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  1. My friend once said that in India if 2 wheeler 5 should travel and if car 10 should travel is the funda. Considering that anyone with a budget of 7+ lakhs would only go for this car unless he is a bachelor or a enthusiast. This is the most practical car in our country.
  2. Went and looked at the car in flesh. Has enough space both in the middle row as well as 3rd to seat adults with right adjustment in the middle row. I am close to 6 ft. and I found it comfortable. Boot space is also not as bad as seen in the pics. There was a family of 4 + the driver taking a test drive and the car drove as smooth as any car. No lag at all.
  3. Official page - While everything is perfect something got to be not so right. Colours for Ertiga looks awkward. They could have done better with better colours.
  4. Good competitor for Ertiga. Next few months will be interesting with the launch of ertiga, duster, ecosport and probably mini xylo.
  5. Even I saw the camouflaged Duster on the way to chennai along with a Renault Fluence by its side. I took a snap of the duster and it looked good, not very big like SUV's, but compact and good looking. It took off and sped past quickly.
  6. What is even more surprising is that in the last so many years, FIAT is not even able to find one good leader with some brains to direct their company. Or is it also that the same dumb bosses from Italy are running the show here with CEO's for namesake. Good cars, good engines, still a flop show. On the other hand TATA, poor cars, poor engines, still doing better.
  7. The no.s are for 2011
  8. ET reports that Innova sales for Dec'11 is 51,930. Here M&M is working overtime for months to deliver 8000 cars and has stopped taking booking.
  9. Pricing lesser than XUV, by how much also is going to make a difference. I am sure people wont mind paying a little bit more premium if they are going to get a world class XUV over the Safari.
  10. I was assuming that Ertiga is going to be a lone warrior in this segment. Now we have a healthy competition here with mini xylo, renault duster and ford ecosport. Pricing is going to be the key in deciding the success of all these. Ertiga that fact of being a Maruti with 1.3 multiject and compact dimensions yet spacious has a lead already in the race.
  11. Finally Tata has woken from their fantasy world and have priced their products rightly. They need to price their products right the first time, think of the owners who bought at a higher price point. Any inputs on the revised XUV price, I hope they launch it at the same price point.
  12. The interior looks like that of an 80's defunct car that you will find in road side car repair shops, filled with dust. Only Tata can go so cheap and still...
  13. Honda's engine is light years ahead of competition, hyundais engine aren nowhere near. Santro, Getz all are fuel guzzlers, for that Maruti engines are much better. It makes sense to pay a little extra for the Brio rather for the Korean Hyundais.
  14. This will have inital rush just after the launch. And later people will settle for the alto for it pricing, reliable engine and maintenance costs.
  15. After the success of Maruti Ertiga, Tata will come up with a similar model.