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  1. I cant see the pictures.. is it just me?
  2. What about the suspension.. it should be able to handle 7 people on our potholes in this size of a car?
  3. Rule out UVA... it is not in the league of getz or swift... in your case, your first choice should be getz and the second the swift. if you can cope with swifts rear space depending how much back you push the seat while driving, you can buy swift.
  4. I think spearhead was trying to stretch and feel the engine... btw. I would like to know which cars can go smoothly in 40+ at 1st gear.
  5. I would buy one, not immediately, maybe will wait for their V2 and till they make it easily available. Dont care about service for a 1 lac car. I guess it should be serviced by even road side shops.
  6. But then an 4% cut on a 5 lakh car is 20k and if jazz retails at 6 lac then it is 30K.. Honda could rework the length and give us a scaled down version of jazz or compete only with fabiz in the price bracket
  7. Once Punto is launched, there is going to be competition only between Punto & Linea. If hatch then Punto or if sedan then Linea
  8. I saw a silver linea in bangalore, and it looked stunning.. it made me really think, should I sell my existing car and buy this
  9. I heard that Fiat would be producing 1.6l diesel engines for their lineas & puntos.. could this 1.6 also be the same?
  10. dont think of wagon R.. it is nothing but a high end auto.. either santro or if you can stretch your budget a little.. plan for swift and you will be happy with your decision once you own it...
  11. Look at the images on page 2.. nothing inspiring in the design.. may be their elegante looks better..
  12. they should have modified the rear to keep the length under 4000mm and the shape of the rear windshield is really awkward compared with Swift.. also the rear wiper in looks more sporty
  13. Nice pics. Why does the dashboard have a left hand drive? Interesting to see that they have already got a punto in the showroom.. looks awesome, but the alloys dont appeal to me.
  14. I pray they stop the wagon R.. it is daylight robbery of 4+ lacs for a tin box.
  15. Hope they have a good engine.. unlike their exising engines
  16. What is the engine spec for both these models? First time I am seeing a diesel model costing lesser than its petrol variant
  17. I checked for my Swift, and was advised that it should come as a factory fitment and not a good idea to get it done...
  18. Similar to Linea, only the diesel 1.3 will be launched first and later the petrol engine... it shouldnt be a surprise if the petrol comes with a 1.2L
  19. Hi Nishad, Can you provide more details like the location of this garage, landmark, how far from a specific point.
  20. tata's old models are all crap...and the new ones are no exception.. including the vista (When news leaked that indica is going to have the 1.3 multijet and Mr.Khattar was questioned on the same, his response was classic "You dont buy a engine, you buy a car".. Do we have anyone here who has had the tata cars for a couple of years atleast and still bat for tata
  21. i30 looks good, is it going to complete against fabia? btw. I havent seen a single car so far in bangalore.. havent they started delivery?
  22. Black smoke deposits on the rear bumper - does this also have a crap engine from tata.. While tata have tried to copy innova, M&M is one step ahead with their Xylo, atleast lookswise...
  23. Today I saw a Linea test car parked outside the same showroom Prerana motors.. car looks great, but the boot looks plain
  24. I saw a new Tata/FIAT showroom in the outer ring road.. FIAT logo was huge in red... They have Silver coloured Linea parked inside facing the road and last night under lights it was glittering..
  25. We certainly can forgive this for the beauty that is Linea