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  1. Is this car a 5 seater or a 7 seater. Can someone update me.
  2. Maruti is a great company and I dont see any reason in Hyundai taking over Marutis position. Hyundai's cars are good looking, but not much can be said about their engines, santro or getz or any other are gas guzzlers compared to the frugality of Marutis. Also the spares, if they mass produce and sell so much why are hyundais spares and serivce so expensive. ASS, Maruti is the king here. Even after servicing such volumes of cars day in and day out, I have found that any authorised Maruti showrooms provide excellent customer care and take care well of the customers. Maruti still has a long hold in our market.
  3. Finally common sense prevailed for Fiat. They should have done this long back. Even while they went for the tie up, they should have slowly increased the showrooms. Planning now to cover 20 cities sounds pathetic. This sounds reactive rather than proactive. What do the top paid management do?
  4. Definitely looks much better now and interiors too are better. As for the pricing I dont think they can price it any lesser than 10L as it is like self-degradation. Probably they will launch a lesser trim in the future based on the response and cut the price then. Waiting to see this on road.
  5. Force Motors have launched the Force One SUV, its first such product as it plans to enhance its presence in the passenger car business. With a brand ambassador like Amitabh Bachchan, Force Motors' Personal Vehicles Division will make its foray with 22 dealerships to begin with as the vehicle hits showrooms from 1st September. The pricing is as follows - Rs 10.65 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi & Rs 11.1 lakhs, ex-showroom, Mumbai. The ARAI fuel efficiency cycle rates the Force One at 11.6 kilometres per litre.
  6. For the segment talked about this car looks good and is going to be a winner. VW might slowly make skoda compete in the lower segment against Maruti and Hyundai's to meet the numbers and make VW compete in the premium segment.
  7. 2001 - This model would be bland. 2011 - They are launching this. Toyota has to get creative. Honda is doing a much better job with Civic, Jazz and upcoming Brio.
  8. Looks like we have a good competitor for sumo grande.
  9. What makes this called a luxury SUV. This looks like a toyota qualis.
  10. I am not able to see the images. Is it just me?
  11. W201 is just going to blow Aria away and will even garner a lot of enthusiasists out of Innova's territory as well
  12. Looks awesome.. front has a little resemblance to Nissan GT. At 6.5L this car is a steal.
  13. When people plan to invest 12 L on a car are they going to seriously consider a 1 -1.5L difference in going for this version. TATA probably will come with another low cost edition
  14. These photos look like company shot photos for promo or of cars already in production somewhere. Pls. upload the spy pics.
  15. They have to price it well below RIII, otherwise people will go for the 6-7 seater instead of the swift for that price.
  16. All said and done, I would have expected beat diesel on road price anywhere to be around 5 L mark. For a small car with a smaller engine, I think this is a bit over priced.
  17. Does the brand Audi command such a premium when there are other more premium brands that can be bought at that price. Is it not like a kizashi for maruti?
  18. I also met with an accident during rain in bangalore where a median started all of sudden in a road. I was trying to overtake an auto and all of a sudden the median was in front of me. A little of patience and I could have avoided it. The same situation is here as well. Now I drive a little cautiously during rain
  19. Honda Jazz with its current discount is the best. Why go for hyundai when you can have an honda at same or lesser price.
  20. Discount related article posted on economic times.
  22. FORCE One spy shots has been updated in zigwheels @ - Looks like a next generation tata sumo
  23. Looks amazing for a India make, has great looks and with a refined engine and good driveability is going to take away buyers from Fortuner and other SUVs. Bumper looks a bit overdone, would be interesting to see how it looks with the number plate on.
  24. It is surprising to see the mediocre response to this post. In my opinion lot of people in their middle ages with 2 kids and above and will choose this car as it offers 6-7 seating capacity. This gives a cars maintenance with a MUVs practicality. Added with the world famous1.3 multijet diesel with good mileage this sure is going to be a hit with the right pricing.
  25. I am able to see now. Probably I was looking at a time when the pics were taken off for watermarking. Thanks!!