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  1. Got it..!! Man...... Awesome! Awesome! What can I say? The sky is never the limit. Enjoy enjoy... Ride safe. Ride hard! Praveen Selvam
  2. Thats just for the caption. Im not a pro stunter. I can manage quite a decent wheelie, but I dare not try it on the new engine. And yes, I will ride safe! Praveen Selvam
  3. Welcome Jithesh, Im sure youll love it here. Praveen Selvam
  4. Id be happy if this is yet another concept. The hatchback looks unmatched. The Sedan has lost its balance in the design. Maybe the flesh is good, but I hope it doesnt proceed any further. Praveen Selvam
  5. The jackets are from DSG. There were a couple of models that were available. The one Ive bought is no more in stock I guess. So I couldnt get a picture of it. But its almost similar to the picture in the safety gear thread you had posted few days back. It costs about INR 4500. I think its worth it. You can wear it for longer drives where you are constantly in motion. Else, it sweats like hell. After a trip maybe, you have to detach the inner layer and rinse it or dry it well. So, it does need some maintenance. You also feel very secure during the ride.Praveen Selvam
  6. Folks, I went to Pondy last weekend. Here are some pictures... Praveen Selvam
  7. I admit. But Ive been there for quite sometime and I didnt get Sunny to do it for me. I did it! Praveen Selvam
  8. Folks, Thank you for your appreciations. I have also been noticing that the fuel indicator is pretty confused. You can never judge exactly how much fuel you have. When you start the bike and ride it for about 5 minutes, you notice the indicator has a point added to it. Sometimes, two. Also the side mirrors, they are not so friendly. The most of what you see is your shoulders. And when you are wearing your jacket, man you better be careful. If there is someone snugging just behind the bike, you cant notice them. Even if it is a car. Praveen Selvam
  9. Dude, Awesome work with the machine. Great style and perfection. Great job!!! Praveen Selvam