about button layouts being similar or not as long as i am getting a quality product...
  3. as was said in the previous post, you have to first decide what u want from the car...only then can we suggest cars for you.. if i had a budget like yours, i would consider the new city but i would also look at the fiesta, verna and the sx4... fiesta is a driver's car but what that also means is that it has a not so comfortable ride...same goes for the sx4 which has a stiff ride too but the reason for that is different..its quite tall and hence has a stiff suspension to minimize body roll around corners. the verna is a car that u buy with ur head rather than ur doesnt excite u cuz it doesnt have razor sharp handling or fantastic performance or great snob value. what it does though is perform moderately well in those departments and back it up with solid mechanicals, fantastic build quality and reliability and very good interior quality..not to mention hyundais excellent after sales service. the honda is the best car of the lot by far but remember, u also pay nearly 2 lakhs more for it than any other car..
  4. @zinam...... hey u test drove the sportz variant right? in that case it would have the factory fitted head unit....and if the magazine reports are to be believed, its quite a capable performer.... what u can do is not tinker with the head unit but instead install a set of high end speakers...a good set of speakers can really do wonders to the overall experience...besides, its the speakers and not so much the head unit that contributes to the effect. if u still feel the need for an aftermarket head unit, then u shud go for a lower version of the i10,one which doesnt come with the head unit..buying the sportz and eventually removing it seems wasteful..
  5. @garg.vineet....the thing with horsepower figures is that they can be very misleading....the real issue is about the 'driveability' of the car..a car with low hp can be good to drive...similarly a car with higher hp can be lethargic too... a good indicator of the driveability of the car would be the roll-on figures for the car.these are reported in every extensive test drive and are basically the timings for the car as it goes from say 20-80 in 3rd gear,40-100 in 4th gear...if you drive in the city,these are the figures you should look at..the low hp figure becomes evident only on the highway.. now am not sure how these two cars stack up in this respect but i would still recommend the jus seems like a better car..
  6. hey, i would strongly suggest that u wait for the launch in dec-jan period... As Speed mentioned earlier, the Dzire is nuthn but a swift with a boot stuck on at the back.. the i20 will be leagues ahead in terms of space, quality of plastics and build quality.the cabin space, on paper, is almost similar to the new city. the 295 litre boot will be the one downside as compared to the dzire, but that will be just a small price to pay...besides 295 litres is not bad either and it can be increased anytime with the 60-40 split rear seats..besides, how often do we need to use all the available boot space neway.. as for the interiors, hyundai will prob offer beige interiors, given the success with the i10 on the engine front, chances are that the 1.4 diesel wont make it this early..tho i wish it does.
  7. hey thats not a bad deal...but uve made a very good decision...
  8. hey i just noticed...the car doesn't hav number plates
  9. thisisviraj

    LPG kit

    technicalities aside, i hope you are aware that the warranty on your car will be void if you install an lpg system....
  10. yup...between the santro, spark and i10 its a matter of deciding ur budget and priorities...santro will score over the spark in the space dept..but the spark has gr8 offers..and the i10? well, enough has been said abt it...its fabulous..but itll stretch ur budget.. over to you..
  11. the linea, if marketed and priced well, has the potential to completely change the face of the c-segment..this is fiats last chance and they better get it right. As far as the linea is concerned, Fiat should continue with tata's dealership collaboration becoz as such,there is no direct competition to any car in the TATA stable...besides,if the linea does well(i hope it does), then there might be something in it for those tata dealers as well, in terms of the share in profit.
  12. i think the problem of which car to suggest would be solved if we knew the budget that vineet is working with.... only then would it make sense to wait for the i20 although i wud urge vineet to wait and spend the extra bucks if he can. @vineet...hey we havent heard from tell us ur budget.. @speed i agree the resale of the geta z would be terrible after the i20 is launched but its definitely not junk....its a very good car to own..the only problem is the price...the car by itself is excellent..
  13. @speed ha ha....nicely put....if we go strictly by the given requirements, vista seems like a good choice..but then that are a lot of downsides to it too. @vineet check the Vista, but do not expect it to match the others in terms of refinement, build quality, fit and finish, especially the getz and uva. reliability could be an issue since its a tata...only time will tell
  14. hey vibhor...we spar again.... given his requirements, the swift really wouldn'd cut it, not even close..
  15. i feel the same...jus having a constructive debate man...peace...
  16. Hey amiPoal! the i10 really is the best bet among all these cars..its the newest face with the best tech..and given ur various requirements and constraints...its still the best. and if the spark is very silent...its a good thing isnt it..
  17. the wagon r is from the same generation as the santro..neither is more dated or fresh than the other..with the kind of numbers the santro is raking in every month' date=' i doubt it could be discontinued..besides, fresh or outdated, the santro is still a better engineered car.. [/quote'] yes thisisviraj i know both of the cars are from same gen. but i suggested wagonR because its still new and MS has not introduced any replacement or a new cars for its place...but Hyundai has already introduced i10 which is actually the new santro!! the xing has become quite outdated now!!..and as you said that its not selling in good nos now.yes!its not and this is only the reason for it! hey vibhor...u noe wat they say..u r only as old as u feel..same goes for cars..jus coz the santro has a successor and the wagon-r doesnt, it doesnt mean dat the santro is dated and the wagon-r isnt...the wagon-r got discontinued worldwide long before the this feeling of freshness abt the wagon-r is very superficial.. if ur definition of outdatedness is true, then maruti has been dishing out outdated stuff ever since the launch of the zen in the 90's(zen being the successor of the M800) and u got me totally wrong...the santro's still selling fairly strongly and theres no way in the near future that it could be discontinued. the reason why the wagon r manages good figures is the lpg version... mechanically(and i believe this is what decides the true age of the car), the santro is still way ahead of the wagon r.
  18. the wheelbase is the distance between the centres of the front wheel and the rear wheel when the car is viewed side-on..its a good measure of the cabin space of the car.
  19. the wagon r is from the same generation as the santro..neither is more dated or fresh than the other..with the kind of numbers the santro is raking in every month, i doubt it could be discontinued..besides, fresh or outdated, the santro is still a better engineered car..
  20. @dokdindel. diesels are getting better all the time and the maintenance requirements are now almost on par with petrols.. i cant comment on the life of a diesel but i cant see why it should be any different from a petrol. if u r doing 1700 km/month, a diesel makes perfect sense.
  21. given ur requirements, the swift is pretty much ruled may be the obvious choice for many here but it just doesnt meet ur requirements. you should choose between the uva and getz.. both score high on cabin space and boot space.. hyundai has better aftersales, but gm is offering very good deals on its cars and i believe they have launched a slightly refreshed version of the uva as well. with the kind of running you manage in a month, a diesel isnt worth it..itll take you 4-5 years before you start realising the benefits of a diesel.
  22. If the car will be for a learner, rule out the cs and the vista... you should look at the i10 or the spark.. the i10 wud probably require you to stretch ur budget, but itll be well worth it..its compact,solidly built, its got good power and a slick gearbox..the position of the gearshift may take a while getting used to but its a minor issue.. if its too expensive, look at the spark..even more compact and easy to use and its got some great schemes and offers rite now.. i would not recommend the wagonr.mechanically,it isnt great...gearbox is rubbery and vague.makes sense only if u need lpg..
  23. hey dhiraj...the extra 50k will be well worth it..u may have to compromise on a few features but u will be investing in a superior product..especially if u plan to kp it for 5 yrs..
  24. i hope it doesnt luk like this...damn its ugly..