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  1. hey good all means wait for the i20..its seems like the perfect answer for all your queries... given that u need space without any compromises, u can rule out the swift,i10,a-star and every other car in that price bracket the vista is spacious all rite but its a tata...reliability will be an issue and they still havent improved the fit and finish to match the others. that leaves the u-va, getz and fabia..but i would strongly recommend that u wait for the fits nicely in ur budget and is expected to better all three in most departments...the cabin space is expected to be the same as the new jokes..
  2. or u can wait for the a-star...but dont expect it to have a cng/lpg version or more space than any of the other cars in the market..but itll be a fresh face in the market
  3. all the cars u have mentioned will be uncomfortable for 5 people.. if i had to choose one within 4 lacs, i would go for the santro. if u can stretch for the i10..nothing like it. if u really require a car with good interior space, u mite want to look at the palio.its old and jaded but itll fulfil your space req. wagon-r has tasted success with the lpg version.the lpg dou package is good but the core mechanicals of the car are not rated highly..3 average sized adults at the back will be near impossible..gearbox isnt gr8. santro doesnt have lpg but its got a cng version calledthe santro eco..its just been launched...check it out..seems like the best option from the present lot.
  4. In the end, what TATA or any major manufacturer really cares about is raking in the profit..if there is a huge demand for the vista among taxi operators, TATA will not dare to look the other way.if they do, theyll lose out big time..
  5. I know its not launched yet, but id go for the top end i20 and install a great set of speakers with a high end system(if it isnt standard)..
  6. welcome arindam sq! nothing has been reported in any magazine about the possibility of a makeover... the few negatives i can think of wud be quality of interior plastics, overall fit and quality could be an issue and so could be reliability. its great for the highways..backseat is terrific. wait for a few more posts to learn more...
  7. i would love to get my hands on an i20...looks great, will have hyundais quality,reliability and after sales..looks like a good bet.
  8. The i20 will probably not come with the diesel as hyundai wud not have had enough time to localise the engine to the desired wont be cost-effective for hyundai...ud have to pick one from the present lot..see if can stretch your budget for the fabia.
  9. I would strongly recommend the i10..its a relaible and easy to use car. Contrary to what you feel, the i10 is one of the best built car in that price bracket(as reported by all the major auto mags after extended periods of go thru those reports if u can). the swift wud also be a good choice but your fears abt its build quality are true to a great extent(again as reported by all major auto mags)..the problems are mostly rattles and squeaks from the dashboard and parcel trays..the way switches operate and the overall fit and finish is also not vry impressive.. odrwys its a great u decyd whether u can live with quality issues. the i20 is worth waiting for bt will be slightly out of ur budget.. the splash is not expected till atleast the first quarter of says a major MUL dealer in India. The A-Star was reported by the autocar TV programme as being quite cramped Bt do cross check everything that evryone says here b4 making ur decision.. happy car hunting..
  10. id rather spend 50k extra for a good car than settle for a rattle-box maruti...i believe evryone has a right to decent built quality if not skoda-like standards...ive owned a getz for 4 years and its built superbly....switches feel like they wud last a rattles or squeaks...thats the kind of quality that maruti cars lack wonder thay can be priced so cheap... and i dont think its an issue of personal choice...if a car is a less spirited performer,if it gives 1 kmpl less than others,if its got less space than others,if its got a bumpy ride...these are design and setup issues..u can take it or leave it.. but built quality is a quality issue and it is absolutely binding on the company to provide optimum built quality.. but maruti chooses not to and hence manages to undercut its rivals buy tens of thousands of rupees.. instead of buying a car that 'costs' 4 lakh, id rather buy one thats 'worth' 4.5 lakhs.
  11. hey..if u are a rattle hater and worried abt whether the getz will assured...ive had a getz for the last four years..and theres not a squeak to speak of...the Getz crdi is a great car but with an uncertain future..if u can stretch ur budget,go for the fabia..
  12. the new i20 looks terrific and with some competitive pricing, it should really shake up the upper b a diehard hyundai fan..right from nov 1998when we bought our santro and later the getz..yeah hyundai's designs have been inspired by others but those days are long gone..and i simply cant understand the issue of the console mounted wasnt the first either.what if i nw say that honda copied that from the super successful fiat multipla. design elements are always carried fwd by other companies and sometimes used more effectively than the original.i think its time evryone gave hyundai their due cuz they make some very capable,reliable cars..besides you cant make it to the top 5 by imitating designs.if that were the case, chinese manufacturers wud have been market leaders..give it a thought...cheers
  13. damn! hyundai seems to have done a fabulous job with the i20..if the i10 is nethng to go by then hyundai has a winner on its hands..itll thump the fabia in most departments(esp the price,knowing hyundai)..the jazz will probably be more expensive(again, knowing honda) and i doubt whether the two cud be compared..i wonder where the punto is...any news ppl?
  14. hey evryone...i have a 2004 getz. its got 34k on the clock and it has served me superbly over the years..however, over the last few months its been returning very poor mileage..i got the engine decarbonized recently and changed my usual fuel station..the mileage has improved but its still way below par..the hyundai guy gave me a seemingly ridiculous explanation abt how the gases in the fuel combustion area react with the atmospheric gases WHEN THE CAR IS PARKED IN THE OPEN(which is the case with me)..i cudnt believe it for a of u guys heard abt this? i noe for a fact that the getz has a vry light clutch,fantastic for city driving..but this also means that it wears out faster..cud that be the reason? should i get the engine tuned? please send me ur suggestions...
  15. hey has anyone heard about the i20? apart from all the spy pics floating abt on the net..