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  1. Went and looked at the car in flesh. Has enough space both in the middle row as well as 3rd to seat adults with right adjustment in the middle row. I am close to 6 ft. and I found it comfortable. Boot space is also not as bad as seen in the pics. There was a family of 4 + the driver taking a test drive and the car drove as smooth as any car. No lag at all.

  2. What is even more surprising is that in the last so many years, FIAT is not even able to find one good leader with some brains to direct their company. Or is it also that the same dumb bosses from Italy are running the show here with CEO's for namesake. Good cars, good engines, still a flop show. On the other hand TATA, poor cars, poor engines, still doing better.

  3. I was assuming that Ertiga is going to be a lone warrior in this segment. Now we have a healthy competition here with mini xylo, renault duster and ford ecosport. Pricing is going to be the key in deciding the success of all these. Ertiga that fact of being a Maruti with 1.3 multiject and compact dimensions yet spacious has a lead already in the race.

  4. Finally Tata has woken from their fantasy world and have priced their products rightly. They need to price their products right the first time, think of the owners who bought at a higher price point.


    Any inputs on the revised XUV price, I hope they launch it at the same price point.

  5. Tata wanted to take a giant leap of its brand image. Aria is again loaded with features, it looks too bulky to be driven in the city. Maruti who has been in the market for so long could not break in to that territory Tata jumped into it and took a beating.Contrary Mahindra has done the right thing, they have launched XUV, premium SUV and the right price and depending on the success, customer service and brand image improvement, later they can go for a more premium segment. Probably the korean SUV's might be lined up there. Which states they have done some homework.


    First Tata needs to improve their brand image, even if it means if they have to stop manufacturing some those cars that they are manufacturing now and launch more meaningul and well refined cars.


    Having the Jaguar technology in hand and not using for their products, but ready to dive deep into dept is another thing to ponder. Again Mahindra is better here, they have taken over a company that is more or less suitable for their portfolio unlike the Tata, that has taken over Jaguar. One who relates to Tata cannot relate to Jaguar and one who relates to Jaguar cannot relate to a Tata. You have the fruit but cannot eat it :)

  6. Been to the Mahindra showroom in Bangalore - I should say love at first sight when I looked at the XUV. Very well built, truly a world car, very spacious for the front two rows of seating. Loads of features available, whether we use or not.


    Now, third row is pretty cramped, at 5"11 I dont think I can sit there for a long journey. For average height people, should be ok. At third row, you feel like you are entraped :) In Innova my son could move from second row to third row and play around as a result of the bucket seats. Not possible here.


    Interior. Dashboard and door are very well done. The centre console cries "Cheap" all the time and to be honest is pathetic for a car at this price. Moreover the centre console, dash and other things dont flow as a single unit. They are like bits and pieces fitted in once place unlike the innova, which flows so smoothly as one piece, even though simple. If only the interior design team could have the job half as well as the exterior design team, this would be much better.


    Drivers seating position - again innova wins here. I felt the drivers view and ergonomics are better in innova. For e.g. gear shift, I have stretch my full hand to reach out to the gear.


    Boot space again is a big drawback, cant even keep a decent bag. Innova wins here as well. Btw. I dont own a innova and I am not biased.


    Will I buy XUV, absolutely yes and is it worth the money. I feel the price is just about it and not underpriced like it is made out to be. Onroad in bangalore for W6 is 14.x and for W8 is 15.4 and for W8 AWD it is 16.x. And this money is definitely worth paying for the looks, diesel engine and the presence, definitely not for the chinese gizmos that are all over :)