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  1. Excellent pics.. is the driving in the first pic trying to warn you
  2. Steep price difference in petrol models are acceptable, as they have 2 engine options 77bhp and the T 120bhp. Why is the diff. so steep between diesel engines as well. They just got a 1.3MJD and have not brought in the 1.9Tjet.
  3. I chance to look at the A-Star while giving my car for service... boot space is certainly less, agreed but rear leg room is all not that bad... and it is certianly a good VFM car, much better than the overpriced i10
  4. ABS does make a difference in high speed braking and on slippery roads...
  5. When they launch both petrol & diesel, they will have trouble selling petrol cars... same strategy followed by Maruti for Swift... demand for diesel in Europe could be higher, which means they cannot divert those products to India...
  6. Honda can borrow the 1.3MJD from Fiat and use it for the Jazz.. there is no shame in it.. as the world looks at 1.3MJD as a gem...
  7. Design is artistic and stylish... I dont think they will launch it in India
  8. I dont know what the engine is, but the guy was able to touch 120 easily.. I felt it was little underpowered than my car swift...
  9. Thank you rssh, posted the pics...
  10. Spotted a blue i20 near vellore on the chennai - bangalore GQ and took some snaps... my wife took those snaps and the driver of the car must have seen it.. he was trying to fall behind.. whenever he overtook it was not difficult to catch up in my Swift... car certainly is not a head turner... dont know how to upload images, can someone help.
  11. ideally tata should not replace just the alternator or the spares, it should replace all its older indicas with the newer ones...
  12. in 10 days it will have 10 dents in it, driving in indian roads
  13. Looks good from the front, but the sloping roof makes me think how it will handle curves at higher speed.
  14. Swift Vxi (if possible add ABS) and you will be more than happy. Peace of mind guaranteed except for the little rattle noises here and there.
  15. Spark will be a good choice. It has got good space for rear seat passengers as well compared to alto, wagonR. Santro is good, but gonna be phased out. If you can stretch your budget to i10, then its better to buy the Swift.
  16. this looks like a 40's ford model, but with current finish and polish
  17. Linea + 1.9 multijet = winner