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  1. Post deleted: Posts merged. BornFree2011-02-15 14:23:08
  2. Yup my brother bought a highline. Edit: I don't think Polo website is up to date. They don't have electronic exterior rear view mirrors mentioned either. Sorry for double post Mods can you merge these posts. Thanks Posts merged. BornFree2011-02-15 14:21:12
  3. Yeah my brother is buying Polo in india. I dont know about all models but my post refers to highline models. I don't think there will be any changes to trendline as it does not have any electronic windows, may be to comfortline. You may have to confirm from dealer tho. they wanted INR 4,500 more for that feature(electronic exterior mirrors) but after arguing with the manager we manage to get it without paying anything extra. If you have booked Polo before prices went up you don't need to pay anything extra as 2011 has that feature added/deleted to the car.
  4. Hi, my brother went to take delivery of Polo and they had 1.6L ready for us instead of 1.2L. SO we will get the car tomorrow as it was too late and we needed some accessories to be fitted. The reason for my post is that in new 2011 model there are couple of changes. Now polo has electornic control exterior mirrors. But they took out all window control from driver side and now car only has individual control on each window. Also you can no longer open windows from remote.
  5. What do you say about rear speakers for polo. Which one's are better after market or polo's rear speaker in accesories. Are the one in polo accessories good enough. Also any one knows who is providing music system for polo. Thanks
  6. Did anyone got their delivery yet..or own a Polo. Can you guys share some pics. All I see is talking..nothing helps without pics.
  7. Its in forum rules Images can be added to your posts, if the forum administrators have allowed uploading of images you can use this to upload an image from your own computer into your message. However, if image uploading is not available then you will need to link to the image that needs to be stored on a publicly accessible web server, e.g. When you create a new message click on image icon on top. you will see a pop up menu and paste url as shown in example above in Image Url field.
  8. Happy New Year to all !!! Have a wondeful and prosperous new year ahead.
  9. I think polo will be a bench mark for future hatchbacks. It has one of the best Ride, Handling, Looks and Build quality in this price range.
  10. Yeah it looks like leather but is not leather (Imitation of leather). Easy to mantain and animal friendly : ). Its really high quality stuff and will not wear out easy. It's durability is same as leather.
  11. Has anyone installed leatherite interior option. Do you have some pics to share. Any reviews will be helpfull too. Thanks
  12. ^^ awsome link thanks for posting that
  13. ^^ well said Dr. Nishu. VW and all other company do this so that people don't come to them later saying there is something wrong with the car. All customers are not same and many people go cheap on acessories this is where problem starts. If you use good brand accessories you will not have any problems coz you wont need to cut the wires. Even you can fit a after market music system in BMW with no cutting.
  14. Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy !!
  15. Edited first post. MODS please delete the first one and edit this. heart says Polo or may be Jazz.Polo for its looks and Jazz for a complete package but expensive and not a diesel. Polo on other side is a beauty So Polo if I go by heart. Brain is crazy and think too much. what if we can plant i20 diesel engine or may be Fiat engine in Polo case closed. ok now practicaly i20, new swift and Polo. Polo for its build and handling and decent price for what you get. Could have seen better diesel engine. i20 has lot of features and lot of room but interior of both (i20 and Swift) does not feel that great. I will choose i20 if I go by brain as it has lot of features and new VVT engine sounds good Overall thinking with both (brain and heart) Heart overtakes for now. So Vote goes for Polo. As it is an option if I think both with brain and heart. For me 1.6L
  16. Any 1.6L owners here ? please chime in for some reviews. How is the fuel economy in city and highway.
  17. What about Polo 1.6L and Jazz. There has been good discount on Jazz and will be in your budget.
  18. My brother has still to TD Vento, Polo and Fabia. (new ones). But till now City and Jazz are top contender. Will keep you guys posted how everything goes. What you guys think of 1.6L in fabia and Polo. anyone TD'd these. @ rahul - yeah we were considering i20 but not a fan of automatic. My brother test drove 1.2L and did not like the handling ( as BornFree mentioned Boat like) but the interior was spacious. He comare something like this, Siting in Jazz was sitting in some high end restaurant and sitting in i20 was sitting in some regular road side restaurant.( no offense to i20 owners just his opinion not even mine as I cannot test drive any . So my suggestion is solely based on specs, online reviews and suggestion from you nice people Keep the good work going !!) @ sgiitk - thanks, I have seen jazz here its called Honda FIT
  19. I have posted this is another thread too but only got one reply. My family is planning for Honda City. But as most of the driving will be in city traffic. They are also looking into what called premium hatchbacks. My brother really likes Jazz, I like it too but for some reason I am not sure. With same amount you can get better engine (1.6L Petrol) in Polo and Fabia for much less money. Are these choices worth or jazz is the best hatch. Budget is around 8-9lacs Thanks for your help in advance.