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  1. any car with 6 airbags should not be the crieteria to award it with the safest car. I think Fabia with its very strong body, two airbags, ABS and brake assist, its a strong contender. The Fabia catalouge mentions that apart from Airbags, the Ambiente and the Elegance variants also have ABS, Dual Rate Brake Assist and MSR. While most cars offer ABS with EBD, I guess Fabia does not have EBD. Here is an extract from wikipedia: Brake Assist detects circumstances in which emergency braking is required by measuring the speed with which the brake pedal is depressed. Some systems additionally take into account the rapidity of which the gas pedal is released, pre-tensioning the brakes when a "panic release" of the gas is noted. When panic braking is detected, the Brake Assist system automatically develops maximum brake boost in order to mitigate a drivers tendency to brake without enough force. In doing so, Brake Assist has been shown to reduce stopping distance by a significant margin; up to 20% in some studies. MSR is Motor Speed Regulator. It controls the speed of the engine (or revolutions per minute) during down shifting to avoid skidding.
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    In all probabilities, VW is not bringing 1.2 tsi engine for Polo due to cost factors.
  3. Hi Girish, If you wanna know more about Fabia than follow this link below which is of Fabia owners. http://fabiaownersclub.s2.bizhat.com/index.php?mforum=fabiaownersclub Iam using Fabia diesel for the last 16 months and Iam really satisfied with it.
  4. Hi Congrats man.. for finally deciding it Fabia favour. Reg. Insurance -- No way the amount should be 23 k and also the dealer has no right to force you to have the insurance from them. You may threaten them with the complaint in consumer forum and iam sure they will let u decide on the insurance. Check the date of manufacture here at http://igorweb.org/vindec/ Also let me guide you that if at all the Maruti people would have invoiced you already than they would have forced you to buy that vehical also. Have you checked the invoice also. Also if iam not wrong invoice is raised once your car is registered in the authority.
  5. that is for sure very heavy traffic. It will be difficult to increase your milaege in this case but still if you try the method i told its a possibility that you may be able to increase the milaege by atleast 1-2 km/l I hv driven 7500 kms. First 1000 kms was 9-11, than increased 14 and settled at 16-18, and reduced to 14 again at the time of service. Haven't checked it after first service as yet. Will inform you in the other forum in our milaege section soon.
  6. You should not rev your engine byond 2000 RPM. The moment it reaches at this level step to the next gear. Believe me if you can do this consistantly you will get the milaege for atleast 15 km/l I drive in reasonable driving conditions in Delhi which is having a mix of bumber to bumper traffic and cruizing at 50-60 speed also.
  7. Regarding the cost of first service, i paid the bill of Rs. 3667/- for my fist service.
  8. Hi Apstat, Congratulations for your new car. The milaege figures are still less as iam getting around 15 with 100% AC on in city. The attain this make sure you don't rev up yr engine beyond 2000 RPM as it leads decrease in milaege. It is mentioned in the manual also. Also we will be happy to have you in our Fabia owners club as mentioned in my earlier post. Enjoy!
  9. Hi Gaurav, It was nice speaking to you just nw. As informed just check the couple of links below and review the same. http://fabiaownersclub.s2.bizhat.com/index.php?mforum=fabiaownersclub http://www.carwale.com/Research/ReadFullUserReview-rid-4174-sort-1-m-651855295.html Uneet
  10. With your kind of usage it is advisable to go for a diesel car. If safety is your priority than Skoda Fabia diesel classic or Grande Punto diesel. If reliability is in the top of your list, than i20 crdi If ease of driving than go for Ritz or swift diesel. Iam using Fabia diesel, so just in case you need more information on it than get back to me.
  11. Hello.. My 2002 model qualis has done 1.65L kms without any probs so far.
  12. Yes do opt for 95RON a i have already heard a case of new Superb with the same engine stalling on the middle of the road and the reason was adultrated fuel.
  13. If you are ready to spend 6.75L you can also look at Skoda Fabia 1.4 tdi classic which is under the same price bracket with great features and build quality and interiors. The main negatives is the A.S.S as everyone out here has pointed out. My classic diesel has clocked 7000 kms in one year. My first service cost was Rs. 3677/- Its service schedule is 15000 kms or one year. I feel its a much better product than the competition. Engine even though is just a three pot noisy engine but its still faster than all other cars except Swift diesel. Also check our fabia owners club section as pointed out in my other post as well. http://fabiaownersclub.s2.bizhat.com/index.php?mforum=fabiaownersclub
  14. Dear aptsat, So what have you finally decided. If fabia than Petrol or diesel? Pls update.