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  1. Hello frnds, I have seen people looking to FZ16 with great interst and when ever it crosses from somewhere it gets special attantion from everyone like a king is crossing. But still wants to know about response of people and sales of this bike?? Do you have any idea abt it?
  2. My Choices are: Yamaha R15 Yamaha FZ16 Yamaha RX100 Enfield Yamaha Gladiator (Performance wise best in 125 cc)(New one is smart too)
  3. top speed will be around 115 to 120 kmh
  4. local mileage is around 45 .. .. and highway mileage will be much more...
  5. bikes actual price is 65000 rs.. in Delhi it costs 69200 on road...
  6. RTR is horrible byke.. it even doesn't match performance of pulsar.. Go for FZ 16... its performance is on par with any of this segment bike.. totally a way ahead of all existing bykes in 150 or 180 cc segment... i had seen and had test ride of FZ-16.. its sexy .. looks l ike justa super byke,... no bike till date was as sexy and eye catching as it is.. Here are few things i found hot: bike has got centre shockers... bike is first bike in indian market having wide back tyre and tube less tyres in byke. it s looks are muscular n sexy... it doesnot vibrates at even top speed.. very smooth... while al other bykes in this segment starts vibrating at 80 plus speed.. it is smooth even at 110 plus speed.. its engine has 5 gears and has powerful engine ... n pick up/engines of yamaha bikes are most good and technically sound in all world bikes its is kick less bike.. has a powerful self start system technically too perfect.. n sooo ooonnnnnnn... i found it amazing.. so i am also booking the same bike.. but only thing is it will be in market after 10 th oct and is only avalable on advance bookings.. i will get it only after 20th now,... but i think i can wait for mnth to get best thing in market
  7. My frnd had Hunk.. and he told me how Yamaha r15 left him behind in second .. when he tried to race with it... ..Really exploding byke with 17 bhp.. It only says 150 cc but gives better performances then 180 cc bykes
  8. I think yamaha bykes are most technically sound bykes.. Bajaj bykes bleed after 2 years.. bajaj engines are horrible..... i will vote for Yamaha or Suzuki.... or Honda ....as per technology is concerned
  9. Performance wise.. i can bet no one is better then Gladiator... !! Byke is so smooth even at 110 kmh , no wobbling at all.. while stunner starts vibratinmg at 80 -90 kmh.. and Gladiators powerful engine and pick up.. no comparisions.. even new glady is quite sexy in looks too n costs 5 thousands less then stunner!!...
  10. Dude.. i have update regarding FZ 16.. Byke will be in market after 10 Oct. and biggest thing is advance booking. You won't g et byke without advance booking. I have boked byke and will get it on 15th. Its amazing byke... very sexy n powerful!!